Top 10 Money Affirmations & Why They Work

Get the biggest bang for your buck with these money affirmations!

Are you struggling with money?

It’s okay, most of us are struggling or have struggled at some point.

If you are like most Americans, you either feel afraid of it or as if you can’t seem to control it. You want to be in a healthy place with money and wealth creation, but you are struggling with common issues, like:

  • Overspending in an effort to find freedom from self-deprivation
  • Under-earning and feeling trapped in a job you hate
  • Hyper focused on how money could solve your problems
  • Overwhelmed at finding a solution for a better balance
  • Feeling angry at how limited you are by money and expenses

If you feel like your need for money is holding you back, then you will want to keep reading! I am going to discuss the ways money affirmations can attract more wealth, personal capital, and financial abundance, plus help you finally find peace with your finances.

What are Money Affirmations?

What if you had more than enough for your savings, dream home, financial goals AND still enough to give a helping hand to those around you?

It might sound like a dream, but IT IS POSSIBLE to get to this place with the help of money affirmations.

You can create your reality. The more you put your focus on things, the more that energy will shape your reality. Positive affirmations can set a vision for our future that we will act on – even subconsciously. The right positive attitude can really make a difference on your path to accumulating more money and wealth.

Affirmations are simple, positive statements that phrase the goals we are focused on as if they were accomplished.

Those affirmations should focus on how you handle money, how your money flows and what you do with your money and the wealth you create.

How to Turn Your Money Situation Around

Financial success is more than just a big paycheck. You need to have a good relationship with money and others in order to achieve true wealth.

Positive money affirmations should address and change your money blocks. If you are struggling to attract and hold onto money, then you are experiencing a block. Money blocks can occur because of negative thoughts we hold onto that start shaping our reality.

Why Does Our Mindset Towards Money Matter?

These negative thought patterns act like the antithesis of positive affirmations-we repeat those negative thoughts on a subconscious level and suddenly we can’t stop them from happening. The negative focus forms our reality.

To start changing your money situation, you need to focus on your money mindset at its very core. Are you focused on scarcity or do you truly believe in financial abundance? Most of our views on scarcity come from wounds in our childhood or even were passed down by the energy of our ancestors. While it isn’t our fault that we struggle with scarcity, it IS something we should address and change with positive thinking.

We need to align with the neutral energy of money and see it as a tool we can use to achieve affluence in all areas of life.

This blog post will be focusing on the 10 money affirmations that work fast. I have been using these myself for years to create a positive money mindset.

How Do Money Affirmations Work?

Money affirmations are a declaration of what you want that is different than what you are currently experiencing. Each positive statement presents a new offering in your thoughts and emotions, putting out a signal of positive energy that helps shape a new reality.

Money affirmations will:

  • Manifest money to gain financial freedom
  • Spend money wisely and confidently
  • Feel less dependent on money
  • Create more wealth to benefit yourself and those around you
  • Find joy in your relationship with money
  • Be more generous with your money

Each money mantra is practiced over time, giving them a chance to override and replace what has been your familiar experience-a struggle with money.

In my book “Mastering Affluence“, I explain this process further and give clearing scripts on shifting your energy towards money to attract success in your finances as well as relationships, spirituality and more. The clearing script in the book is very helpful because affirmations are used at the end of a clearing script. We have to clear away all the junk first so the affirmations have room to work.

Top 10 Money Affirmations & Why They Work

Wouldn’t you love to know which affirmations are the most powerful for attracting more money? I’ve been using affirmations for years and I’m going to outline my top 10 favorite money affirmations.

1. I am ready to create my own story of abundance with money.

Your story is your own, but you cannot create it without recognizing what has come before you and shaped its start. Your ancestors’ relationship with money affects your own energy with money.

Most of us come from a story of struggle with money far back into our family roots. You may have to change how you naturally perceive money or you will keep pushing it away with your instinctive negative beliefs about money. Instead, become a money magnet.

You need to see money as your friend, not an evil thing. And, you need to break the cycle of lack instead of abundance that stems from your ancestors. You can stop this and create a new story.

