How the Full Moon Affects Your Emotions & What To Do About It

How to harness the power of the full moon

You might have noticed changes within you around the time of a full moon and wondered if these effects were all in your head or if they were real.

Full moons do, in fact, affect us emotionally.

When you’re doing healing work, it can feel heavier during a full moon. This happens because the light from the full moon energetically sheds light on our emotions and supports them in rising to the surface.

You may have noticed you have trouble sleeping, concentrating, or remaining calm during a full moon. It’s common to feel this way because the energy of the full moon stirs up your emotions, which can cause anxiety. This is normal human behavior caused by the powerful moon effect.

Moon Phases and the Lunar Cycle

The lunar phase, or moon phase, is the shape of the moon‘s directly sunlit portion. These moon phases gradually change over a “synodic” month, which is about 29.5 days, as the moon‘s orbital positions around the Earth, and Earth around the Sun, shift. Four “intermediate” lunar phases make up the lunar cycle with each phase lasting approximately 7.4 days. Between these four phases are the waxing and waning gibbous moon where a majority but not all of the moon is visible. The four main moon phases are:

  • New Moon: The moon is completely in the sun’s shadow and is not visible except during a solar eclipse.
  • First Quarter Moon: The moon‘s right side is illuminated and can be seen during the afternoon and early night.
  • Full Moon: The moon is 100% illuminated and can be seen from sunset to sunrise.
  • Last Quarter Moon: The left side of the moon is illuminated and can be seen late at night and into the morning.

How To Work With the Energy Effects of the Full Moon

When you allow yourself to become more intentional about healing during this time, you can clear a lot of repressed baggage! That’s also why it’s common to also feel clarity during this time – light is being shed on the dark parts of you, and when you allow yourself to open up, you make space for deep healing.

The more you become aware of this, you’ll learn to work with the energetic effects of the moon consciously. Most people do not have a conscious enough understanding to be able to do this. The key is developing a moon ritual that works for you.

I reached this place years ago. My sleep patterns and concentration have improved remarkably during the full moon cycle, and I feel much more at peace.

It used to be a frequent experience that I felt I was processing more at certain times in the month. When I finally learned the full moon’s effects, I started to be gentle with myself those days.

Now, I believe I can accomplish so much because I have healed deeply and rarely get triggered. I don’t have to give my energy to upsets and repressing emotions. I never give my power away, and I rarely take on other people’s energy anymore. I’m free, and I am so honored to be helping all of you on that path.

Breakthroughs Happen During the Full Moon

When I shared this information in the Facebook group for the Healing Center members, the response was encouraging. Many members have witnessed higher levels of healing around the full moon.

“I made the biggest breakthrough last night during the Full Moon. It was so full of emotion. I used the “No matter what happens I am ok. No matter what happens everything is ok” with my hand on my heart. I am feeling so much peace right now that I never imagined I could feel about the topic I had a breakthrough with. I am sooooo thankful 🙏🏽♥️ for Carol Tuttle and her teachings, this Facebook group of incredible people, and my healing journey.” -Bethany C.

Bethany is referring to the Clearing Session for Psychological Reversals that I created in the Healing Center. It’s a powerful session that will help you uncover a subconscious belief, understand how it can sabotage your goals, and how to clear it. If positive change has become difficult recently, this session is for you. It’s perfect for understanding and dealing with these powerful moon effects.

Remember, another reason the full moon can feel heavy is that you might possibly be the first person in your entire generational family who has opened up this energy for healing. That’s a BIG job. But you’re up for it.

Use this time to do energy work, and you’ll clear a lot.

I use this free app “Moon” to track each lunar cycle of the moon right on my phone. You can get it here for Apple phones . (This specific app is not available for Android, but you can find many other free apps in the Google Play store. Leave a comment with your favorite one so you can spread the news to other Android users.)

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