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Is This One Limiting Belief Preventing You From Attracting Money?

Use the Law Of Attraction to create financial abundance

Are you finding yourself exposed day-by-day and minute-by-minute to the negative news cycle and pessimistic outlooks of family, friends, co-workers? Are those thoughts and ideas saturating your consciousness? Particularly when it comes to money.

Today, more than ever, it’s vital that we take inventory of these beliefs. Because, yes, they do hold us back. They keep us in an unhealthy cycle. Like attracts like through the Law of Attraction. Where your focus lies, your life exists. If you have limiting beliefs about money, then money will always be a limited resource for you.

You Can Change Your Beliefs

That’s your experience. But it doesn’t have to be. I will show you how to clean up this belief, along with all of the lingering trash it has accumulated over the years.

Attract money instead of repelling it so you can meet your financial goals.

And one belief above all others makes it impossible to achieve financial success. I’ll share with you what that is in a moment.

I’m not going to ask the world of you. Instead, we’re going to take simple steps that will change your life.

Yes, positive affirmations are part of it. But if you’re still feeling stuck, I can show you how to get un-stuck. No matter your current financial situation, you can live in the flow, attracting abundance and prosperity.

But here’s “the secret.” And yes, it’s a vital topic in the book by that same name. Many of us have read it–or watched on Netflix.

I didn’t invent this.

But if there’s one thing I’ve noticed about the Law of Attraction in my own experience as a practitioner and teacher, it’s this. I’ve got to be consistent. I don’t stop attracting when I’m on vacation or having a tough day at work.

In everything, energy precedes your life experience. It pulls you in a particular direction.

In this article, I’m going to take you through my own experience with this one limiting belief to show you just how real it may be in your life.

Changing this one belief completely changed my life.

How Do Limiting Beliefs Block Your Abundance?

In my book Remembering Wholeness, I discuss my experience with this limited thinking.

It was the ’90’s and I was struggling financially.

I had just gotten home, toting a bag of groceries inside when a neighbor drove by in a Mercedes Benz, which, of course, was the “I’ve made it” car in the ’90s.

I just remember feeling so much resentment. Here I am, debt up to my eyeballs. We had no income coming in. And I’m wondering if I can put food on the table. And she’s over here flaunting her wealth, as I saw it.

As far as I was concerned, I was a victim. It was almost like her having that car somehow took food out of my mouth. Her vehicle had put me in debt and made me struggle with money.

Somehow if she — or anyone — had and I didn’t, then they had stolen something from me. But of course, that’s not true.

It’s not easy to admit that I was thinking that. And right now, you may even be saying to yourself. I’m not that bad, am I?

But I’d ask you to think about it for a minute. Get brutally honest. What I’ve just described is prevalent in our society, especially among those with a “have-not” mentality.

And sadly, that’s one of the things stopping people from attracting money and abundance.

As long as you judge others that have money, it will block your capacity to reach that place where money just flows for you. Because what was I doing? I wasn’t putting my energy toward getting my dream car, although even someone who has heard of the Law of Attraction could make that mistake. I was focusing my energy on lack, a feeling of not having something she had. Big difference, right?

My neighbor? She had attracted that wealth to herself. I had not. My envy wasn’t going to change that.

Maybe you’re beginning to realize you have the same belief. But don’t be hard on yourself.

Do you feel undeserving of the wealth that the universe has to offer? I can tell you because I know it’s true: there’s more than enough for everyone. The abundance in this universe can’t even be quantified. And one person having plenty doesn’t take from me.

Only I can do that through limiting beliefs.

As long as I judged people enjoying their wealth, I was pushing abundance away.

I had not only judged my neighbor as bad. I had just decided being wealthy was bad. And if I see something as wrong, how am I at the same time going to attract that?

It happened in a moment—a realization. A spirit spoke to me. And Boom! Big kick in the pants. It’s like the divine wisdom of God just slapped me in the face.

This is what’s going on. This is the limiting belief sabotaging my happiness.

So I changed that lack consciousness to one of abundance. And it completely changed my life.

How to Overcome This Limiting Belief

So what’s your current situation? And how do you know how to attract more money? As I write this, we’re in a troubling time filled with global hysteria. A lot of people lost their jobs. They’re scared to leave their homes. We’re all thinking about getting sick. And what if someone we love gets sick? You now feel like an avalanche has hit you.

And it’s beyond your control. You may feel like a victim. But you do control what you attract. And when you overcome the judgment, you can transform your experience.

It’s just one belief. But like so many things in life, it’s best to take baby steps. So here’s how to kick your “pants” into gear and start attracting money.

1. Remind Yourself that Opportunities Abound

This blog will not tell you to “sell your soul.” It is to remind you that opportunities abound.

Science tells us that the universe is physically expanding. New stars are being born all the time. So when I figuratively say, “The universe is ever-expanding. Abundance is expanding. Your consciousness helps that expansion,” we have a tangible way to understand that.

You create your opportunities in life by focusing your energy on the flow of abundance.

Prosperity isn’t a limited resource. You’re not taking it from someone else. When you expand your abundance, you develop the abundant thinking of those around you.

