The Top 10 Positive Affirmations For Weight Loss

I know that feeling. You’re putting force such great effort to let go of the extra weight. It’s not happening. Do you know you could have underlying beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts. These positive affirmations are gonna change all that. I’m Carol Tuttle. I have extensive experience healing my own life and helping millions of people heal and create lives they love. I’m a teacher, a healer, and a bestselling author. Most recently the author of “Mastering Affluence: 6 Lessons to Create a Life You Love.”

You know, when you’re feeling that stuck place with weight and you’re just feeling it in your body, look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, you feel way down, you feel frustrated, discouraged, because you have put forth the grand effort and then things are happening, man. Makes you wanna go eat some more. I know. I had an eating disorder in high school. It actually followed me throughout my early adult years and I was able to stop the destructive eating patterns.

Yet, I had not shifted my thoughts and my emotional experience with food, which then tripped up my body a lot. It’s like I went from a place of being overweight to now fearing I was going to be overweight. And so, I was still stuck in the same crazy when it came to unhealthy perceptions of my body and unhealthy relationship with food. I’ve changed all that. I healed my body image. I now love and appreciate my body. I’m at a healthy weight and I have a very healthy relationship with food.

These 10 belief systems all really tap into some very underlying destructive energies that are planted in the subconscious. Let’s go through these 10 abundant affirmations. I’m gonna show you why they’re undermining and sabotaging your letting go of weight efforts. And by switching them to the affirmative, by really claiming this affirmative beliefs, you’re going to set yourself up for success. You’ve been carrying these underlying, limiting, and destructive beliefs for a lot, a lot years. And as you identify them and open them up and flip them to the affirmative, things happen.

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The 10 Affirmations

So, looking at these 10 affirmations, these are some of the best 10 I have ever come…or created, actually wrote them. And they gonna help you make that massive change in your belief system.

1. I Am Healthy and Lean

The first one is a belief in your body. You’re in the space of, “I want to be healthy and lean.” I want that. Declaring it as your truth now, “I am healthy and lean,” lets your body take on the energy of that. As you claim it and the thought field and emotionally celebrate that by feeling good about that truth, that is your true energy. If it wasn’t true you’d be perfectly happy where you are. The fact that you’re discontent, your current state says to me this is true. Because you want the truth to now materialize, so you can claim truths as if they already your present because when you do you create that. I am healthy and lean. Make that the foundation of your self-identity. Your body wants to own that. It has every capacity to create a healthy, lean state. It wants to be healthy and lean. Believe in your body.

2. I Give Myself Recognition Beyond Food

I give myself recognition beyond food. How often do you treat yourself and you use food as the reward? Hey, I feel guilt too. Even caught myself doing that the other day, “Ah, I’m so, you know, I feel really excited. I completed that. I’m gonna go give myself something special to eat.” I think this ties back into our conditioning as children that food was used a lot to try and invoke cooperative behavior. “You’re rewarded. Here, let me reward you.” It’s a really tricky thing to navigate as a parent to not use food as a reward. “You can have a snack, yeah. Only you eat this if…” We continue that pattern and we’re using food as a way to recognize ourselves. This sets us up. Because we’re more likely to eat unhealthy foods because we like the sweet treats that actually are pleasurable to the pallet when we use food as recognition.

3. I Love My Body

So, you’re going to go beyond that. I give myself recognition beyond food. I love my body and fat just disappears. Let yourself talk. Did you know your body is listening to you? Are you disgusted? Do you even say you hate your body? Do you look in the mirror and you put it down, would you say the things you say to your body to a close friend that you love and appreciate? Your body is listening to you. Your fat cells are listening. You’re going. “Well, I guess I will respond accordingly.” Learn to love your body now.

We have this funky thing in our experience with if we choose to love and accept our body in a condition that we don’t want, we think we’re choosing into allowing it, like, “Oh, I don’t care. I’m apathetic and I’m just gonna love my body now. I don’t care if it ever changes.” No! Love is the highest vibration to evoke change. When your body feels loved, it’s motivated to make a change. When your body is experiencing shame and running shame energy, it wants to go overeat. It will not be supported in healthy choices. It won’t feel like exercising. Love will move you into change. I love my body and fat just disappears.

