How to Align with the Energy of Money & Create Abundance

Two of my favorite tools and techniques to support a money shift

When it comes to money, are you part of the old or new energy? How do you even tell the difference? When you align yourself with the new energy, you’ll notice a huge difference in your ability to attract money. I’m going to teach you a simple energy healing technique to hook your energy up with the new energy of money so you can increase your flow and accumulation easily.

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There is an old energy and a new energy when it comes to money. Knowing which energy you’re aligned with is going to make all the difference in whether you’re repelling or attracting money. The new experience with money, anybody can connect with it. You’re going to love what I teach you, what the new energy is about, you’re going to go, “Ah, I’ve been feeling that as well.” I’m going to teach you a simple energy healing technique to align and hook, literally hook your energy up with the new energy of money.

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What’s the old energy of money?

You know, what’s the old energy of money? It’s an energy of lack, struggle using money as power and control. Only a few people in very high-status roles in society had money and in that position, they controlled everybody else. It was a very hierarchical system. We can watch a lot of shows on television that show us this story, where the minority has money, they use money to control, to make sure people obey them, and they can withhold or give, and it’s to keep people suppressed so that the majority do not have money and money is a struggle and that’s how money got deemed to be evil.

That money was evil because people used it in ways that were not civil and honoring, that’s the old energy and you come from that. You can’t not come from that because even if you come from a family that had a lot of money and played the domineering role, that’s just the game that was played in our cultures. People did bad things with money and a lot of people did good things with money as well.

But there became this idea that in the days of…let’s just take the lifetime of Mother Teresa. Here’s a woman that gave up all of her worldly possessions and went out into the world to serve humanity. And that became sort of the classic symbol of, now, that’s a good human being. Someone that was willing to give up worldly things to do good and that somehow was part of the formula for being a good human being.

And then we have examples of people that have been done a lot of evil on the world, that have a lot of power and control and money to their access, that built large armies. There’s story after story of rulers that have done carnage on the earth, there’s still some in play in today’s politics that had access to funds, and money, and power, and control, that have caused a lot of death and carnage and suffering.

So then we started to equate money with having…that somehow money could make you into that kind of a person, that you had to try and, you know, that somehow being poor was spiritual or going without was spiritual based on these old paradigms. Well, that’s an old story, that’s not relevant anymore. It was relevant to our ancestors because there was more of it playing out. It was pretty much the hierarchical order of our societies and how money was used in them. We’re in a new day, a new time, a new energy.

Money is shifting in our world.

We’re in what many refer to as a shift in consciousness. And in the shift of consciousness, we are awakening to understand the power we all have to create our own realities, to make a choice and to choose what we want to do at the resources in our lives. And majority of people want to do good, they want to make a difference on the planet. So, that’s what brings us to the new energy of money.

Now, I’m going to describe what that is in a minute and I’m going to teach you a technique that’s going to hook you up with the new energy of money. But what I want for you is to go take my Money Quiz. I want you to go and evaluate your own status with money. It’s going to give you more awareness and feedback about your current experience with money.

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Good chance that quiz is going to show you, “Oh, I’m aligned with the old energy of money.” Dang it. Oh, that’s why you’re here, cause I’m going to help you connect with the new energy of money. So go take the quiz at I get so excited about this that I kind of get ahead of myself because I am one that has changed this story in my life.

I left the old energy of money and changed my money story

I come from creating struggle, and debt, and turmoil, and feeling powerless to money, to now creating massive wealth. And I’m so grateful and I want you to have that too. So go take the Money Quiz and then enroll in my free masterclass because I can teach you how to create more money and accumulate it. I guarantee it, I guarantee, I’ve already helped literally tens of thousands of clients in person and online make this shift.

What’s the new energy? Let me tell you a fascinating thing that became very clear to me several years ago. I’m a master teacher of the chakra energy system and I was shown, spirit showed me that actually money, yes, it’s grounded in our root chakra because it is an essential need in our culture and that’s where we ground and connect with what’s needed in our life to support wellbeing and help us thrive. That money had actually shifted to a higher vibration and it shifted to the heart, the heart center.

What’s the new energy of money?

