7 Steps to Awakening Your
Energy in Today’s World

In a world that seems like a hopeless mess, you can actually have an even more amazing life than you’ve imagined. All you have to do is take a step on the path of awakening.

oes today’s world ever feel intense, depressing, or even scary? In The Modern Chakra Guide, bestselling author Carol Tuttle shows you how the world is going through an energetic shift—and how to activate your chakra energy to rise above the chaos.

Carol shares the path that took her from a life in shambles to a life of powerful fulfillment. With reassurance and timely perspective, her personal perspective will help you counter the rush, confusion, and fear of today’s world. Through this book, you will be able to:

  • Feel more daily joy than you’ve imagined is possible

  • Recognize how chakra energy influences you

  • Navigate the energetic shift of our time with ease

  • Awaken and activate your energy to upgrade your life

If you are a person who wants to feel balanced, aware, and joyful—even with today’s world swirling around you—then this book is for you.

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, gifted healer, and best-selling author of 7 books. As a pioneer in the field of personal development, she has dedicated her life to healing.

Over the past three decades, Carol has facilitated deep energetic healing work for thousands of clients, both in person and online. She taught Chakra7, the most popular chakra healing course ever offered for sale on the internet, reaching well over 3 million people online.

Now, Carol shares the chakra lessons that brought her a bright, fulfilling life—and will do the same for you as you read her latest book.

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