4. I Am My Ideal Weight

So, catch yourself. Look in the mirror and go, “You know what? It’s the way it is. I’m gonna choose to love it right now.” I’m gonna use love as a support tool to evoke change in my body. I am my ideal weight.” Well, yeah, if you’re in the space, you’ll put in, “Not, that’s not true.” You have to create what you want first with a belief. Believe it then, you’ll see it.

5. I Feel Great In My Clothes

I feel great in my clothes. This is a tricky one because it’s sometimes challenging to feel great in your clothes when you’re not in the size, you’re not the weight you wanna be in the size that you would prefer. I’ve got a great program to help you with that. Go to and look for my Dressing Your Truth link. I can help you feel great in your clothes right now, today, no matter size or shape. You wanna start feeling great in your clothes and declare that as your truth and feel great in my clothes. You will create that.

6. I Am Saying No To Foods That Are Not Healthy For Me

How many foods do you say yes to that’s a pattern that are not healthy for you? What if you just were really compiled to say no easily? Easily say no, to the foods that are not healthy for you. That’s what this belief will stir you to choose. Stop throwing money in unhealthy food choices and build up affirmations instead.

7. I Am Attracted To Foods & Resources Supportive For My Body

So, we got kind of a duality going here. I’m saying no to this and I’m now energetically drawn to this. Like, draw…it feels…I feel moved to it. I feel easily engaged with it. This is effortless rather than, “Oh, I have to eat this. I’m deprived. I don’t wanna have to do this.” You wanna feel supported, you’re drawn to it. I’m attracted to the food and resources that are supported for my body. I am filled with affirmations that block out pain from my body.

8. I Am Full & Satisfied With The Proper Amount Of Food

I love this one. How much less will you eat when that belief is running? I had enough. My appetite is complete. I’m done. I feel satisfied.

9. I No Longer Need The Extra Weight To Protect Me

Okay. This is getting serious. Like, this is, “Whoa, whoa, whoa that gets a little heavy duty.” Just claim it right now. Got some other stuff that will help you with this one and just claim this is the truth because you’re, like, “Whoa, whoa, you know, I need that protection from the world for whatever reason.” Well, I got some other materials that will help you really heal that. So, you know, you don’t need weight as a protected barrier.

10. I Look In The Mirror & See A Healthy And Fit Body That I Love

And here while you start practicing this right away when I look in the mirror, I see a healthy and fit body that I love. Can you visualize the body that wants to manifest for you? The body that wants to come alive? The body that wants to show itself to you? Can you look in the mirror and see through your current experience and see the potential there? Use this trick. See it. What would you look like? What would your legs look like? Your torso, your arms? How would you feel about that? Act as if it’s happening now. Show appreciation for yourself and don’t wait to get it from other people.

Train Your Mind

So, let’s repeat these all in a row. I’ll say it, you repeat it, you can come back to this point in the video at any time especially do it when you’re feeling cravings, you’re feeling destructive and you’re gonna sabotage yourself. You’re feeling discouraged. Just run through this. Pick three that you really, really resonate with. Your three favorites. Own Them. Memorize them. Use them every day. You want to practice this so you train your mind, both your subconscious and conscious mind can now make this your true belief system. This is accurate. It’s truth for you. You’re embedding it in to the mind.

Let’s go through them. I’m healthy and lean. Repeat it out loud after me. I give myself recognition beyond food. I love my body and fat just disappears. I am my ideal weight. I feel great in my clothes. I am saying no to the foods that are not healthy for me. I’m attracted to the food and resources that are supportive for my body. I am full and satisfied with the proper amount of food. I no longer need the extra weight to protect me. When I look in the mirror, I see a healthy and fit body that I love. Good job.

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So, you can move forward with what is timely and correct for you. Like this video. How is it helped you? Share in a comment. Thanks for asking any questions in the comment or inviting me to address certain content and topics for you. Go to the stuck quiz. It’s time for you to get unstuck and subscribe to my channel so you can get updates on upcoming videos. Thanks for watching everyone. Use these affirmations. They are life-changing and you will let go of that extra weight and embrace and experience a healthy, lean, and fit body. I’m excited for you.

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