3 Hidden Emotional Issues That Keep You From Losing Weight

Want to lose weight, but no matter what you do, the pounds keep coming back?

In this powerful video, I talk about the 3 hidden emotional issues that keep you from losing weight. I’m an expert in this area and I have successfully healed the deeper hidden issues that were preventing me from getting healthy and really loving my body. This video is a full webinar, so grab a warm cup of tea and your notebook so you can get the full experience from all of my insights!

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Your results show that you have some issues with your physical body and that you’re feeling stuck in that area of your life. It’s very, very common. In fact, the obesity rate in the United States has increased so substantially in the last decade even in the numbers of children that it’s something that’s definitely an issue. We live in a culture where food is readily available and a lot of food that tastes good that’s not particularly good for us. And it’s easy to keep yourself in this angst when it comes to your body. And I want to help you today. I’m gonna teach you in this 30-minute webinar the 3 hidden emotional issues that are keeping you from losing weight.

My Story

As I mentioned, I’m Carol Tuttle. I am a bestselling author. I am a teacher and a healer. And I’ve had the fabulous opportunity of reaching millions of people around the world, thanks to the internet, to be able to help them live their truth. To find the truth within them and bring that forward, remove, clear and release them from the life’s illusions and deeper emotional issues that they have been trapped by.

I had an eating disorder in high school, about age 15, that developed. I gained quite a bit of weight and I binged every day. I had a belief that food was what made me fat. I had a very negative experience with my body. I hated my body, I hated how I looked. I had very negative thoughts on a daily basis.

Every day I woke up and attempted to do something different. And my idea at the time was if I just starved myself I’d lose the weight. Little did I know that starving myself actually was counterproductive and would even cause me to hang on to the weight. But I’d get through about maybe 11, 12 or 1:00 during the day and then the cycle would repeat itself. I’d binge, I’d overeat excessively. And then feel all the shame, the sorrow, the frustration, the depression that followed that. And then in the evening, I’d hate myself one more time and the next day I’d start that over again.

And that stayed with me up until my college years. And I never really was free from it. I never was successful at the starving binge strategy, never worked. And my body took a hit in those years. It was incredibly unhealthy. As you can imagine, every time I looked in the mirror, I felt disgusted with myself, horrified by my appearance, criticizing my body shape, the size of my legs.

In fact, when my husband met me, we went on a jog one night. We were both college students, I was in my senior year, he was in his sophomore year of college. He was a couple years behind me due to some things he had done previously that he took a break from school. And we were out jogging and he told me this only after we had gotten married. But he was running behind me and I was wearing these red knit jogging pants. And he saw my body shape and appearance, and I know that because of my own negative projections we invite other people seeing us that way too. But he had to question whether he wanted to marry me because he wasn’t sure if I would be someone that would take care of myself. And that he was hesitant in that moment by what he saw on the backside. And interestingly, that didn’t keep him from marrying me. But again, that was presenting itself those shameful ideas about my body and that lack of control that became my practice with food. I really struggled.

Once we got married, things settled down. I had children and I got control of the food. I stopped the bingeing. But I still had all the emotional patterns and the thinking patterns as if I was still extremely overweight. I had gained about, in high school and college, 35 to 50 pounds from what had been my healthy weight. And I had been able to lose that, but I still had all the emotional feelings and the thinking patterns as if I were overweight. And I was still ashamed of my body. And still not happy with my appearance. And still at odds with food. Every day being obsessed about what should I? Should I eat this? Should I not eat this? Evaluating what I ate. Applying myself into different programs. Being successful for short periods of times and then failing. Going from one program to the next. Trying to figure out the strategy that would eliminate this negative thinking and these emotional…the emotional stress that I felt every day. It was a constant struggle with food and my body and appearance.

And it was only till about seven years ago that I made progress through the years. As I started my energy healing career, I started to understand the deeper issues with weight and body. That so much of it was old programming and unmet emotional needs from our childhood. And I started to put the puzzle together for myself. And little by little, I started to heal this over the years, figuring it out and testing out different clearing sessions and different processes that I was trained in and the progression of those.

