8 Steps of Gratitude That Create Spiritual Manifestation

Manifest what you want with the tool of gratitude

Have you ever thought of using the power of manifesting to bring you spiritual contentment and inner peace?

When it comes to manifesting, most people think of using it to accumulate material wealth.

But it’s about so much more than that.

While I highly encourage you to use manifesting to bring you more financial affluence, I also want you to use it to bring you spiritual affluence.

If you’re like most people, you love the sound of that but aren’t sure how to make it happen.

Implement these 8 steps of gratitude to help you create a life of spiritual manifestation:

1. Appreciate every experience.

That’s right—every one of them. Not just the good, positive, and happy ones. Appreciate even those which you judge as bad, wrong, and painful.

When you can appreciate every experience in your life, you begin to see that life is happening for you, not to you. You begin to realize that you have endless amounts of opportunities to notice the signs and gifts that are leading your life in the correct direction.

2. Express gratitude for every single moment of your life.

Create a habit where you tune in and remind yourself to feel grateful for every single moment.

Setting reminders on your phone to go off at random times of the day can help with this.

The more you create feelings of appreciation and gratitude, the more you will attract into your life that for which you can appreciate and for which you can feel gratitude.

3. Play the Gratitude Game. 

By yourself or with others, look for things for which you can be grateful, and take turns naming them.

This is powerful because creating the feeling of gratitude within your body and spirit raises your vibration. As you raise your own vibration, you naturally affect the energy of others around you.

Watch as you attract more people who express their gratitude. What a difference this will make in your life!

4. Start a Gratitude Journal.

Every November, as a family, we get out our Gratitude Journal and write 1,000 things for which we are grateful. Our goal is to finish it by Thanksgiving.

We number from 1 to 1,000, leave it on the kitchen counter with a pen, and family members and friends are invited to write in it as often as they would like. It usually takes us between a week and ten days to get to 1,000.

Imagine the difference in your home as everyone works together to fill the notebook with 1,000 things.

5. Go on the Gratitude Diet.

Here’s how you participate in the Gratitude Diet:

  1. Every day, write down 25 things you’re grateful for. (Your Gratitude Journal from Step 4 is perfect for this!)
  2. Then, using EFT tapping, tap on each of the tapping points while repeating your gratitude statements.

You can read more about the Gratitude Diet here.

6. Thank God and your Spiritual Support Team. 

Before you fall asleep every night, thank God for believing in you and giving you the agency to create your life.

Whether you pray or meditate, you are being divinely guided to create a better life.

Express gratitude for the spiritual support cheering you on as you do so.

7. Thank the people in your life. 

Write a thank-you note once a week to someone to express your appreciation for them. Handwritten notes are so meaningful and will hold the vibration of gratitude in which you write them.

As you go about your day and week, thank all the people who have shown up in your life to play their parts for you.

Reflect on what people have taught you and share this with them—as long as it’s correct and timely to do so.

8. Appreciate yourself. 

It’s time to give yourself the appreciation you deserve.

Express gratitude toward yourself for what you are remembering to do on a daily basis.

Notice the increase in joy, peace, and gratitude that you are creating in your own life.

What steps will you start to implement today? Share in a comment which ones you already do.

You are worthy of a spiritually-manifested life. Continue to do these steps every day, and you will absolutely see a difference.

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