Top 10 Affirmations To Heal Anxiety

Daily affirmations to experience more peace and calm.

I know that feeling. You feel like the world is closing in on you. Your anxiety is coming on and suddenly you feel powerless. These 10 healing affirmations are going to assist you in shifting anxiety to a state of calm.

I’m Carol Tuttle. I am a healer, a teacher, and I have extensive experience healing my life and helping literally millions of people heal and create a life they love. I’m the bestselling author of “Mastering Affluence: 6 Lessons to Create a Life You Love.”

You know, when you’re dealing with anxiety, it’s a real concern because you never know when it’s gonna hit. And that just adds to the dilemma of feeling powerless because, one, you don’t want it to show up when you’re in a scenario where you’re gonna feel compromised and maybe the timing is just not really good. You’re with other people. Maybe you’re presenting something. Maybe you’re out there doing your thing in the world and, “Wow.” If you’ve got to be concerned about anxiety coming on, that’s just another added issue that actually can stir the anxiety up. It’s a tension in your body. It’s a fearful thought in your beliefs, and emotionally it’s like putting you on edge. Like, you’re on guard, like I gotta watch out for this, never know when it’s gonna happen. And when it comes on, it can be very embarrassing because you don’t wanna feel powerless. You don’t wanna come across as someone that’s weak and incapable and doesn’t have their life together. And anxiety makes you feel that way. I know. I experienced it more times than I would ever want anyone else to.

When I started to understand the power of my affirmations and the thoughts that I would… could change my experience with anxiety by literally changing my thinking process, that it started with that, that my thoughts became the catalyst for my emotional and physical expression of self-shift. And until I changed my thoughts, I was vulnerable to this state of anxiety. So these 10 affirmations I’ve picked very specifically to help you make that change so that you can shift some of the most underlying deeper beliefs that actually provoke anxiety.

The 10 Anxiety Healing Affirmations

Let’s look at these 10 affirmations, and then we’re gonna say them nonstop altogether. These have been used…I’ve used these for several years now. They are my go to. Now, I want you to find your favorite amongst this grouping of 10 and let me… I’m gonna share with you why they work.

1. I Am Safe

Well, the deeper belief that’s very provoking, that sets us up to feeling such as you don’t feel safe in the world. Something triggered a sense of I’m not safe, I’m not prepared, I’m powerless. That comes from your childhood. It’s something that you’ve not healed from a childhood event or a series of events where you have trapped trauma energy. It’s not been cleared and so it triggers the sense of feeling powerless that you felt when you were much younger that mimics your experience now. And you suddenly are put into a PTSD state of being post-traumatic stress state. It feels similar. You have the same biochemical response. You have the same thought, emotion, and physical response. That’s what stirs up the anxiety. So I’m safe. It’s gonna be a foundational belief.

2. I Am Protected

I’m protected. You didn’t feel protected as a child and so once this steps up you’re gonna mimic that old feeling. You’re gonna feel powerless like you did when you were little. So you really wanna establish that reference of I am protected. I’m adult now. I live in a safe world where I am protected, even to really connect with a divine power that is there to protect you.

3. Consciously Face Your Fears

I’m consciously facing my issues and fears and they are powerless in my stare. Anxiety is provoked when you don’t feel you have the ability to overcome certain challenges in your life. Anxiety may be one of those challenges. So facing it, owning it, it’s an issue. Other issues and fears, you’re showing up. You’re bigger than them. This is you. This is them. Your energy is bigger, that energy is smaller. You are more powerful than your issues and your fears. That shifts your state of being, owning that.

4. Believe The Happiness Within You Body

Thank you, God. And you can put the “Thank you, God” into any of these. I am now believing I’m happy in my body. You don’t wanna be in your body when you run in the anxiety. You wanna escape. This is going to help you feel safe and secure in your body. Being alive and well in your body will help overcome and free you of anxiety.

5. I’m Experiencing A Constant State Of Peace No Matter What Happens

Key phrase, no matter what happens. That’s going to become your new mantra. I am experiencing a constant, constant state of peace no matter what happens. Because when you are dealing with anxiety, you don’t believe that. And you have to be concerned about the anxiety hitting you out of nowhere, and you never know what’s gonna happen a lot of times.

6. I Am In A Constant State Of Well-Being No Matter What Happens

So this is gonna flip that. You’re flipping that from I’m uncertain to I am now certain. I’m certain that I’m going to experience this constantly no matter what happens. I am a constant state of well-being no matter what happens. So you’re just tweaking that same affirmation now to full identity. That’s a statement that references your identity. I am a constant state. So we’re just now bringing it deeper, owning it fully.

7. I Am Breathing Fully And Freely

That was a big part of the anxiety state physically as shallow breathing, you feel like you can’t get enough air, short breathes, feeling like the chest is closing. I am breathing fully and freely, and we’re gonna use these as daily practices not just when the anxiety hits. You’re gonna write these down and start to practice them as your subconscious and conscious belief system now.

8.  I Am Free To Move And I Am Safe

That’s the other piece along with the breathing, getting challenged and shallow, you feel immobilized. You feel paralyzed. You feel like I can’t move forward, and that fear is provoking that. So you wanna really establish the belief I’m breathing fully and freely, and I am free to move. I am safe. I’m free to move. I’m safe. Probably wasn’t the case when you were little. You know, there were times in your life where that was accurate. That’s not accurate now. So I want us to change that state of awareness.

9. I Am In Control Of My Life

I am ready to feel in control of my life because when you are willing to grow up now and really take responsibility because the anxiety can be used as a little bit of a crutch, subconsciously you may be hanging on to that to keep you from enrolling yourself and what you’re ready to really face and deal with. And if you have to deal with the anxiety, it may be keeping you from dealing with other things that seem overwhelming and that you’re not capable of dealing with. You are ready for that. This statement really enrolls you in that. I’m ready to feel in control of my life.

10. I Am Making Choices That Support My Constant State Of Well-Being

Notice it will type change the ‘the’ to ‘that.’ I am making choices that support my constant state of well-being. Instead of the possibility if anxiety has become a pattern that you’re actually making choices that can provoke it coming on without your awareness because it’s become your predictable experience. It’s a pattern. And so you want to really declare that I am making the choices that support me and constant well-being. Your choices will look different and you’re inviting that awareness to really drive your choices.

So let’s say those all just repeatedly because you can always advance to this part of the video. And just along with me, I’ll say it, you repeat it. Just get these in your system. I am safe, I am protected, I am consciously facing my issues and fears and they are powerless in my stare. Thank you, God. I am now believing I am happy in my body. I’m experiencing a constant state of peace no matter what happens. I am breathing fully and freely. I’m free to move and I am safe. I am ready to feel in control of my life. I am making choices that support my constant state of well-being. Breathe in and receive that.

Notice what that does to your state of energy. It fills you. Use these as a daily practice. Really get these really imprinted at a subconscious and conscious level. Come to these if anxiety hits. Pull out your favorite ones. Pick three that you feel really resonate with. You’re like, I  feel that. I connect with that. I really felt a connection with that affirmation. So pick at least three that you can literally memorize and pull out of the memory bank when you need to give yourself that extra support.

You’re gonna be able to heal this anxiety. I’ve been able to successfully to do that in my life. I’m grateful to be able to help you now to create that same outcome. Like this video if you found it supportive. What have you learned today? Share in a comment. And if you’ve got a question or a suggestion for a topic for my “Heal with Carol Live” YouTube show, please leave it in a comment. And it’s time for you to get unstuck by taking my stuck quiz and my free master class.

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