Why The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working For You

Which of these 3 blocks is getting in your way?

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You’ve applied what you know about the Law of Attraction—but it’s still not working. What keeps you from getting the results you want? In my experience over the last 3 decades, I’ve found 3 big reasons that keep these principles from working. I’ll show you what they are so you can (finally!) manifest what you want in life.

Watch the video below to see what’s stopping you. Which of the three blocks is in your way? Share in a comment below! I’d love to hear your breakthroughs.

Video Transcript

Are you frustrated that you’re not getting what you want out of life? You’ve applied law of attraction principles and it’s still not working. I’m going to teach you how to shift that up today. Hi, I’m Carol Tuttle. I’m a healer, a teacher, and bestselling author of six books, most recently, “Mastering Affluence.” And I have had the experience, amazing experience of being able to heal many, many things in my life and literally have helped millions of people help heal and create the lives they now love. You know, we’ve learned about the law of attraction recently in the last decade and a half. It’s become a very trendy thing. You know, I have been aware of it and been learning about it myself since 1981. That’s a long time ago! And I started to learn the principles that I had a choice, that I could create my life. I could create something different than what I was experiencing.

I’ve really woken up to that concept. It’s an active function in my life every day. I know I have a choice. I know that there’s opportunity that I can become a life bender in a way, that I can bend my reality to support me in having more joy. Now law of attraction in its simplest teachings is what you put out there, you get back in return multiplied. What are you putting out there? Your thoughts, for one thing. You’re putting out your emotion. And even your body vibrates in energy. You’re putting out a signal, a signal to the world that says, “This is my reality. Give me more of it.”

And so you want to get really good at fine-tuning that signal so that the signal you’re putting out is conducive with the potential you’re meant to experience. It supports you in having more joy, more affluence, more ease in your life. I’ve made this a lifestyle practice since 1981. Specifically, the last 25 years I really honed in on it and I want to show you a few steps. They’re going to tweak this for you. So it’s working.

Reasons Why It’s Not Working

1. The Need Is Canceling Out Your Desire

Now, the first reason is probably not working. Grab a notepad. You want to write these down because I want you to cross-examine yourself. I want you to investigate your own process. It’s really important to be objective about your practice and to be willing to see where you’re not functioning at your highest level in this practice of putting out a really healthy signal. The first reason it’s probably not working is you need whatever you want to happen. You need it. Now let’s look at that need thing. Need comes from a fear-based perception of something. I need this, so I don’t feel this. It’s very fear-driven. So when you need something so that you don’t feel something, that’s not a healthy signal because what’s overriding the desire is the fear. The real signal you’re putting out is a fear signal. It’s like if this doesn’t happen, I’m afraid I have to keep living with this.

Let’s just take a relationship. Let’s say you want your relationship to improve. You want someone to change. You want them to be different and you need them to be. It’s like I won’t be happy until this person changes, or you want someone to show up in your life because you think you need someone, so you feel more home or complete, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Well, that need position is actually canceling out your desire. So you got to get rid of the need, okay? I’ll teach how to do that in a second.

2. You’re Only Practicing It In Your Mental Body

The second reason is probably not working for you, the law of attraction is really getting deflated is it’s only a thought in your head. Did you know you have four really strong vibrational energy fields? You have your spiritual energy body, your mental energy body, your emotional energy body, and the most tangible form of you and the lowest vibration is your physical energy body. A lot of people practice the law of attraction in the mental body. It’s a thought. It’s a powerful thought. It’s a desire. You use self affirmations. You change the way you think. You even start to speak a little differently. Yet not many people use the law of attraction for physical body and emotional body.

You still have fears that are interfering with those mental signals that you’re putting out. And you’re not walking your talk, your belief. It’s not encompassed in your physical form that you’re so, so sure that you can have what you want. It’s correct. It’s timely. God is wanting it for you. But your body still isn’t hearing the signal. Let me teach you how to get that into your body so your body now is part of the signal you’re sending out. Your affirmation can start healing any pain in your body.That it’s coming from your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy.

3. You Are Not Following Through

And the third reason it’s probably not working for you is you’re not following through on inspired action. Maybe you don’t even know you’re getting inspired action. What does that look like? I’ll also teach you about that. So let’s get into how to correct this. Let go of the need. So look at something…let’s just take something you want to manifest in your life. Think of anything. It can be the simplest thing to a big thing. Just choose something and finish the sentence, “I need this to happen because…” And notice when you finish the sentence, “I need this to happen,” you can feel the neediness with that. And when we’re needy, we’re coming from a state of fear. Something isn’t enough. What if what you desire has nothing to do with anything you need, it’s just something you want to experience?

Now I want you to take that same, “I need this to happen,” to, “I now choose this to happen,” or, “I allow this to happen,” or, “I will it to happen.” This changes the energy from kind of like I need to I’m allowing. The word “allowing” opens our intuition up. “I am allowing this to manifest in my life.” “I’m receiving” is another powerful phrase. Pick one of those, either I am willing this, I’m allowing it, I am receiving it. Get into that place. It’s literally like a quick step from one plate. You can even stand up and go, “I’m stepping out of the need and I’m stepping over to the allowing. I’m opening my energy. I’m open. I’m receiving. I’m believing.” You go from doubt and concern and fretting, to believing and accepting it. It’s a big shift in your energy. It feels like a small nuance in what you’re changing in your whole reference point, and yet energetically totally changes the experience. Plan for the attraction to begin by following through.

How do you get it into your body? Tap all over your body or go for a walk while you’re really focusing on those powerful phrases. Let’s try the tapping on your body. We’re waking up the tissue, the muscle, the organs, every part of your biochemistry to hold this. Tapping is a way we can communicate with our bodies. “I am allowing…” fill in the blank what is it you desire? I’m allowing…we’ll just do general stuff. “I’m allowing good things to happen.” “I’m allowing the blessings that are timely and correct for me to show up.” Go now and tap on your thighs, your caps, your feet. Bring it in, breath it in, big breaths. “I am receiving it.” “I’m so excited to see how this shows up in my life.” Tapping, walking, bringing that into the physical space wakes your body up to hold this vibration.

The third inspired action, you’re going to be moved, something’s going to show up. It’s going to either cause you to respond to it. This is correct. This is showing up. This is an opportunity. It’s presenting because I’m willing it to me. I’m going to respond. It’s correct to respond. That’s one way inspired to action materializes. A second way is you feel moved, effortlessly moved, confident in moving forward in some function to do something. Call someone. What is it your next inspired action is? Claim that. “I am knowing the next inspired to action.”

And now when your mind starts going too far with, “I have to do this, this, and this,” you’re getting in the way. That’s you trying to figure it out versus responding with through inspiration that calls you to move. Just do the next inspired action. You’ll know what it is. You can even say, “It is so clear to me. It’s as if I’m knowing because it’s served to me on a silver platter.” Here you go. There it is. What’s your next inspired action? Just do that. And then you’ll know what the next one is after that.

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