2. I’m experiencing an increase in my flow and accumulation of money.

There are two things you need to do in order to create wealth:

  • Increase money flow
  • Retention (or accumulation)

Most people are just thinking about increasing their flow, but they create issue after issue that requires them to spend more money, never having excess. Something always ends up cutting into their savings, their investments and their ability to be generous in thoughtful ways.

Don’t neglect the positive focus on wealth accumulation. Start holding back the excess in a special place where you won’t accidentally spend it on impulse buys that don’t mean anything to you or your future.

3. Money loves me, and I love money.

What do you feel when you say that? “I love money.” Does that make you feel dirty, and evil or uncomfortable? Do you think you should be embarrassed because money is superficial or something you don’t deserve?

Money is a necessity. It is a tool.

Money has neutral energy (not negative energy), so it is whatever you choose to make of it.

You need to make sure money doesn’t control you. And, when you are constantly held back by it and forced to hold a job you hate because of it-then you are treating it like an almighty power that you can’t control.

Instead, remind yourself, “Money is a tool for good in my life, and it makes my life easier.” Financial abundance is available to all.

4. I am grateful money is easy to come by.

When you are struggling with money, you create a lot of lack with money. You aren’t going to believe it’s easy to come by money. This positive affirmation will require you to change the thinking that money requires a lot of hard work and a lot of effort to gain.

You think you’re not doing enough and that it’s hard to find financial independence. The phrase, “Money is easy,” is really reversing that. It’s going to take a lot of practice to make this one believable to your subconscious self, but I know you can get there!

5. I am deserving of financial affluence.

Money has nothing to do with your self-worth and you are deserving of it. Everybody is. We need it to live and function in society.

Right now, I want to challenge you to take my Money Quiz before you finish the other 5 powerful financial affirmations.

What’s your attraction score?

Go take the quiz and get your score. Find out what is getting in the way of finding affluence. Once you’ve done the quiz, I’m going to support you with a master class that’s free if you choose to enroll.

6. I am grounded with money.

Money is able to do more than meet your basic needs. It can help you fulfill your wants so you can experience pleasure on this planet.

The energy of money is grounded in your energy, so you need to remind yourself that you are grounded. Money follows your lead-you aren’t led by money.

7. I’m grateful there is enough money and more.

An abundance mindset is everything!

There is this old belief that if you have more money, somebody else is going to have less money. There’s no truth to that at all. Everyone could have a sufficient supply of money and goods. There is more than enough to take care of their needs and wants.

Sure, we won’t all be millionaires, and you don’t even have to become a rich person, but we can all have enough flow and accumulation to live comfortably, fulfill our purposes and enjoy life.

The scarcity mindset will make you stingy and afraid to succeed. The abundance mindset will open you up to success and allow you to give from that with a generous spirit.

8. I am managing my increase wisely.

You can make great decisions about accumulation and investing-and that doesn’t mean you have to be knowledgeable in making the investment choices. There are people that are very gifted at growing money. Bringing experts into your fold to manage your finances is usually a wise idea. They can help you achieve each financial goal you’ve set for yourself and your family.

9. I am grateful I can get the help I need with managing my money if it is supportive to me.

Again, there is nothing wrong with seeking out professionals to help you manage your assets. It is often wiser to seek out an expert and not rely solely on yourself for creating the strategies around saving money and creating wealth.

10. I can afford to believe.

Stop saying the phrase, “I can’t afford it.” This phrase will shut down the flow of money.

The correct statement should be: “I can afford to believe in my dreams. The money is showing up for me.” You can also say, “I’m choosing not to spend my money in that way,” when you know a want isn’t a wise purchase at this point. But you CAN afford it-you are choosing NOT to-that is the difference. And, it is a freeing difference that will help you avoid the scarcity mindset.

Removing Energy Blocks with Clearing Scripts and Positive Affirmations

Those 10 wealth affirmations are going to get you off to the right start. Of course, each financial affirmation is much more powerful when you are able to identify and clear the blocks in your energy.

I would like to help you in your journey, just like I’ve helped thousands of others who have been in a similar spot with their own money struggles. My courses in my Healing Center will give you the tools you need to challenge and change your ingrained ways of thinking.

Join me today and let’s work on powerful clearing sessions that will help you change your relationship with money and wealth and put you on a path to financial abundance.

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