I can say that I successfully exited my decades battle and struggle with food, and weight and body within the last 10 years, I’d say it’s about 7 years ago. I saw the shadow effects still. It wasn’t really pronounced, but I knew there were still some old things hanging around. And I remember the year, about 7 years ago, I made a decision. I’m gonna clean this up once and for all. I’m gonna shift this so that I’m no longer even having to give attention to it. That I’m free. And I’ve done that. And I’m gonna teach you today a few things that I did and then introduce you to something that’s gonna allow you to be able to make that shift as well, so that you’re not waking up trying to figure out the food thing every day and having to feel bad about the way you look and feeling crummy in your clothes.

I no longer feel any of that. In fact, I’ve been able to access my body’s own intuitive intelligence that I now know, based on what my body tells me, and the communication I experience with my body and the beautiful relationship we now have, I’m guided every day on what to eat. And I’m very clear on a preferred eating plan and protocol that works for me. I know what supplements support me, I know when to eat, not to eat. My appetite is what determines if I’m going to eat, not my emotions. It’s so amazing to be free of it, and to have that energy to use for other things. And I want that for you. I want you to be free of this.

Just imagine that for a moment, that you never have to think about it again. It was just intuitively your experience to know and food was your friend. And your body felt good and you felt good in your body. It’s really a lovely experience. And I really wanna help you with that.

So when we look at the hidden emotions that really drive this keeping us from losing weight, where we get stuck in this cycle and we might lose the weight, then we gain it back, but then even when we lose the weight, how many of you related to that part of my story? You’re still, the inner self, still is processing the thoughts and feelings as if you hadn’t. Because now you have to try and keep yourself from ever gaining it back. You know, you’re still in it. And it’s like, this never ends.

The 3 Hidden Emotions

1. You Are Allowing The Energy Of Others To Effect You

The first thing that is really keeping you stuck is…now, you’re not even gonna guess this one. No one teaches this. And this was a major aha for me. Like, really? That’s connected to this? But since I started to work it out and resolve it, it’s been phenomenal, the results I get.

The most hidden reason that I may be the first person that’s telling you this is a pattern, a subconscious pattern, you don’t even know you’re doing it, of taking on other people’s energy. Now, what does that mean? That means emotions are a vibratory force. Emotions can be felt by other. Let’s say we were in a room together and I had some really strong emotions vibrating and I was processing these really potent powerful emotions. If you have any level of an empathic energy system, meaning you tune into that, you sense it, you can read it, you feel it, you could be vulnerable to taking it on. What it means is your system mimics mine. You start to feel those emotions in your own system. There’s a good chance you’re doing that with certain people every day of your life to the point you don’t even know it’s happening.

I had dinner with two close friends last night. And one of my good friends has been in a real funk. My first thought was, oh no, there’s something that I did. I’ve offended her, I’m not sure what it is. That goes back to my childhood. You know, what did I do wrong? And we went to dinner, we hadn’t had a chance to really sit down and talk for a while. And I said, “You really just feel…” She said, “I’m so stressed lately.” Well, she in the goodness of her heart made a decision to…she and her husband to let a young man live in their home in an…kind of an intermittent time period between some events that were happening in his life.

Well, he has a lot of emotional stuff, a lot of baggage. And she and I both have the capacity to take on other people’s energy quite easily, and we both grew up in very dysfunctional, toxic environments. And so what I learned a few years ago was, this is a habit, I don’t even know I’m doing it. And I said, “You know,” to my friend, “I really think you’ve taken on this young man’s energy.” And she’s like, “Oh my goodness, you’re right. I did not even see that. I didn’t even know that.” She’s felt stressed. When you’re stressed, you eat. When you’re stressed, your body hangs on to weight. When you’re stressed your cortisol levels are off. Your body chemistry can’t do what it’s designed to do and you hang on to the weight. And so when you’re taking on other people’s energy, you will be susceptible to weight gain, eating too much and your body chemistry can’t support getting healthy. It’s in survival mode. And she said, “You’ve changed my life.” She left a different person. And I said… The time period in which this person will be moving out is very soon. But in the meantime, she’s going to use some strategies that we reviewed to be able to prevent that and let that person’s energy to be theirs.

