10 Self-Healing Affirmations for Chronic Physical Pain

How to access your body's inner power and heal your chronic pain

Pain can feel like a crushing weight in your life. It isn’t just physically uncomfortable, it is mentally exhausting as well. When we see it that way, it’s even harder to crawl out from under the influence of pain. But, you have the power to shift your pain! I want to help you heal from the inside out and I have 10 powerful healing affirmations that will help you work through your pain.

First of all, no matter what your pain is—it is not nonsense. You can experience all forms of seen and unseen pain. From mental health to chronic pain, there are a very large number of issues that often go undiagnosed, and this can make the people holding that pain feel unseen.

Know that you are not alone.

In today’s world, you can probably see you aren’t alone by taking a few minutes just to Google your symptoms. There are people suffering everywhere! You also have loved ones who care about you and a God who cares even more.

It’s time to approach self-care and pain management through the power of your mind.

Why Can’t I Get Rid of My Pain?

I get asked a lot, “If I can create my reality, why can’t I end my pain and suffering?! What am I doing wrong?”

I completely understand the frustration, but that isn’t how the universe works. Here is an important disclaimer: God has been very clear that he will sometimes allow pain or discomfort in our lives. He has also promised to use everything for good if we let him. Sometimes the pain is an opportunity and we are too busy trying to become pain-free that we completely miss it.

We can not will away every issue in life, and we need to learn the lessons they bring to experience true well-being.

Do you remember when Paul the Apostle asked God to remove his pain? He describes his struggle as a “thorn in my flesh” that kept him from being conceited (2 Corinthians 12:7). Though he never specifically says what his thorn is, a lot of people think it was his poor eyesight that he references in several places (Galatians 4:15, 6:11, Acts 23:2-5).

But, there is a reason his thorn isn’t specified.

Dr. W. A. Criswell, in Criswell’s Study Bible, p. 1374 (commentary to vs. 7-9) explains: “The nature of the thorn in the flesh is not revealed. If it had been revealed, those with a different problem would have tended to assume that the spiritual lesson here was not for them. God’s silences are significant.”

No matter what your problem is, God’s answer is as clear as it was for Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Does God delight in seeing you in pain? Certainly not. Does he care? He absolutely does. I know when you are in pain, it can be really hard to see the forest for the trees. There is so much blocking you and in your way, that it can be really hard to see the big picture. But, God sees the big picture. He saw it even when he came to suffer the worst pain imaginable, not just death on a cross, but being cut off from the Father for sins He did not commit (Matthew 27:46). He knew that death would have no hold, but that didn’t make it easier to go through his pain. Remember, he was sweating blood when he prayed “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” (Luke 22:41-44).

And, although rare, we can indeed sweat blood from extremely high levels of stress. That tells you where Jesus was at in his hatred of the sin he would take on and the pain he knew he was about to endure.

We all know that God didn’t take that cup from him and he did have to go through that pain. In that situation, it wasn’t at all for Jesus—he didn’t need to learn anything here on Earth. His entire life was a ministry for us. But, he showed us the way to suffer, and he suffered so that we could live life eternally in his glory.

If you think I say this lightly, just know that I dealt with five years of debilitating chronic pain. I am just coming out of that time and I’m so grateful it is over. But, I am also grateful for the experience, as difficult as it was. And, you’ll see why in the ten affirmations below.

How Positive Affirmations Can Help Heal Physical Pain

None of this will contradict the very real fact that God does have certain intentions in your life. But, what I want you to understand is that you can make your pain worse, or you can make it better. You can either fight your pain, or you can choose to learn from it.

When you choose to learn from your experience and grow in your pain, you are in the process of healing. When you fight and resist pain, you only create more discomfort and tension. You will waste your time not growing, and you create an even larger chasm of chronic discomfort.

Your body is a natural healing machine, and you need to know how to harness its power! When you use skillfully crafted affirmations, you are stopping your negative thoughts and low vibration energy that would feed into the pain. You are giving your body a chance to heal as you work to help your mind grow from your pain.

Your affirmations should come from a place of truth and help you remember the important things that can often become difficult to see when you are in pain. Affirmations should include:

  • Acknowledging your place of pain
  • Accepting that pain in the moment
  • Knowing the pain won’t last
  • Believing in the healing you will experience
  • Embracing the joy still available for you

You absolutely will be healed—though it may not happen in this lifetime. Don’t take that to heart or start thinking about spending the rest of your life in pain. That is a focus that will make it very hard to get on top of your pain and heal. But, the point is, you WILL be healed from your pain and that focus is a truthful one to cling to.

We have hope! And, we can be so grateful for that truth and filled with inner peace because of our faith in his healing power.

Why are Negative Thoughts So Damaging?

Being at odds with pain doesn’t help anything. You can actually fuel your pain with negative imagery. We often talk about fighting, battling and struggling with pain. It is rare to hear someone talk about acceptance, joy and gratefulness when referencing their pain. Yet, this small shift in thinking makes all the difference.