Think about this for a minute. If I’m walking around, feeling like a victim, and judging others, then at my core, I believe that there are no opportunities for me. Only other people–the ones I’m judging–get the possibilities, the privilege of prospering.

If this is my state of mind, then I don’t see the opportunities in front of me. I reject them before they even present themselves. When something “good” does happen, I’m already wondering what’s going to go wrong.

That’s not what I hope for your life.

2. Replace Resentment with GRATEFULNESS

Be thankful for those people who have money. They’re showing you it’s possible to achieve financial success even at trying times.

Good news, right?

What you could be thinking is “Thank you for showing me that option. My goals aren’t pie in the sky anymore. I can see what I want to achieve. You’ve just made it real for me.”

There’s been a lot of discussion about “privilege” over the past several years. “Oh, you’re just privileged. So, of course, you can attract abundance. You didn’t start with nothing.”

I’m here to tell you that privilege does exist. But it may not be like you think. People who society considers privileged often grow up around prosperity of one sort or another — because, of course, money isn’t the only kind of success. People who have been born into privilege see it every day. So they’re more likely to see that opportunities exist. People who grow up with “nothing” don’t have these “role models.” They may see wealth as something other people have.

But it doesn’t matter where you came from. You have the power to change your beliefs and your life.

I say all of this to express how vital gratefulness is. When you’re grateful for what you do have, no matter how little–by worldly standards–you attract more abundance.

Why? Because you start to realize that there’s a lot more abundance in your life than you previously thought. And like attracts like. You can build on it.

3. Allow Abundance to Happen to You

Allow it possible for yourself too. Welcome the thought of prosperity instead of denying it. When opportunities present themselves, don’t reject them with that “what’s going to go wrong this time” mentality.

Embrace new experiences, ideas, and opportunities.

Because here’s the secret, if you believe in the Law of Attraction, you don’t sit back in your rocking chair, visualizing what you want. You see and make use of the opportunities to get what you want and grow wealth.

So allowing abundance is both active and passive. It’s going with the flow. And that means not rejecting opportunities for success.

4. Don’t Concern Yourself with What They’re Doing with Money

Stop worrying about what other people are doing with their money, and whether they can afford that or not.

That’s their business. That’s what they’re doing to attract money.

Don’t divert your energy in these ways. Stay focused. And attract money.

5. Plant the Seeds of Financial Gain

Set yourself up for what you want to do in life. Plant the seeds of financial gain, and you will reap them as you watch them grow.

Being rich is how wealth expands your health, happiness, connections, and whatever is essential to you.

You see money as a flow of energy. You can maintain that flow.

Plant the seeds by creating a plan and following through. But be flexible because the flow of the universe is ever-changing, and we change with it.

6. Don’t Cling to Money

Me. Me. Me. To people who have just dabbled in the Law of Attraction, its concepts can seem somewhat selfish. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’re all connected. One Universe, One Spirit, One God, whatever you want to call it.

And everything is energy–money, a car, your kids.

Do not cling to your money, instead share it. It will open doors for blessings. Visualize a cycle. As money flows in, you let it flow out. As you let it flow out, it invigorates the world around you. It comes back 10-fold.

The more you give, the more you will get. Once you see that, you’ll be transformed.

But a word of caution because I’ve seen it before. Don’t start giving money that hasn’t come into your experience. No maxing out your credit cards to give to your favorite charity or an abundance guru. And no spending your whole paycheck on a shopping spree because you believe that abundance is limitless, and the money will come to you when it’s time to pay the rent.

That’s not living in the flow. That’s a desperate attempt to get this cycle moving faster than your consciousness is ready to receive.

That’s one of the reasons this is step six, not one.

7. Affirm Beliefs in Abundance with My Top 10 Affirmations

Affirmations are vital. At first, they’re just words. But as you continue to say them and think them, they enter your subconscious. So when something doesn’t go your way, you automatically think of your affirmations instead of negative self-talk.

I’ve created 10 positive affirmations to help you with this step.

Affluence Happens When You Clear Your Abundance Blocks

You’re doing all this hard work. You’re trying to attract money. But you can’t seem to achieve success despite those efforts.

It’s time to take inventory of your own limiting beliefs. Is the judgment of others what’s holding you back?

Are you saying aloud, “I want to attract money, but rejecting people who are attracting money?”

You didn’t come up with this judgment on your own. It’s in our collective consciousness as a society. The rich versus the poor. “Us” against “Them.”

But that’s not the way to live in the flow.

This limiting belief–judgment–is so destructive. Don’t unconsciously sabotage your efforts for abundance, when you’re doing all the right things elsewhere in life to expand your consciousness.

It’s like taking one step forward and two steps back.

Let’s eliminate this limiting belief. Let’s get you un-stuck and living within the flow of an abundant universe. You deserve it.

I’ve created this free money quiz to help you identify your own limiting beliefs. Maybe yours isn’t judgment. Perhaps it’s something else. When you zero in on that thought pattern, you can begin releasing it. You can replace it with a more constructive way of thinking.

It’s time to take control of your own life and take responsibility for what you’re attracting into it. Only then can you attract the life you want to live in money, relationships, health, and more.

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