How to Quickly Manifest Exactly What You Want

Say it with me now, "Something exciting is about to happen!"

Want to know the secret to manifesting exactly what you want? Getting into a high-vibration place!

Here’s how:

Decide right now that something exciting is going to happen to you.

You don’t know what it is that’s going to happen, or exactly when it will appear, but believe that there is definitely something amazing just around the corner, awaiting your discovery.

Get so excited about this upcoming opportunity that you have butterflies in your stomach. Every time the phone rings, let yourself wonder if that is “it.” Every time you go to the mailbox, think that maybe “it” is in there!

Once you decide something exciting is about to happen, just watch what happens next!

This is a great process to create incredible things in our lives. It works because your spirit self and the Universe knows what you really want.

You don’t need to know in order to manifest it.

In fact, by not knowing, you keep yourself and your doubts out of the way.

This exercise helps you create a high joy vibration, which is all that’s required to manifest what is correct for your life.

If you’re in a place of feeling really good, you can only attract that which is really wonderful to you.

I teach you how to manifest abundance and attract what you really want in my best-selling book, Remembering Wholeness.

Write this on your bathroom mirror, and read it every morning:

“Something exciting is going to happen. It’s just around the corner.”

Set the intention that you’ll get really excited each time you read these words. Feel the butterflies in your stomach. As a result, you offer that high vibration to the Universe to attract what’s coming to you.

Take deep breaths and repeat the following:

  • I can feel it.
  • How much can I hold?
  • How big can I play?
  • How far can I go?
  • I’m noticing my thoughts.

When you get the surprise and have manifested what you wanted, say “Thank You!” with glee and start the attraction and creation process all over.

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