How to Tell Instantly If You Believe You’re “Unworthy” of More Money

Here's why you're still experiencing lack with money

Despite all the inner work you’re doing for your money mindset, you still may be experiencing lack in your finances.

Why does this pattern keep showing up for you?

Negative money beliefs run like a hidden software program, sabotaging your best intentions. They are the small “voices” in your head that actually override what you would like to believe but don’t.

What goes on in your subconscious wields much power, perhaps even more so than your conscious mind.

It’s time to let money be an affluent resource that supports you.

Let’s look at one of the most common beliefs that have been passed down generationally about money.

“I’m not worthy of having more money.”

This is a subconscious belief that most people do not know they have!

Here’s how to tell instantly if you believe this: You feel as though you should be grateful for what you already have and not want any more.

That “should” is a direct reflection of how worthy you feel you are. You believe if you have more money, you won’t be a moral or spiritual person. So you keep yourself small.

It’s appropriate and timely that you release your experience of money from being entangled with your morality, spirituality, and worthiness as a person. That is an old, old program.

You are worthy, you were born worthy and money does not create or negate how much you are worth.

But you cannot flow and accumulate more money just by being worthy. In most experiences with money, there is an action step involved.

Be, Do, Have — The Better Approach to Attracting Money

Fine-tuning affluence in your physical, outer world requires what is referred to as the Be, Do, Have approach.

In this world, some people assume they need to have a certain amount of money in order to do certain things, and then they will be happy. But they’ve got it backward. You need to work the other way around and start with being first.

  1. To do this, pretend you are wealthy in your thoughts and feelings. Allow your inner being to own it, to BE wealthy. What does that feel like? How does your energy lift when you own the idea that you are being wealthy?
  2. Once you have grounded that experience of being, thoughts will come to your mind of the next correct steps to take. Act on them. DO what you are then inspired to do to create more money.
  3. As you live out that process of being and doing first, the result will be that you HAVE lots of money.

A student of my online course, The 30-Day Money Cure shared the following story with me:

“My husband and I wanted to buy our first house, but I realized I didn’t feel worthy of attaining a home I love. My worthiness triggers displayed by being concerned that we would not have enough money to get the house I wanted. So, I followed the principles Carol teaches and that same year we confidently bought our first house! And we’ve earned more money than we ever have in our lives! I’m so excited and GRATEFUL! Thank you, Carol, for your teachings. My family and I are manifesting more financial affluence than ever!”

Keeping yourself poor and in lack is not helping anyone. Step into your worth and as you accumulate more money, you will be able to bless the lives of others as well.

What kind of experiences would you most like to create with your money?

If you want to clear up all of your conscious and subconscious your money issues so that you can enjoy the choices that more money will give you, I invite you to join me for the 30-Day Money Cure.

Here is what Cassie shared about her 30-Day Money Cure experience:

“I did it last year and more than doubled my income. I also discovered $10k in savings showed up for me (which was the exact amount I “asked” for in the course!) All of this within a 2 week period of finishing the course. This was my first success!”

Let’s get you started on this experience! Take the next step and change your experience with money.

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