How to Balance and Heal Your Sacral Chakra

Understanding what chakras are in terms of the ebb and flow is the key to staying healthy. When your chakras are out of balance – or when even just one chakra needs healing – you will see negative effects across your physical body and within your personal spirit.

The chakras are part of an ancient belief system with roots as far back as 1500 BC. The focus of this post is the sacral chakra, or second chakra. We’ll look at why it’s vital to keep this chakra in balance and what to do when it needs energy healing.

Understanding the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, is located about two inches below your navel in your lower abdomen. This chakra forms your most intimate connections in life, including personal relationships, sexual connections, and deep sensations of pleasure.

This is the chakra that gives you feelings of yearning, and satisfaction. It is the body’s pleasure center that speaks to you from within and says, “I desire.”

The hue of the sacral chakra is the vibrant color orange. Its element is water, which flows and spreads much like pleasurable energy. This chakra also has a strong connection to the moon.

Animals that radiate strong life force energy are the sacral chakra animals. The tiger has physical prowess and status as an apex hunter. Bees, frogs, crocodiles, and dolphins are also symbols due to their dominance.

The balance of your chakra strongly affects your openness to new experiences. When this chakra is imbalanced, you become blocked creatively, sexually, and interpersonally and feel that you just can’t get any deep pleasure out of life.

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A Balanced Sacral Chakra

The signs of an open and fully balanced chakra include “trusting your gut” and exuding expressive and passionate emotions. Because this chakra is located in the lower abdomen, its health also affects the health of your abdomen, pelvis, and surrounding organs.

Here are some common life scenarios that show the balance or imbalance –


What makes you feel passionate in life? Is it art? Your spouse? A big project you’re working on? These passion projects are an signs that your chakra is open and healthy.

But if it’s hard to remember the last time you really felt passionate about anything, that’s a red flag that this chakra is blocked.


The second chakra is associated with your feeling of being fully present within your own body. Do you feel connected to your inner self?

When the chakra is imbalanced, people feel disconnected from their bodies. Even the sensation of your own hands running across your body may be unpleasant when the sacral chakra is suffering.


This is also the chakra of sensuality. Do you feel open to new sexual experiences and comfortable in your personal sense of sexuality?

Women often experience a blocked chakra as embarrassment or shame. These feelings may come from difficult past experiences and will need careful healing in order to restore balance to the Svadhisthana.


For an artist, writer, designer, dancer, or another creative type, a blocked chakra can be terrible. You’re unable to find the energy center that once fueled your work.


This chakra affects your ability to form connections with others and yourself. You may have trouble feeling a bond with your true self, which affects your confidence and self-esteem.

When someone asks how you are, do you say, “Fine” without a second thought? Rethink whether an imbalanced sacral chakra could be contributing to this lack of connection to your emotions.


You may feel unstable when this chakra is out of balance. This can lead to serious behavioral issues like addiction, codependency, and an overwhelming fear of change.

Think about the last time you faced a life challenge, like moving to a new house, starting a new job, or going on a first date. Were you able to meet this challenge with confidence, or did you feel shaky and fearful about it?


This chakra is also tied to our ability to feel pure, natural, open-hearted joy in our day-to-day lives. When is the last time you felt buoyed by joy?

If it’s been awhile, that’s a red flag. Sources of joy are all around us, but an imbalanced chakra blocks us from being able to experience even the simplest things in life.

The Imbalanced Sacral Chakra

Identifying the underlying causes of a chakra imbalance takes a thoughtful approach. Let’s look at what could be contributing to your out-of-balance 2nd chakra.

Relationship Conflicts

Because this chakra is closely tied to your relationships, its health is affected by conflict with others. Whether you are single or married, a parent or not, your relationships require open energy flow from the sacral chakra.

Were you rejected by someone you had a crush on? Did someone at work embarrass you? Do you have an grumpy teenager in your household? All of these people can throw you off balance.

Sexual Incompatibility

In your sexual relationships, an imbalanced sacral chakra is unhealthy. You may feel a total lack of sexual interest or believe that your partner is disinterested, whether that’s true or not.

Think about the last time you felt criticized or ashamed in the bedroom. Then think back to the last time you felt sexually comfortable and curious.

Fertility Problems

Reproductive health problems are common for people with second chakra imbalances, so consider whether a blockage here could be affecting your reproductive organs.

Creative Rejection

Rejection comes in many forms, and creative rejection is a painful one. Did someone criticize your artwork? Make fun of your singing voice? Cast doubt on your ability to complete a big project?