Negative thoughts and self-talk can cause both physical and psychological damage. Research has found that negative thoughts will make you feel worse. As NHS explains:

“Research has shown that, if your thoughts are negative and depressing they will cause you to feel negative and depressed. This may make you feel that your pain is unbearable and that life is hopeless. This way of viewing things has sometimes been called ‘catastrophizing.’ In other words, thinking the worst. The more you think in this way the worse you are likely to feel.”

There are all kinds of studies that show a negative view on life will lead to increased risk for dementia, heart disease and stroke. You are likely to live a shorter life when you stay anchored in negative thought patterns. There is a very clear scientific link between the power of your mind and your body’s physical expression; when you believe the worst, you feel worse.

If you let yourself linger in negative thoughts, you can find yourself slipping into depression. The more you continue thinking negative thoughts, the deeper those neural pathways will become.

Depression can make it very hard to even do the most basic daily tasks. You may feel completely unmotivated to get out of bed and start your day. When I struggled with this, my daily morning mantra became, “I wake up! I get up! I show up!” Untreated depression can cause a myriad of physical symptoms to further worsen your pain.

Negative thoughts trigger the fight or flight response in your body. This actually causes increased inflammation that will leave you even more vulnerable to chronic disease.

I go into detail on being “at war with pain” in my book Mastering Affluence in the section “How To Create Physical Affluences.” If you don’t already have my book, you can get it right here!

How to Make Positive Affirmations for Physical Pain Work

Positive affirmations are no magical incantation. We are changing our thinking for two reasons: so we can accept pain in order to grow, and so we won’t further harm our body with negative thinking. Just as negative thinking will literally break your body down, positive thinking and faith will support your body’s natural healing abilities.

Your affirmations should be believable and realistic. They may require some faith and repeating to push away the natural negative responses that crop up, but you should never try to deny your pain exists or believe that healing can only come in one form. You are letting go in order to grow.

Affirmations should be easy to remember. Overly complicated statements are hard to remember and can distract you from the point. You want to be able to rest in these affirmations. Choose simple concepts that get to the heart of flipping those negative thoughts on their head with positive truths.

Give them prominence in your life. In order to keep these positive thoughts at the forefront of our minds, we want to have them physically in front of us throughout the day. Put these on the mirror or your car’s dashboard! Physically write them down over and over in your journal. You need your body to take on these beliefs, and this starts with continual repeat to start creating the high-level vibrations they carry with them.

Here are My 10 Affirmations for Healing Physical Pain

I am so happy to share these with you. I hope you can get as much from these affirmations as I do.

Each one should deal with restructuring a negative thought—flipping your mindset to positivity. You will want to write these down and keep them with you.

You can also change these to fit your personal situation if they don’t quite apply as written. If you find one is harder than another, really dig deep to understand what is triggering that response. Struggling with a specific truth may help you pinpoint the source of the block holding you back.

1. “I am at peace with my pain.”

Stop the negative thoughts of fighting, warring and battling pain. Stop acknowledging the struggle. This is a way we can say, “Thank you pain for being my teacher.”

This is not a cliché. It is a very real starting point where you can appreciate where your pain will take you. It doesn’t mean you like the pain. It doesn’t mean that you will stop looking for medical answers or natural solutions to end the problem. It only means that you will no longer give it additional time and energy in letting it rule your thoughts.

Your body is not your enemy and it is not trying to hold you back.

2. “I can choose to love my pain now because I know love is more powerful and will help my pain heal.”

Anger feeds pain low vibration energy. You may feel a little crazy for trying to love your pain, but love and acceptance are our most powerful thoughts. When we choose love, we can drive out the hatred, anger and frustration.

You can “fight” without actually fighting at all. You are choosing a higher mode—a way to go above the pain rather than battle through it.

3. “I am now choosing to create a body to love and support me.”

There were so many times I wanted to escape from my body throughout my childhood and adolescent years. Really, I needed to accept it and love who I am. From your head to your toes, you can choose to love the body you have and create the body that will love you back.

When we choose to eat healthy foods and care for our body, we are empowering it and lessening the negative energy. Movement, meditation, sleep, hygiene and nutrition are all forms of love we can show our body. Self-love isn’t as simple as accepting our size or shape—it also includes committed action. That committed action to our body is making choices that empower it.

4. “I’m listening and learning from my pain.”

Pain is a great teacher. My pain led me to a lot of great resources and helped me learn a lot about myself. I had a deeper appreciation for life and understood how to care for my body differently than before.

If we pay attention to the opportunity here, we can allow pain to guide us. God wants to use difficult moments to refine us and teach us. We can either accept that and get the most out of our experience, or we can fight that can create a mess out of it.

We aren’t going to thwart the will of God, but there are so many examples throughout the Bible where unbelieving people fought against his will and had to take the long path. Think of the Israelites wandering the desert for 40 years or Jonah sitting in the belly of the great fish for three days. The Bible is so full of stories that just keep pointing out our need to trust him and learn from our situation.

5. “I am willing to look at other issues in my life once the pain is gone.”

Sometimes pain comes up to mask other issues in your life. You should be asking: “What am I avoiding by this being so all-consuming?”

