Get Real Results with This Law of Attraction Budget Planner

A simple, effective planner to help you attract what you want in life!

You’ve heard of vision boards or different Law of Attraction planners you can purchase—they’re all great tools. I use my own planner that helps me engage and activate the Law of Attraction, and that’s what I’m going to show you today. You have a chance to create a life that you want and desire. My budget Law of Attraction Planner is going to help you do that.

Easily Make the Law of Attraction More Potent

Now, my planner, it’s nothing fancy. You can get any sketchpad. You could get a bunch of blank pages and staple them together. It’s that much of a budget planner. Now, mine probably was meant to be a scrapbook. It has a hardcover. I took it off, just because I wanted the pages to fall open. And it was actually a gift to me. My Type 1 friend, Marcy Brown, shared it with me last year on my birthday and said, “I don’t know what you’re gonna do with it. But, hey, it just looked like you.” Well, I turned it into my budget planner. And the reason this works really well, and I’m gonna show you some examples of how I use it… Begin, you can use any paper. Being able to write and draw, sketch employs a lot of your senses and it takes more time, so you think about it longer.

Involve Your Senses To Bring What You Want Into Existence

You put your attention on what you want for a longer period, and that builds the signal you’re putting out to the world. It strengthens it. So you’ve got your thinking mind involved. You’ve got your physical body with the actual writing or drawing. You have the sensory experience of being able to activate your truth. You have the ability to get it into the body and ground it more in the physical space that you’re in. Say it out loud with affirmations. And so you’re employing mental, emotional, and physical energies, all which make you more potent. It makes the signal you’re sending out to the world more potent, thinking it, seeing it, touching it, by the fact you’re actually writing and drawing. And then, you’re taking more time because those little activities take a little more time.

So with mine, what have I used it for? Well, this overall is my company and my business world, and so I have a lot of intentions on here and things I wanted to create over the last year. And I’ll use stick figures a lot to represent people because I’m really not a skilled artist. But I can draw basic things. So I have that representing the bigger world in my company. I’ll write healing affirmations or intentions. This is more of an intention that I wrote the first of the year, “I am reaching millions of people, changing millions of lives and making millions of dollars doing it.” “I am reaching millions of people, changing millions of lives,” because I want that to proceed… They go hand in hand. I can help people, while I’m allowing money to flow to me, and I really feel my energy is aligned with that. Affirmations are powerful.

Learn How to Complete the Puzzle

I’ve got…You can do this on behalf of other people. This little puzzle I drew, this is on behalf of my son who works for me. And he said, “I feel like some pieces are missing.” I heard him say that. I said, “Well, I’m gonna just draw the energy of the pieces falling into place for him.” So you can see that I put in some pieces he already had, and I added it to complete the puzzle. And things have really shifted for him. I’d say the pieces have shown up. So I helped that… It’s kind of a proxy experience that I helped the energy shift for him. I’ll notice things people say and I go, “I can help with that.”

Another intention I had, I’ve had some health challenges in the past, and I realized I overdid a lot of things. I had a tendency to put more energy out than the energy I received, and I wanted to switch that. And that was compromising my health, so I said, “I’m healthy.” “I am doing less and receiving more.” I wanted to switch that flow. This has really materialized for me.

Start Sketching

Now, let’s go into some of the sketchings. You saw the puzzle piece. You can do timelines for different things, and I don’t need to explain…I mean, this is a path. I put months on it or certain things I wanted to transpire and materialize. And I was impressed upon what to put on that. Here’s one coming up. “I am going to the Middle East with my husband in November.” So you can see, this is my itinerary. Salt Lake City to San Francisco, San Francisco to Dubai, Dubai to Amman, Amman to Petra, Petra to Jerusalem, back to Salt Lake City. So I did figure eights between each of these destinations, meaning they’re all gonna flow together with grace and ease.

Then, I wrote what…I wrote this as though I were looking back at the experience, talking about the trip as I’d already had it. Because that’s a very powerful way to create, is talking in the future as though you’re looking back at the experience you had.

You can see that I’ve written statements that include the experience that we would have had, “That was such a fantastic trip. The weather was perfect, and we felt vital, rested, and refreshed through the whole trip. All of our flights went smoothly, and all our connections were on time. We were safe and met with the friendliest and kindest people. It was so interesting and entertaining. I loved each sight and place we visited. We had the yummiest food, and I made the perfect choices with what to eat and drink to support my body feeling good the entire trip. It was a great and smooth trip, and we returned home safely.”

And then, I drew the photos just to, again, ground this energy. It takes a little more time to sketch. And you know how I got the images in my mind for this? I just went on Google and went, “sketches of Petra,” that’s this one, “sketches of Jerusalem,” “sketches of an airplane.” And I’d just look at those and kinda, in my own, sorta, simplistic way, copy it. But the value out of the sketching is you move energy by sketching. It’s energy sketching. You, actually, can shift the energy, and it grounds it and it puts your attention on it longer. So the more you can put your attention on it, the more the signal strengthens. So my budget planner is a really fun way to use the Law of Attraction. I encourage you to try it. Use it to shift and move energy, and also to create that which is timely and correct for you.

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