I’ve received new insights from Carol’s brilliant modern interpretation of the chakras, just in the first 50 pages!

Rebecca J.

See 3 steps to rise above
today’s chaos and speak true
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I have read other books on chakras, and Carol’s is easier to follow, with easy-to-implement takeaways!

–Angie S.

Engaging, easy to read, and I love that Carol shares personal accounts of her life.

–Melanie P.

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Does today’s world ever feel intense,
depressing, or even scary?

n The Modern Chakra Guide, bestselling author Carol Tuttle shows you how the world is going through an energetic shift—and how to activate your chakra energy to rise above the chaos.

Carol shares the path that took her from a life in shambles to a life of powerful fulfillment. With reassurance and timely insight, her personal perspective will help you counter the rush, confusion, and fear of today’s world. Through this book, you will be able to:

  • Feel more daily joy than you’ve imagined is possible

  • Recognize how chakra energy influences you

  • Navigate the energetic shift of our time with ease

  • Awaken and activate your energy to upgrade your life

If you are a person who wants to feel balanced, aware, and joyful—even with today’s world swirling around you—then this book is for you.

I’m Carol Tuttle—
teacher, speaker, gifted healer, and best-selling author of 7 books.

Back in 1991, I was a young mother of four children under six, and my life was secretly falling apart. I was looking for help to just get through the day. I discovered the study of chakra energy and it changed everything.

In the years since, I dedicated my life to healing. Over the past three decades, I not only healed my own life, but I have facilitated deep energetic healing work for millions of clients, both in person and online. I taught Chakra7, the most popular chakra healing course ever offered for sale on the internet, reaching well over 3 million people online.

If I could pass along a message about my own journey of awakening, it would be this: There is more waiting for you. You just have to step into it.

In my newest book, I’m sharing the chakra lessons that brought me a bright, fulfilling life—and they can do the same for you.

Why a Modern Chakra Guide?

lenty has been written about the chakra system. But what hasn’t been shared as widely is that the chakras are going through a shift.

You’re feeling this shift and seeing its effects play out, whether you realize it or not. Look around. All you need to do is turn on the news to see that today’s world seems to have gone sideways. Our chakra energy systems are in a transition, whether we consciously know it or not. And on a collective level, this transition is causing uncomfortable, unfamiliar experiences that feel like upheaval.

In the midst of this mess, you can learn to consciously manage your own energy system so the energetic transition doesn’t manage you.

Your chakra energy is calling. The Modern Chakra Guide will help you translate the energetic messages that are speaking to you, so that you can experience more balance in today’s world and awaken to the inspired life that’s waiting for you.

Chakra 0: Taking an Individual Stand

People have been taking a stand for centuries, but not with the individual power that they now can. This chapter will support you in standing in your truth in your everyday life.

1st Chakra: Claiming Your Roots

Root chakra energy has always connected people to humanity. But in today’s world, you have greater opportunity to root yourself in a sense of personal identity and purpose, which this chapter will help you do.

2nd Chakra: Expressing Your Sexuality and Creativity

For generations, 2nd chakra energy has carried a lot of shame. This chapter will help you clear away old wounds and activate your 2nd chakra for greater personal creativity and supportive sexual experiences.

3rd Chakra: Owning Your Personal Power

In the past, a few people held power to dominate many. This chakra energy is opening up for you to claim your own personal power and move forward in your life with whatever is correct and timely for you.

4th Chakra: Opening Your Heart

The heart-centered energy available to us today is more powerful than ever. This chapter will help you heal past emotional wounding so that your life can be guided by your heart.

5th Chakra: Speaking Your Truth

So many people are able to share their thoughts that we live in a lot of noise. This chapter will guide you toward your true voice, so you know when to speak and have confidence about what to say.

6th Chakra: Activating Your Intuition

A spiritual awakening is happening, inviting people to be more in tune with their inner world. This chapter will help you find and strengthen your own gifts of intuition.

7th Chakra: Connecting to Your Divine Source

The divine is in question in today’s world. Is the idea of a higher power just a tool to shame or control? This chapter will help you work through today’s issues to connect with the divine and your higher self.

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It will awaken you to the powers we have to change our lives in extraordinary ways

–Heather D.

ou don’t have to feel afraid or depressed in today’s world. I know The Modern Chakra Guide can help you activate your energy and rise above the chaos. Get your copy and navigate your life with more ease and joy. —Carol Tuttle

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