10 Self-Healing Affirmations for Chronic Physical Pain

How to access your body's inner power and heal your chronic pain

Daily chronic pain is overwhelming and debilitating on every level. I’m just coming out of a five and a half year experience of dealing with daily chronic pain. And I’m so grateful I was able to pass through it, so I can now help you do the same. There is hope. Today’s video will help you access your body’s inner healing power and open your energy so healing to occur.

Video Transcript

There is hope. Are you dealing with chronic physical pain on a daily basis or intermittent painful body issues? I get it. These 10 affirmations will powerfully open your energy to allow healing to occur. I’m Carol Tuttle, a teacher, and healer, best-selling author and one of the best YouTubers that will offer you weekly healing advice, and not only advice but techniques to tap into your natural healing mechanisms.

Your body is a powerful healing machine and you need to know how to access its power. I understand the overwhelming just on every level, depleting experience of daily chronic pain. I’m just coming out of a five and a half year experience of dealing with daily chronic pain. I had never experienced it before. Some things played out, I incurred injury and then didn’t treat it effectively when it presented. I kind of ignored it and thought, you know, it’s not that big a deal and it became a very big deal.

And I’m so grateful I’ve been able to pass through and experience what it is to have chronic pain in my life, so I can help you now because it is so debilitating not just on a physical level but mentally and emotionally, it beats you up, it just wears you out, and I want to help you shift that. And these affirmations are gonna help you shift it.

Let’s talk about the experience of pain briefly before I teach you these 10 affirmations. Make sure you subscribe so you get my weekly healing advice and techniques and then hit the bell so you get the notification that the video is up. Pain can overtake your life so that you’re in opposition with it. We have a lot of warring references to pain in my book. I go into a lot more depth in the section called, “How To Create Physical Affluences.”

I talk about this warring culture that we’ve created with pain. We use phrases like, I’m at war with pain, I’m fighting pain, I’m battling pain. And I started to see myself joining in on that conversation and I realized what am I creating with that focal point, with my attention on that? When you’re in the position of being at odds or opposing something, isn’t that what you’re opposing? It opposes you back more powerfully. It’s going to really fuel it with more energy, and I realized I was just inviting my pain to come on stronger, that it was a creation of mine and it was not some power over me that I was fighting.

And when I owned it as my own experience, I recognized I needed to come up with a new thought process when it came to my experience with pain. I took these 10 affirmations right from the book. Highly recommend you get a copy. This will completely change your experience with your physical body and really teach you how to tap into its healing power.

Today we’re gonna talk about these 10 affirmations. Now I’m gonna go through each one and tell you why I chose it. Why is it one of the top 10 and then at the end, I’ll show you the complete list. So it will be beneficial for you to write these down. Why do you want to write them down? You’re using your physical body in the practice of writing. You want to ground this truth in your body, you want your body to take on these beliefs. It’s not enough just to have these running through your mental field, you want your body to start to acquire the vibration of these affirmations.

So once you’ve written them down, you want to tape them on. There’s two places that we put our attention on a regular basis, day to day, one is our bathroom mirror and the other is our car dashboard. Where you can just refer to these. You can also record them on a recording app. So you’re gonna listen to them.

But you want to repeat these every day because the whole point is to have the body take on the belief not just your thoughts. Because once the body is running this energy, things happen. And then all those physical things you’re doing to help you heal will work because until you shift this on the mental, emotional and the body takes on the belief, you’ll be doing a lot of stuff, then not get very good results.

Here Are My 10 Pain Healing Affirmations

1. I am at peace with my pain

You want to choose into that because as you create the reference point of, I’ve created the pain on some level, there’s something in me that’s created it, there’s some old belief or some old energy pattern I’m running that I’m not yet cleared, I’m gonna be at peace with that.

And this alters that warring reference, you’re no longer opposing pain, you’re at peace with it. You think about it, it’s shown up for you consistently. I thought about that one day and realized I always wanted something to always be there for me. I didn’t think it’d be pain, but it did and I could thank it. It was always there, so I greeted it in the morning with a peaceful acknowledgement. I’d say, “Thank you, pain, thanks for being my teacher,” so I’m at peace with pain.

2. I can choose to love my pain now because I know love is more powerful and will help my pain heal.

I came up with this one because I knew if I was angry at the pain, if I was frustrated with the pain, if I was cursing the pain, I was feeding it a lot of low vibration energy and I knew there’s no power in healing from that place of angst, of anger, of fear.I knew love is the more potent energy I needed to feed the pain, so as I began to love it, I was helping my pain heal, I was fueling it to heal.

