How to Calm an Upset Spouse Without Them Even Knowing It

2 techniques that work way better than telling them, "Calm down."

Arguments are no fun. Just think about the last one you had.

You both got riled up, and it dragged out longer than you wanted it to. You were worn out from it, tired, and frustrated.

That’s because you weren’t able to energetically “hold your own.”

Maybe one of you even tried to tell the other, “Calm down” — but when has that ever worked? It just makes you more upset!

Instead of trying to work with each other’s emotions, let’s work with energy.

Here are 2 techniques to shift the energy and shift the mood without your partner even knowing.

This can work with your partner, your child, your baby, or anyone. They do not have to be involved or even know what you’re doing. But it will shift the energy!

For both techniques, first, make a conscious intention to not get caught up in the energy that’s being presented to you.

(2:15) – Technique #1

  • Do this energy healing technique to bring the blood and energy forward into the frontal lobe of your brain, where mature decisions can be made. It shifts you out of fight-or-flight, which is the most primitive part of your brain.

(4:43) – Technique #2

  • In your mind’s eye, do this new Figure 8 technique to connect the energy of both sides of your/their body. When energy is flowing correctly through our systems, it’s easier to arrive at a calm, respectful place again.

Both of these will help you to not become defensive and to discontinue the back-and-forth of the argument.

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