How to Calm an Overactive Mind & Racing Thoughts

A simple technique to activate the part of your brain that calms you down

Racing thoughts. Anxiety. Worries that won’t go away. These are all symptoms of an overactive mind.

If you have experience with any of these, you’re not alone. Rates of anxiety have risen in recent years, and it’s because our minds take in so much information on a daily basis. This can trigger chronic stress that seems inescapable.

I used to be challenged by thoughts of worry or stress. Over the years I have learned how to calm my overactive mind. Here’s how I did it.

Calm begins when you turn down the noise in your mind.

We can easily overrun our minds with too much information and not allow enough stillness. Our minds then form a habit of overactivity that can interfere with our ability to calm down.

It is extremely beneficial to your health and well-being to practice calming your overactive mind, so that you can regularly be in a quiet, serene place, and know all is well.

The good news is you don’t need to spend several hours alone every day to find a calm state again. (Although if that kind of solitude brings you joy, follow that!)

You can release your tension and return to a calm place again in just a matter of minutes.

Use this simple technique to calm your overactive mind:

Place your fingertips on your forehead, above each eye. Press firmly for three to four minutes while taking some deep breaths, focusing on the exhale. Repeat aloud or in your mind:

“I am okay no matter what happens. Everyone else is going to be okay no matter what happens.”

Release your hands and shake them gently for a moment or two. Use this process several times a day when you start to notice stress or start to worry.

I highly recommend using the “I am Calm” Healing Oil with this technique. This oil was formulated to calm the nervous system and reduce stress. It supports your body in quieting nervous and anxious thought processes.

Simply place a drop or two of the oil in your hands, and inhale deeply. Then proceed with the technique.

How does this technique work?

An overactive mind cannot access your prefrontal cortex—this is the part of your brain that regulates expression, decision making, and behavior. It’s the part of your brain that knows there is a solution to life’s situations.

But when your mind is stressed or anxious, the prefrontal cortex shuts down. This technique helps blood come back to that frontal portion, which calms your overactive brain.

Deep breaths help send oxygen and awareness to this part of your brain so you can return to a calm, relaxed state.

Calming your overactive mind will improve your sleep and quality of life.

Here’s what my Healing Center clients recently shared about their experiences:

“I’ve been using essential oils for years so was really wowed when I used “I am Calm” on my feet before bed and had the deepest, most amazing sleep! Don’t remember hitting the snooze, when I checked the clock apparently I’d been hitting it for half an hour! My body needed that!! Thanks Carol!!”

“This may be helpful to any insomniacs in our group. I’ve been having trouble sleeping ever since I hit menopause, both because of hot flashes and restlessness. Last night, since it was a Saturday and I don’t have to work today, I decided to try something new. I put the “I am calm” oil on my wrists and behind my neck about an hour before bed. Then I diffused the “I am Calm” mixed with the “I am Nurtured” in my bedroom and I slept for 5 hours straight, woke up, then fell asleep again for 3 hours. Yay! Normally I wake up every hour. What a relief.” Isabel B.

Would you love to clear the stress that’s causing your overactive mind?

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