So the new energy of money connects with our hearts and you’re seeing evidence of this all over the planet. You’re seeing evidence of how much people are wanting to use money to do good, to make a difference, to experience pleasure in the world. And some of them are obvious stories that we have witnessed to our sites like GoFundMe, and Fundly, Kickstarter.

You used to have to be, you’d have to go to a bank, an institution, to be able to accrue the money you need to pursue your dreams or to pay off a debt due to an illness, or support an organization. And now we help each other, we are able to bypass, we’re able to work heart to heart, soul to soul in a manner, that’s evidence that money is in new energy and it’s been freed up for us to do good with and to make choices with it.

Sites like Kiva, where we can take a sum of money and keep loaning it to people that are doing startups in areas of the world where they have very limited resources. I’ve helped more than 50 projects on Kiva with $500 that keeps getting recycled because people, they pay it back in a long term loan. And it’s remarkable, I’m so excited about the new energy of money. Are you connected to the new energy of money? When you’re in the flow with the new energy of money, you feel money support you, this is the biggest difference.

How to know if you’re in the old or new energy of money

When you’re in the old energy, you feel like money is more powerful and you’re a victim to it. When you’re in the new energy of money, you feel you’re empowered and money is a tool and a service to you, and you are able to create more of it. See the difference? When you’re feeling lack, struggle, you can’t afford things. You won’t have enough, you’re fearful about the future, you worry about overspending all the time, you have to prevent from running out, which energy are you in? Newer or old? Old.

In the new energy I know I’ll have enough money in more. Watch my 10 affirmations video. When you’re stating those top 10 money affirmations, yeah, you’re in the new energy, you’re in the new heart connected energy of money. So you want keep flipping to the new energy, so this is all you gotta do. Pay attention. This is just going to require repetition each day, you’re going to catch yourself and go, because it’s a habit, you know, oh, I’m connected to the old energy. I’m going to connect to the new energy.

Tools & techniques to support you in shifting to the higher energy with money

So I’m going to give you two tools to do that. The I am rich oil is a part one of my 10 essential oil blends that’s been personally crafted by me to have the specific herbal and plant medicinal properties that will support in shifting your energy to the new energy of money. It will open your heart and increase your powers of attraction to money.

So what you’re going to do with this is, smell it for one thing. It’s lovely. You’re going to put a little here on your index finger, both of them. And now, you’re going to do what’s called a hookup with your heart and your third eye energy center. So now that you’ve got the oil here. When you’re in that old energy, all you gotta do is pause. If you can grab the oil, this is just added value because you’re going to get in the aroma of it which will shift your energy.

And now this is going to hook you up to the new energy, so think you’re making a switch here. I’m going from here to here, you can even turn your body facing this way and I’m not going to turn this way and you’re going to touch this energy center and touch your heart center. I’ll get rid of that so you can see what I’m doing right here.

Now you’re going to pull up like you hooked him. Breathe in. You’re now hooked to the new energy of money with gratitude. I appreciate money, I love money and money loves me. I’m in the new energy of money. Then you can now teach this in another video to figure it. It’s ‘flowing to your heart. Money is a tool of love and appreciation to help us, to empower us, to bless our lives. It wants to work with us. Quite honestly, I had a little chat with money and it’s tired of being the bad guy. It wants to be seen as a power that blesses our lives and has a value. It’s up to you to change that, you can and you will.

Start with these simple techniques. Go to and take the quiz. Get the ahas, awarenesses you need to make the changes you’re ready for. Then take the masterclass to give you the tools you need to make those changes. Be proactive in this, I guarantee you will see your life will be very different in a year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years by doing what I’m teaching you to do. I guarantee it. You will have more flow and accumulation. This is a limited time offering you need to go do it today. I only offer this one time a year. The money quiz and the master class is only available for a short time, so make good use of it right now.

Thanks for subscribing to my channel because I want to help you and I’m grateful I can. How did this video help you? Share in a comment, what Aha did you get and thanks for liking it and sending it to someone else. Let’s help more people get out of this money struggle, let’s get more people shifted from old money energy to new money energy cause money wants to help all of us.

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