What The Right Side of Your Body is Trying to Tell You

Are you harsh towards yourself and others? Do you have high expectations and always push forward to do, do, do, do, do? The right side of your brain and body may be overly active with too much Yang energy!

In this post, I will cover how to know if the right side of the brain is struggling and what you can do to restore that balance.

What is the Right Side of the Brain Responsible For?

In ancient Chinese medicine, Yin-Yang is the name given to two equal but distinct energies that create a seamless force and exist in everything. You’ve probably seen that little circle with the white and dark shapes swirling inside like they are locked in battle. Yin is the dark shape, while Yang is the white shape in the illustration. They serve opposite functions, and—while neither is “bad” energy—an imbalance can cause a disruption.

Yang is the male energy (although you don’t have to be male to have too much Yang in your system). For some, Yang represents themselves and their male side. However, for others, an overbearing Yang energy may stem from male influences in their life (past or present). Yes, this may mean you have daddy issues!

Your right side of the brain is the passionate, creative and high-energy side of the brain. It is responsible for moving forward, going after what you want and taking charge.

Yang is responsible for outputting energy. It is the side that helps you speak your mind, express your desires and make things happen. It can be characterized as vocal, boisterous, enthusiastic and driven.

These are all great things, right? But, when the Yang side starts to take control without enough pushback from the Yin side, you may experience:

  • Acute stress, anxiety or burnout from feeling pressured to do too much
  • Overpowering others with strong opinions or loud volume
  • Codependency (overemphasis on being served or having demands met)
  • Pushing forward and failing to notice how others feel around you
  • Boastfulness and looking down on others for their lack of drive or success
  • Aggressive, intense and impulsive when feeling frustrated
  • Feeling as if you have to drag everyone along with you to get anything done

It often takes a lot of self-control and mindful practice to keep our brains balanced. My book, Remembering Wholeness, provides more insight into how we can restore this energy balance.

Signs the Right Side of the Brain is Off Balance

You might not even realize your energy is imbalanced. We tend to think of our typical state as “normal.” When you do the healing work and realize what balance is, you will have that “Aha!” moment where you realize how much you were lacking before.

You might notice you struggle with issues on the right side of your body more than the left. This could cause pain in your joints, back or head predominately on the right side. If you don’t have an injury along that right side, then any pain along that side could be a sign your energy isn’t balanced.

Other signs that you have a hyperactive right side of the brain (or excess Yang):

  • You feel in overdrive all the time and agitated frequently
  • Your heart is racing or muscles stay tense
  • Your skin tends to be red and dry (especially during the winter)
  • You sweat a lot and get overheated easily
  • You are thirsty often and like to keep cold drinks on hand
  • You can’t relax or switch off, feeling restless when it’s time to sleep

You may not experience all of these symptoms, even if the right side is overbearing in your life. However, if none of these things apply to you, then your left side might be off-balance! Check out my post on What to do if the Left Side of Your Brain is Off Balance.

3 Simple Methods to Re-Balance Your Brain if the Right Side is Blocked

Typically, the right side of our brain responds to the male influences in our lives. For example, if your relationship with your father (or brothers/uncles/coaches/etc.) was turbulent (intentionally or not), then you may experience excess Yang. These three simple methods will help you restore balance.

Heal Your Past and Inner Father

Personally, I grew up in a very Yang-heavy environment. My house was full of boisterous brothers and a demanding father. As a result, I felt as if my voice didn’t matter. It was only through healing my inner father that I could reset that voice and take control over my reality.

Try this quick exercise:

  • Breathe in deeply, repeating: “That was then, this is now.”
  • Close your eyes and picture your 10-year-old self. Think back to the home you lived in and what kind of struggle you had with your father. Maybe your father was always working, too demanding or pushed your mother around (physically or emotionally). Whatever the struggle, remember how it made you feel.
  • Stand up for your 10-year-old self in your mind. Tell your imagined father that you need to protect that part of yourself and that it is time to make a change.
  • Then, tell your internal father that he can either accept you as you are, or he can be released from having an impact on your life. You must tell your 10-year-old self that you will protect yourself and stand up for yourself.
  • From now on, readjust your relationship with your internal father if the energy shifts to excess Yang.

Connect Your Sides

If you had a great relationship with your father and any influential men in your life, then the above exercise may not apply. In that case, you should move on to this second exercise to balance the two energies within.

  • Hold out both hands and visualize each side of your body cupped in your respective palms. Is one heavier? If your Yang is out of balance, your right side will usually feel weighed down.
  • Now, mentally connect the energy from your left hand arching overhead to the energy in your right hand. Pretend the connected forces are like a slinky in your hands as you shift the weight from one side to the other, literally moving your hands up and down.
  • Move the energy balance back and forth several times. Slowly bringing the sides to the same level, like scales evening out.
  • Then, lift your hands and pour the newly balanced energy over your head.

I would also recommend getting the “I am balanced” and “I am calm” oils to help support this practice whenever you feel off-balance.

Pursue Softness and Stillness

Help your mind readjust to a balanced state of Yin-Yang by calming that right side of the brain. To do this, you can practice softness and stillness through methods like:

Meditation: Set a timer on your phone and sit comfortably in a quiet space. Start with just 3 minutes of meditation, and then try to expand that time to 5, 10 or 15 minutes within the next few weeks.

Ajna Chakra: Work on opening your third eye. If you have excessive Yang, you are probably lower chakra dominant (LCD). By unblocking your connection to intuition, you can help balance the root and sacral chakras (responsible for your drive and passion) with mindfulness.

Hugs: When we go for long periods without touch, we feel anxious because we are communal beings. Studies have shown hugs lower stress levels, increase oxytocin (happiness hormone) production, reduce anxiety, improve communication and boost health. That’s a lot of reasons to go find the best hugger you know right now!

Controlled Breathing: Breath in for a count of eight, hold for a count of four, breathe out for a count of eight and hold for a count of four. Repeat this three times. This helps you slow down and focus on your breath over anything else.

Walk Barefoot: One technique I suggest for anxiety is walking back and forth outside, barefoot, on a patch of ground. It can be dirt, grass or sand—just let the natural elements touch the bottom of your foot and breathe in the fresh air!

Heal the Imbalance in Your Brain!

I help thousands of people struggling with their energy balance every day! Go to the Carol Tuttle Healing Center now and start my healing courses with your FREE 14-day trial. Let’s remove those blocks that are holding you back from peace and contentment.

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