Are you relating to this? Can you think, “Oh man…” Did you even consider that it’s making you snack more and eat more because you’re agitated? And when you’re carrying other people’s energy, you can’t resolve it easily. So your mind’s trying to figure out what to do with this. But because it’s not your stuff, you can’t bring resolution to it easily. And so you’re trying to get away from it and you’ll distract yourself with food. Or you’ll comfort yourself with food.

So what do you do about that? Well, I do have a full clearing session in…when I…I will teach you more fully. But let me give you a little strategy right now. The thing you need to do in that moment is zero in on your own space, your own body, this is me. Say, “This is me. This is me.” Identify your own experience with you. Now you’re gonna send that energy back to them. And you’re gonna go, that is them, that is their stuff. Just, it’s like, send it back. This is theirs. This is me, this is theirs. This is me, that is theirs. Whatever phrase fits. This is their, that is theirs. That’s their stuff.  And make the distinction. Make the distinction of separation. I am in my own energy space. Then when you start to feel yourself doing it, you go, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, this isn’t my stuff. Wanna like send it back. This is me, that is theirs.”

Now, when you find yourself snacking and you’re stressed, tune into that. “Am I running somebody’s emotion? Did I take something on from my husband? Am I trying to fix one of my kids by feeling their emotional stuff so they don’t have to feel it because I don’t want them to struggle?” Is there a person at work that just, you know, this happens with? As you identify it, you’re gonna have the ability to now be distinguishing the difference, stay in your own energy system and let other people be accountable for what’s theirs. And you’re gonna find you’re not this miscellaneous snacking side effect. Because you don’t need it, you don’t need food. You don’t need the food to serve you in that way.

2. Unmet Emotional Needs

So the second hidden reason that’s very rare for people to go and take care of is you have a lot of unmet emotional needs from your childhood. In my body of work for several decades, I’ve referred to that as your inner child. That’s just referencing your emotional energy. Your emotional energy that’s not had all the love and care it needs. It’s impossible for a parent to give us everything we need. Some of you experienced an extreme lack of having your needs met and also experienced trauma on top of that. And you’re dealing with the side effect of that. And so you’re not only dealing with unmet needs, you’re dealing with trying to bring resolution to being wounded in your childhood, to parents being negligent or abusive or roles you had to play because of their own dysfunction, because they weren’t showing up.

So when you don’t have that piece operating in harmony with your adult self, when you’re needy emotionally and your inner child is so needy, food becomes a comfort. Food becomes something you can choose any time to fill you. Because you’re looking for, deep down emotionally you want to be emotionally fulfilled. You wanna be emotionally supported. You wanna be emotionally comforted. If you have sweet cravings, if you’re addicted to sugar, you’re really looking for some sweetness in your life. You just want somebody to be sweet to you. Food is. Food starts to play a real substitute role.

How many times were you given food as a reward in your childhood for behaving? We still do it as parents. We really enroll our psychology and our emotional intelligence in that food does another job. It’s not just there to nourish our bodies. It’s to entertain us. It’s to reward us. It’s to comfort us. And that’s all fine if you’re in conscious control of it. But when it’s controlling you and it’s running the show because of the deeper issues going on, it backfires. And you overeat and you can’t lose the weight because you need all this. And you might feel deep down subconsciously that the weight is the protection from negative energy for you, a barrier. And it keeps you safe. And you can let go of that. You can free yourself of that, when you start to meet those emotional needs and have the ability to go in and find that inner child and love that part of you. To tell affirmations that part of you that she or he is deserving of love and support and you’re the best one to give it to yourself.

