Are You Trying to Heal What’s Not Even Yours?

Stop the cycle by clearing old, generational energy

Think about an issue that continues to cause stress or discomfort in your life.

That’s right—the one that keeps circling back, no matter how many times you’ve tried to heal it.

Whether it’s in relationships, communication, finances, or otherwise, it prevents you from feeling true peace.

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re willing to look within and get to the root of the issue in order to heal it. You’re willing to do the work. But consider the possibility that you’re spinning your wheels trying to heal something that’s not even yours!

I often speak about creating a life of affluence, ease, and joy. The spiritual blueprint for your life of affluence – uniquely designed for you — already exists. Your job is to help it come into material manifestation.

The question is: if we have a spiritual blueprint for lives of affluence, ease, and joy, why do we not just automatically create this as our experience in life?

It’s because we stay stuck because of generational patterns! These precede us in the form of thoughts and feelings, as well as patterns of lack, pain, and struggle modeled to us as we grow up. Those patterns become our beliefs, our perceptions of the world, and the language we use.

Why Generational Patterns Keep You Stuck

If you’re trying to heal an issue but are overlooking the generational component, it’s as though the “Groundhog Day Effect” is happening in your life.

It’s like waking up to the same day, day after day after day. Your outer world will not change until you pioneer and heal the inner world of old generational programming of lack, pain, and struggle.

In other words, the furniture is the problem and you just rearrange when and how it shows up, but it’s all still coming from the energy.

So how do you clear this old energy?

Brand New Clearing for Generational Patterns

I just recently launched a brand new clearing in Healing Center called the Visualization to Release Ancestral Energy Patterns.

This visualization will help you anytime you’re stuck in patterns that feel overwhelming and unmoveable. As a result of doing this visualization, you’ll experience more confidence and lightness. You’ll easily determine which percentage of the energy pattern is yours to heal, and how much of it is generational. You’ll easily be able to clear the portion of it that is yours, once you’re relieved from the weight that’s not yours!

It’s perfect for you if you’re experiencing…

  • Overwhelm from a pattern you can’t shake
  • Recurring experiences that feel stuck and hard
  • Discomfort and frustration after each occurrence
  • Stress that lingers despite attempted healing

It will help you…

  • Release the heavy burden that’s not yours
  • Easily heal the portion that is yours
  • Feel relief and happiness about your healing
  • Create more freedom for yourself and others

Go to the visualization now!

As you clear and heal from your generational patterns, you energetically and even biologically pass on the benefits of your own clearing to your posterity. You are a generational carrier of thought patterns, feeling states, and DNA inheritances that can stop with you. Fascinating research in today’s science shows how the effects of emotional trauma can be carried across generations.

Even your grown children can benefit unknowingly from the way your healing efforts shift the energetic dynamics of your family—without them even knowing what you are up to.

As a parent, you are gifting your children, your grandchildren, and beyond the opportunity to be free of unnecessary lives of lack and struggle. Because of you, they can more fully manifest the richness of an affluent life from the very beginning of their lives.

Bless you,

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