3 Effective Ways To Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

What to do when other people have toxic energy

We’ve all come in contact with people who have that “vibe.” It’s toxic energy and their negativity seems to spread to anyone they meet.

Maybe these people are even your family members, co-workers, or close friends. This makes it especially challenging. You love them, and you have to be around them, but how are you supposed to deal with their toxic energy?

Many of my Healing Center clients ask questions just like this, so you’re not alone.

I have 3 tips to help you protect yourself from other people’s toxic energy:

1. Establish boundaries.

If you were modeled a lack of boundaries in your family of origin, it’s likely you’re repeating that pattern as an adult. A lack of boundaries looks like people-pleasing, feeling resentful of others, and the inability to say no.

One of the main reasons you may still be struggling with setting and keeping boundaries is because you feel it’s selfish to do so.

But it’s actually an act of self-care—not selfishness.

Choose one area of your life where you need better boundaries, and then stay consistent with keeping them for 30 days. While you may feel uncomfortable at first, you will notice your energy increasing since it’s no longer being compromised from other people.

2. Know your Energy Type—and theirs.

Do you know your Energy Type yet? What about their Energy Type?

Knowing this about yourself (and others) will help support you better. You’ll find you won’t get offended as easily, and you’ll have more compassion for why someone may be acting the way they are.

Want to discover your Energy Type? Start your free Beginner’s Guide here!

3. Repeat this mantra, “This is mine, that is theirs.”

In the Healing Center, I created this session called Clearing Session for Taking on Other People’s Energy. And in there, I teach you to repeat this phrase whenever you’re around someone with toxic energy:

“This is mine, that is theirs.”

This session will support you if you’re dealing with anger for taking on other people’s energy, regret from compromising yourself, or confusion about what energy is even yours.

When you go through this session, you’ll better be able to protect yourself from the energy of others, be free to never compromise yourself again, and feel grounded and safe in your own energy.

One of my clients shared this phenomenal story about her Healing Center success:

“I wanted to share something that occurred over the past few weeks. I teach nursing and have a student who is in her 30s. She is probably a Type 4 and can be very overbearing, negative, and very judgmental. She pushes my buttons during lecture and in most interactions. I knew I would be spending 8 hours, 2 days in a row with her on the mental health unit for clinical. I did not want her negativity affecting me. So I was doing my Spinal Flush and Zip-Ups every day and Clearing Session for Taking on Other People’s Energy.

“At the end of the second day, she asked me since I have worked in Mental health for over 30 years, how do I not take home other people problems and moods/energy every day. This lead to a discussion on some of the techniques I use and also how to communicate to people in a way to have your needs met and not come across in a way that puts others on the defensive. We practiced therapeutic communication and the student had a lightbulb moment when she realized how she was coming across to others.

“She sent me a lovely email later that week thanking me for teaching her these skills. This week she submitted a paper after an observation at a rehab facility and shared personal information about a very long history of childhood abuse, trauma, family addictions, and domestic violence. I spoke with her after and thanked her for feeling comfortable enough to be vulnerable and share. I have now seen her in a different light and understand the toughness and walls she built.

“Two weeks ago I dreaded interacting with this student and now I feel we have both grown. My work in the Healing Center has me in a place where this is possible. In the past, I would have taken on that energy and not reacted as my best self. In healing myself it is also positively affecting others. Thank you, Carol.”

Free up your energy to live your life.

As you become more mindful from doing this clearing work, opportunities will present for you to help and encourage others. This happens because you are helping yourself!

I would love to hear how these tips help you the next time you’re dealing with someone who has toxic energy.

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