Sometimes the pain is in the way because of an issue we won’t address. This could include relationship problems or financial issues. If you are putting up with a toxic relationship, for example, you may find yourself with increased stress that is worsening your pain and feeding into it.

We need to be willing to examine our lives at all times. God sometimes uses pain and sickness to get our attention. Pain often helps us see the weak points in our lives and thinking.

When your pain is over, don’t forget the lessons you’ve learned. Prepare yourself now to remember those mindfulness lessons no matter how much self-confidence and pain relief you feel in the future. Don’t let good health steal away the insight you gain during your moments of pain!

6. “I am choosing peace every day, regardless of how much pain is there.”

There were days that were so debilitating that I just wanted to give up. I sometimes felt, “Why me?

But, why not me? Am I in a place that is better than Paul or Jesus? Of course not. I can appreciate that pain is a part of this life to help us learn some very hard lessons. And, I am so much more than my physical or emotional pain.

We are not victims of our pain. We are children of God who are loved and cherished.

We can be at peace with his great love and learn how to rest where we are. The amount of discomfort we feel should hold no power over our ability to find peace and joy. This is not the end of the story.

7. “I welcome my pain and invite it in. I am working in partnership with my pain to find peaceful solutions to resolve it.”

Welcoming your pain does not mean you are asking it to stick around! Pain is often a signal that something else is wrong in your body. If your child is hungry, stomach pains prompt them to ask for food and eat. If your child touches a hot stove, the pain on their hand stops them from burning themselves even worse. Sometimes pain is a signal that you are doing too much or not enough for your body.

Work in partnership with your pain to resolve it. You will find that when you end the battle, you may find ways to alleviate your pain or even end it completely.

8. “I’m grateful the battle is over.”

You have the power to end the war with pain. “I can rest in what is. All am I experiencing is the moment.”

It is so easy to get lost in the depressing thoughts of, “I’ve had this pain for x days/months/years. I’m so tired of it.” Or, get lost in the anxious feelings of, “What if this never goes away? I’m not sure I can handle this for days/months/years longer!” But, both of these thoughts aren’t helping you with anything. It creates that low vibration energy that only exacerbates your pain and gets in the way of learning from that pain.

Instead, rest in the relaxing thought of ending the battle. You are not going to kill hope with this kind of thinking—you will strengthen it. Just because you will no longer fight against the pain doesn’t mean you will choose to keep it with you. Be present in the moment and grateful for the peace you can create.

9. “I’m grateful for the healing.”

Healing doesn’t always mean the physical limits, pain or illness goes away. If that was the case, Jesus would never have died and Paul would have been thorn-free. If you feel like a failure because your pain persists, then you still don’t understand the true value of healing.

You can absolutely heal in a way that allows you to learn some really important perspective. You can heal deep wounds through pain. You will NOT stay in this state.

At some point, God will completely heal your body. He has promised to “wipe away every tear,” and we can believe him on that. The suffering is already lessened when we accept the pain and trust God to sort it out. Demanding the pain end or believing we cannot be happy until it is gone only increases the suffering we experience.

10. “I choose peace and happiness now.”

This might be something you have to repeat every day or every hour. Happiness is one of those things you have to choose. There may be times you feel unexplainably happy or you experience happiness because of a circumstance, but all it takes is one problem and that kind of happiness is gone. If you don’t actively choose happiness, then the smallest things will have power over how you experience life.

Take ownership over your life and responsibility for your feelings. You can be hurting, sad or disappointed without losing your joy. They are not mutually exclusive feelings. You will find when you pursue true joy, it pushes aside many of the other feelings and rejuvenates your thinking.

You are still in a learning state and your healing is in process. Your joy comes from the love of God and the hope he’s given us. Pain in the moment suddenly becomes much less prominent when we keep our eyes on the big picture. Keep pursuing the choice to experience peace and joy.

Join Me in Your Healing

I know pain is very difficult and I don’t want you to take it lightly. Affirmations will help you shift your thinking and they will make a really big difference. After just one time of repeating these things, you will start to experience internal healing.

You can learn self-awareness and self-healing when you take this opportunity to grow from your pain. When you look back, you will feel grateful for that pain and even more grateful that you took advantage of your situation to grow. I know I am.

I want to help you on this journey.

You are not alone in your pain and desire for healing. I work with thousands of people all over the globe to shift their thinking and heal from within. Sometimes the journey is a quick and easy path, but usually it takes a long time to reprogram our thinking. We are so full of dark places deep within and mistruths that are caused by old hurts. I work to help people root out the darkness and replace that old thinking with light and truth.

If you are struggling with pain, mental health issues or physical health problems, I hope you will keep digging deeper to start the healing process from within.

You can get so much more out of your experience when you choose to learn from your pain. Start by ordering my Mastering Affluence book—I dive into some really helpful stuff there. I also have healing oils, like “I am joyful” and “I am healthy,” that can help you work through those difficult moments.

Then, join my Healing Center and use the free 30-day trial to start working through some of those old problem spots that may be holding you back. I want to help you experience complete healing, and I’m so glad you are here.

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