Get In Touch With Your Worth Through Affirmations Of Self Love

You forgot something when you came into this world—your own sense of self-worth. You’ve lost touch with your true self because of shameful beliefs and thought patterns.

Due to past experiences and generational wounding, you carry heavy baggage in your energy field every single day. You find yourself using self-deprecating language and having automatic negative thoughts, driven by deeply-held beliefs that you’re not good enough.

These have crushed your self-esteem and made you feel less than worthy. It feels unnatural and uncomfortable to live this way, but you don’t know any other way.

The idea of self-love seems out of reach.

Why Is It So Hard To Love Yourself?

It’s because you have believed lies about yourself and forgotten who you truly are at your core.

We have all forgotten. And we’ve chosen an interesting way of remembering who we are, by experiencing who we are not.

Can you relate to these feelings?

You feel powerless. 

You feel inferior.

You feel inadequate.

You feel unworthy.

But remember this: your feelings do not identify you. You are not all the thoughts and feelings that make you feel uncomfortable, disappointed, discouraged, worthless, and incapable.

Are The Negative Beliefs True?

If the negative beliefs you had about yourself were true, you wouldn’t be feeling negative emotions about them.

You would feel satisfied instead. You would feel totally okay because you had tapped into your true identity. You would feel at peace everytime you thought, “I am powerless.”

But you and I know that’s not the case.

Your true identity is that you are an infinite, powerful being who came here to Earth to experience yourself awakening to your truth.

When you think about that and begin to believe it, that’s when you feel true peace. Your sense of self-worth rises and becomes unshakeable.

You Are Worth of Self Love

You have forgotten that you are worthy of self-love. And your soul is intent on remembering it.

Your soul is wise and wants the highest good for you. It will continue to lead you in the direction of love.

Let yourself be divinely guided as it shows you what is correct for you. Follow your soul’s lead and take the first steps to release old beliefs and habits keeping you stuck.

You and everyone else on this planet are experiencing this life in order to remember who we are—our gifts, our glory, our power, and our God-self.

It can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. I believe you are capable of making this experience one of ease and joy. Here’s a great place to start.

Affirmations For Self Love and Acceptance

I am powerful.

I am enough.

I am fully capable.

I am worthy.

I am loved. 

Every day, write these self-love affirmations in your journal. Or better yet, use a dry erase marker and write them on your bathroom mirror.

Watch your self-esteem rise back up as you remember the person you truly are inside.

While many of us have forgotten this important truth, it’s time to shift into a new energy and acknowledge yourself for the great job you’re doing at remembering!

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