The next time you look in the mirror, I want you to look, really look at the person you’re staring at and recognize that you are the best one to be there for yourself. Because you’re always with yourself, start to show up for yourself. We tend to think that we’ve got to find somebody out here that’s going to take care of what’s going on in here. That we need other people to be a certain way. We certainly want other people to treat us in a certain way but the cool thing is, it flips. Because when you start giving affirmations of abundance to yourself, it starts showing up in your world. So practice that self-love. Start to recognize there’s a deeper part of you that’s looking for love. Be that one to start giving it to yourself.

3. Fear Of Change

The third hidden emotional issue, you’ve probably…you may have heard of these if you’ve been following me around for a while, and I’ve taught them for a few years now, it’s called running a pattern of a psychological reversal. What is that? Basically, when it comes to food, when you make a decision to stop eating something or to go without, you say, “I’m gonna go without sugar. I’m going to eliminate this,” all of a sudden your survival mechanism gets really strong. What’s called the ancient mind, the back side of your brain is the part of your brain that’s really heavily programmed to help you survive. To help you run when you know you’re in danger, to know that things are at risk here.

What’s fascinating is it’s been operating many, many, many more centuries in our human function than the frontal lobes, which are the higher mind, the part of you that thinks in reasonable terms, that goes, “That’s not really in my best interest. What’s a better choice here?” When that survival energy kicks in, it’s like you decide to go on a diet or a different eating plan and you decide to make changes and all of a sudden all you can think about is food. Right? Yeah, like, that was my 15 to 23 years. You know, for eight years of my life, that’s all my brain processed every day almost. If it wasn’t in the forefront it was in the background.

So why is that? Well, because that survival part of you is saying, “This is not safe to make change and I got to keep us alive. And I’m gonna now put my attention on what… We’ll do that. You cannot…you know, we’re not going without. That’s deprivation. We’re gonna get what we need here. And all of the sudden you’re OCD and obsessed.” And I use that. You know, I had to deal and heal with true diagnosed OCD. So I don’t wanna throw that out as some flippant thing. I recognize that we have this condition. But for those of you that don’t experience it more problematic in your life, it starts to present itself when you make a choice about making a change.

So what do you do to calm that down? Because you want it to be easy to make new food choices. You don’t want it to be so difficult. You want it to be…you wanna be motivated. You want to be drawn to that. You don’t wanna feel like it’s this, “Oh, I have to overcome all of this now. All of these thoughts and feelings about food.” You wanna just have an appetite for what’s healthy for you. You don’t wanna feel like you have to use all this self-control.

Well, one of the simplest things you can do is you wanna draw the blood when you’re feeling that and you’re just like, “Oh, I’m gonna go snack, I’m gonna blow it.” Place your fingertips on your neurovascular points that are on your forehead. This will draw blood to the front of the brain. And then as you take three to four deep breaths, do this right now, you get that frontal lobe activated, it calms down those obsessive thoughts. And that drive your feeling to try and quiet it by just following through on the action. So you’ll go, “Okay, I can make another choice now. All right, I’m gonna stick with this. I’m gonna be successful.” I’m gonna end the day with, “Hey, I did it today. That’s amazing.”

That’s something I’m able to do, is go into… How am I gonna feel… If I make this choice right now, where is it gonna take me? I know exactly how I’m gonna feel. I know exactly the thoughts I’m gonna be running in my head. Do I wanna go through that again? So it helps you start to think that way. Because you now got your frontal lobe going and your mind’s going, “Yeah, I don’t really wanna set myself up for that. So I’m gonna make this other choice and choose not to eat that and I’m gonna choose to eat this that I know is just healthier for me. And then I’m gonna be feeling really proud of myself. And I’m gonna be thinking very positive thoughts. That’s what I wanna experience. Yeah, that’s where I wanna go.”