Or perhaps the creative rejection is coming from within your own mind. Do you frequently criticize yourself and question your creative ability?

Signs of an Overactive Sacral Chakra

When we think of blocked chakras, we tend to think in terms of “lacking,” as if the chakra is just weak. However, an imbalance cuts both ways. Sometimes the sacral chakra is overactive and this too causes problems.

Here are some common signs that your sacral chakra is overactive –

Sexual Addiction

Sexual addicts may have overactive chakras because they feel sexual urge but feel no satisfaction from everyday sexual pleasures.


Do you anger quickly or overreact to small things? Do people describe you as having a quick temper? This can come from an overactive sacral chakra.


When you can’t handle a discussion calmly, check in with your chakra. It could be the source of anger.


If you are overly reliant on someone else, this codependence could be the result of an imbalance.

Muscle Tension

When the second chakra is overworked, people often experience it as muscle pain and tension.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain coming from the core of the is another sign that there is excessive energy flow going on.

Symptoms of an Underactive Sacral Chakra

Rather than an overactive sacral chakra, yours is underactive.

Let’s look at some common symptoms of a sacral chakra that is underactive-

Excessive Fantasizing

Do you find yourself fantasizing about a celebrity rather than enjoying your partner? This is a sign that your chakra needs attention.


Are dishes piling up in the sink? Would you rather watch TV than accomplish anything? Laziness can be a symptom of an underactive chakra.


If you constantly make jokes at your own expense, this can be a sign that you’re not connected to your feelings of confidence and self-esteem.


Do you assume the worst will happen? Pessimism is a classic sign of an underactive sacral chakra.


An imbalance in this chakra can also lead to severe depression, which may involve long periods of isolation, feelings of hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts.


Your sacral chakra is located within the abdomen, so you may experience constipation when it needs to open up.

Low Libido

A lack of sexual energy is common when the sacral chakra is underactive. Do you lack a sex drive? Do you tend to push away feelings of sensual pleasure?

Irregular Menstruation

When the sacral chakra is understimulated, it can create an imbalance in the reproductive system that leads to irregular periods, irregular ovulation, and hormonal imbalances.

Urinary and Bladder Infections

Do you experience frequent urinary or bladder infections? Consider the impact of an underactive sacral chakra.

Ways to Open or Heal the Sacral Chakra

If you’re seeing yourself in some of the scenarios described above, take comfort in knowing that there are many healthy ways to heal the sacral chakra. Chakra balancing involves careful techniques that restore energy flow.

Meditation with Shakti Mudra

Shakti Mudra is a type of spiritual yoga practice that uses the hands and body to stimulate the pelvic region. To try it, envision an orange light, orange lotus flower, or orange crescent moon in your pelvis. Focus on this image and feel a connection to your sacral chakra.

Sacral Chakra Healing Foods

Oranges, melons, coconuts, papayas, and other sweet foods help open, nourish, and heal your sacral chakra. Cinnamon is also useful.

Essential Oils

Sandalwood, patchouli, orange, rose and ylang-ylang essential oils can be used as a healthy way to incorporate aromatherapy.

Healing Gemstones

Healing stones like citrine, carnelian, orange calcite, and other orange stones are associated with this chakra. Moonstone can also be used because of this chakra’s association with water and the moon.

Yoga Poses

To use yoga for sacral chakra healing, try hip-opening yoga poses like Upavistha Konasana (Open Angle Pose), or Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose).

Drink Water

Since water is the element associated with the second chakra, you’ll need plenty of it to stay in balance. Drink plenty of water and expose yourself to water by taking a bath, swimming in a lake or a pool, or hiking along a river.

Stare at the Moon

When’s the last time you gazed up at the moon? Step outside and rebuild your connection to the moon and its changing face.

Chakra Chant

Chant the sound VAM to reconnect with your Svadhisthana.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

Say affirmations that focus on relationship safety and stability, like:

  • I am whole and I am balanced.
  • My relationship is a safe place.
  • I feel strong, sensual, and sexual.

Let Go

Release any negative emotions and memories that you might be carrying. This can be through a visualization where you forgive others or yourself, asking your angels for help, and surrendering challenging past emotions to the Divine. It’s all about letting go.

Finding Patience and Peace

Building and maintaining a balanced second chakra is a lifetime pursuit that takes patience and self-love. Practice these sacral chakra healing techniques regularly, and you will notice a huge improvement in your well-being.

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