3. I am now choosing to create a body to love and support me

I found out a lot of things about my body that I was at odds with. My body had incurred a lot of discomfort in my childhood, had taken on a lot of trauma for me. I was at odds with my body and I needed to connect with and unify with my body so this affirmation really helped me. I’m now choosing to create a body to love and support me because it’s like as a child, there was so many times I wanted to escape my body and disconnect from my body, so choosing the connection was very powerful. And remember, I’m going to show you all 10 at the end but write these down.

4. I’m listening and learning from my pain

There was a reason I created it, pain is a great teacher and I wasn’t allowing it to teach me what it was there for. And I knew it would be consistently in my life until I paid attention to it in a loving way. I am listening and learning from my pain. I learned a lot from my pain and my pain actually led me to the resources that then became the answers to helping it heal. It knew what it needed to heal.

5. I am willing to look at other issues in my life once the pain is gone

Consider the possibility when you have all-consuming experience with pain, it may be a way to avoid dealing with a difficult marriage, financial problems that you don’t want to face, other issues in your life you haven’t resolved that you’re just not a happy person and this gives you an escape route. And so as you choose into kind of showing up in your life and saying, you know, “What am I avoiding by this being so all-consuming?”

6. I’m choosing peace every day regardless of how much pain is there

This was a bit challenging because there were days that it was so debilitating for me that I just wanted to give up, and I was so just like, why me? Why me victim? I had fallen to the victim energy and that’s not a peaceful place to be.

So there were days that I just had to choose to do less, take care of myself, recognize that it’s a day where there’s more pain and I need to make choices accordingly and I’ll be at peace with that. It’s okay, it’s not like there’s this thing in my life trying to keep me from living my life, it’s just what is. And I choose to be peaceful about that.

7. I welcome my pain and invite it in

I am working in partnership with my pain to find peaceful solutions to resolving it. Again, heavy emphasis on being at peace with it, working with it and no longer being in the conflict and warring energy with it.

8. I’m grateful the battle is over

I can just relax into that and say, “I don’t want to fight this anymore.” I accept what is. And I’m gonna just live in the day that I am in it rather than what if this is still here in…like the rest of my life I’m gonna have this pain. Because you start to believe that and consider that this will never go away and you give up hope.

And so as you stated, present in the now, I’m grateful the battle is over today, today. It’s all that I’m experiencing is right now. And I didn’t, you know, because we tend to go to, I’ve had it for all of these, I’ve had it for this long, I’m probably going to have it for this long and you get lost in that.

9. I am grateful for my healing

That now reemphasize, I am healing because that’s what you give up on when you have a lot of pain over and over and over, you give up on healing, you just settle in to the pain. I am grateful for my healing, I had to keep bringing myself back to that, healing is possible, healing is happening. I’m grateful for that.

10. I choose peace and happiness now

And I might…there were days I had to say that 10 times every hour because that’s how challenging it felt but I kept choosing that. And I’m here to tell you, I’m on the other side. I think back now, I remember when the pain was so debilitating and chronic. I have moments where there’s some, I call it discomfort because my body is still in a healing process.

And I’ve learned so much and I can say now I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, and I’m now present in my healthy body, and I am so much more aware of how to take care of myself and I’m very proactive in it. So there’s a lot, a lot of gifts that this is going to give you. Use these 10 affirmations. They’re going to open your energy for healing. I have another video I recommend you go watch, How the law of attraction can heal pain and illness that just went up a couple of weeks ago. Next week, join me live. I go live every Wednesday. I’ll be back next week talking about weight loss using The Law Of Attraction.” Because that’s usually connected to it’s another body thing and you really want to tap into the power of the law of attraction, you’re already using it.

These affirmations connect you with the law of attraction in a very positive way. So you’re creating outcomes that are desirable rather than creating more of what you don’t want. Thanks for sharing this with someone. I’m sure you know someone that’s dealing with this and they need support. If anything, they need hope, they need to know someone cares. Go ahead and send them the link. Let him know, share it in your social media spaces and thanks for letting me support you.

Grab my book, Mastering Affluence. This is so powerful in what it will teach you to create an affluent life on all levels. I’m here for you. Thanks for subscribing, hitting that bell, and I’m excited to continue to support you on a weekly basis.

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