See how that just happened? Just flips right there and you’re going, “Okay, I’m good.” And maybe you have to do it in an hour. You know, you might have to do it five or six times in a day. You’re breaking really old patterns. And you’re breaking up in that psychological reversals are all about really birthing yourself out of survival energy that your ancestors really only knew and it’s a big part of our whole makeup and you wanna now choose out of that and go, I don’t need to live in survival and struggle. I’m gonna live in creation and manifestation and no longer getting by. And that’s why you repeat it. Because it’s just old, old habits that have been in our, you know, humanity for eons of time. And we’re changing that as we shift our consciousness here. And you’re changing your experience with food.

Breaking The Emotional Relationship With Food

Well, I wanna show you something that I recently launched. Its new, it’s called the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. And I wanna show specifically four-week healing plan that I put together based on my decades of experience of really learning how to heal this, both from my being a practitioner of energy healing, working with literally hundreds of thousands of people, my own success, seeing the success of others as they’ve gone through this program. The Carol Tuttle Healing Center offers healing plans. One of the most powerful healing plans I have in there is the healing plan for weight loss. And we’re gonna go in there and you’re gonna see it. You can see that everything’s beautifully laid out for you to access right on your laptop or your phone. And you’re gonna see that there’s daily practices that I have you doing. And then there’s a four-week strategy.

So in the daily practices, let’s look at those real quick. These are all really easy to do. Each day you might take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to participate. The two things you’re really, really zeroing in on is you need to change your thought processes around food in your body. And you need to heal your unmet emotional needs. You need to clear a lot of emotional stuff and heal it. So those two become very, very focused to activate healing.

You’ll find that I don’t have an eating protocol in here. We’re not looking at the outer experience of food. Everything is directed to your inner experience with food and weight and your body. Because until you fix what’s going on in here, you keep putting yourself into systems to change your choices, but until you’ve redesigned the interior, it will be real tough to hold to those practices long term. Because your mind is still trying. You’re needing a system to tell you what to do and you haven’t taken care of the inside work.

So what we’re doing in these four weeks is changing the interior. What’s going on inside. And so everyday you listen to affirmations, this is training the thinking mind. Your thinking mind is a habit, it’s a tool. What do you want it to think when it comes to food in your body? I give you those affirmations for your physical body. Those take a couple minutes. Daily script to create a healthy body. You’re projecting out what you wanna create every day, whether you know it or not. Whatever you put your attention on with great passion, declaration and emotion, you’re creating more of that. And so I give you a new script of what to create now with your body.

So you start to put that energy out into your reality and your body starts to hear it. Did you know your body is listening to you and it has to obey you, and it is carrying a lot of shame because of the negativity that you projected onto it? Your body is gonna come alive and function in a much healthier way when you project these healthy references onto it by using the script.

Then I teach you these exercises called the spinal flush and zip up. That’s gonna strengthen your energy system so you’re not taking on everybody’s stuff. And then a figure eight technique that is very potent that’s going to train your energy system to track to you the food and the resources that are the most supportive to you. So you build an appetite for what’s healthy for you and what supports your body.

Then as you move through each week you’re going to then have sessions. Let’s show one of those where the sessions…you’re having personal private sessions with me. Do you know that and I am able to charge this? You may roll your eyes and go, “You’re kidding me.” But because of my skill set and how gifted in my ability and my talent both with my intuitive ability, my understanding of healing, my knowledge of different modalities and practices and how to apply them, I’m able to charge $1,200 for an hour session with me. And the people that I have worked with most recently, I don’t offer them very often, they’ve all felt it’s been very much worth that investment. Well, you get me right here, any time you need me. It’s only $69 a month for this program. It’s $179 for a three-month commitment, which I recommend people make the bigger three-month commitment. But if you’re in a position where $69 works, then at least commit to that.

So you get this one-on-one with me. With my best scripts, my showing you how to move through these tapping sequences that are going to clear this inner stuff that’s just provoking the outer choices you’re making. We’ve got a great session here for clearing, for food cravings. You could turn this on and listen to two minutes when those cravings hit and you’re gonna keep releasing yourself from it. Clearing session for taking on other people’s energy. Do you know there’s a lot of beliefs you carry that think you need to take on other people’s energies? We’re gonna get rid of all that. And then we do work with your inner child and help that part of you grow up and feel loved and secure so that part of you doesn’t need to find comfort in food.

Week two, we repeat that clearing for being overweight, we move into more sessions with psychological reversals, another inner child healing. And if you’ve been… You know, how many people are stuck in this issue? Millions. I was stuck for decades. So I have this very powerful clearing session for stuck. And you may not realize where that goes back to but I’ll let you find that out when you go through the session. This is very fascinating. You’re going, “Kidding me? That’s the origin of stuck energy? Wow, who knew?”

And then week three and four we continue with the work. And what’s interesting is we’re, again, we’re never talking about eat this, don’t eat that, exercise this much a week. And I had a client, a healing center client recently write into me and she said, “Two weeks down, 4 pounds. All without counting calories, dieting or really even focusing much on the food. I had an interesting realization come up. Some of my food habits have been all about people-pleasing and trying to mind others’ feelings.

I just went to a Dutch oven cooking class this morning, they were serving cobbler and ice cream at the end. I thanked the host and declined the cobbler. When they protested, I explained, “I’m off sugar right now.” And it occurred to me walking home that I don’t even like that cobbler. I’ve had it dozens of times and I’ve never liked it.” And so she would say yes in this scenario. She’d say, “Sure,” because she didn’t wanna hurt the person’s feelings that were serving the cobbler. Do you do that? Love that she’s gotten that breakthrough. She’s now making choices that are healthy for her. And really, no one’s gonna hold it against you if you don’t eat their cobbler. If anything, you’re a great role model for them to say, “Maybe I shouldn’t be eating the cobbler.”

About The Healing Center

So the healing center, just to give you a little bigger picture of what it is, I have over 100 plus sessions in there and 9 guided healing plans. I encourage you to go for this weight loss one. Because I know all the energy you give to this every day. And you can free yourself up from that and be done. I guarantee you, by committing to this four-week plan, your experience will be completely different with food in your body by the end of the four weeks. And it will be forever lasting. Is there an opportunity to do it again? Very possibly. Is there another healing plan that will add on to that that you’re gonna become aware of that’s gonna even take you further? Perhaps adding sound for healing depression. Good chance. But I know if you do everything that I’ve outlined, that I’ve so specifically outlined.

I spent hours and hours building these healing plans based on my knowledge of what sessions do people need, what support, what’s going on for them internally, what’s the sequence of them, how much can they handle? And I built them knowing what would support you. I’ve pieced it all together for you. So you don’t have to figure that part out. And I know, I guarantee this with all my heart that if you do everything as it’s outlined faithfully and, again, it takes what, 15 to 30 minutes a day, I know it will forever change your experience with food. It will change it for the better. It will change your experience with your body. You’re going to see results and you’re going to continue to progress. And you will come to a place like I have that you will be able to look back and go, “I remember when I used to be at odds and struggle with food every day of my life.” I want you to join me in this new space. Let me help you. Sign up, it’s there for you right now.

You might be thinking, “Seriously, we’re just about to hit Thanksgiving and Christmas.” There’s no better time. Because you’ll go into overdrive on this one. Why not? I say, do it when it gets worse. Give yourself the advantage. You know, navigate this time of year with more awareness and more skill so that you come out on the other side going, “Wow, that is the healthiest holiday season I’ve ever seen.”

Thanks for tuning in everyone. I love that you’re here and you’re interested. One other piece, you are eligible to be a member of our Facebook Group that we have over 800 members of currently. And I’m excited to get to our first 1,000 in that group. And I’m an active member in that group. I do monthly coaching calls. We just had an amazing one earlier this week. I answer your questions. I have three of my most amazing support angels in there on a daily basis supporting you. So you’re in a support network. And that’s important when you’re making these kinds of changes. So it’s a really important piece, so I encourage you to get involved in that as well. Thanks for watching. Here’s to healthy food choices and creating healthy bodies, because that’s what your body wants. So let’s support it in that.

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