What Are the Chakra Colors and Their Meanings?

While there’s a ton of information out there on what chakras are and their meanings, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. It may take some practice and study to truly understands how the different chakras play a role in our overall well-being and mindset.

Chakras are a part of the spiritual world and it’ll be easier to connect and understand the different types and their colors, if you believe something higher than yourself such as the Universe, God, or Source. Below we’ve broken each charka into easy, digestible chunks to help you get started on your journey and learn the most about chakra colors and their meanings!

First, understand that there are 7 chakras that connect to your physical, mental and spiritual body. Your chakra colors are an energy wheel that runs through the body. These main chakra energy centers of the human body that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra has a specific color, energy, and meaning that connects to us spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The chakra colors have a purpose to help you live a strong, fulfilled life!

The purpose of the chakras is to keep the body and mind active. There is no off switch to your chakras, and they’re always vibrating every hour and minute of the day! The body’s chakra colors are typically broken down into seven and follow the order of the colors of the rainbow. These colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (more details on chakra colors and their meanings below)!

While learning about the seven chakras and the chakra colors, it’s important to keep Chi in mind, which is a universal life force energy that flows through everything. Everything that exists in this world is made up of energy and is constantly moving, and often we can’t see the energy and its movement because it goes so fast. Everything is made up of energy. You are energy. The device you’re reading this on is made up of energy. That latte you had this morning is energy. The rock you passed by on your way to get the latte is made up of energy. And our bodies and our chakras are 100% energy. Chi is always flowing through the chakra system.

It’s your job to support your chakra colors and keep them flowing without blockage. When there is imbalance (or blockage) of chakras, this can lead to physical, mental or emotional pain or disorders. We’ll provide examples of blocks with each chakra, so you’ll know if you’ve experienced any of them.

What Do The Chakra Colors Mean?

Root (First) Chakra – Red

The Root Chakra represents survival consciousness. It is red, which symbolizes safety, survival, grounding, nourishment from the Earth energy. This chakra is linked between the anal outlet and the genital area. It’s considered the human’s relation to the earth and its position is the base of the spine. This chakra color represents the instinctual “fight or flight” response and basically seeks the need for the for survival (food, shelter, safety, and comfort). It’s important that you get the proper food and sleep to keep the Root Chakra well-balanced.

Logic, physical strength, and orderliness is a requirement for the Root Chakra and it is the foundational energy center. Daily exercise, sunlight, and a good night’s sleep are very important for keeping the Root Chakra healthy. When you feel stressed, afraid, or worried, your Root Chakra can be blocked. When you’re feeling strong, healthy, loved and happy, your Root Chakra is open to you.

Sacral (Second) Chakra – Orange

The Sacral Chakra can be found below the belly button and the orange chakra color is associated with emotions, creativity, sexuality, and also connected with water and flow. This chakra color is also considered to be a pro-creation chakra, meaning it’s close to the womb area and represents connections to other humans through sex, fertility, and reproduction.

Desires and feelings of intimacy come with the Sacral Chakra, and when are lacking the ability to connect intimately with ourselves and others in a healthy way, an imbalance (or block) is created. When your Sacral Chakra is blocked, you may feel it’s difficult to be emotionally or sexually open and are involved in unhealthy, toxic relationships. You may also have trouble viewing the relationship with yourself and body image as negative. When you’re aligned with the Sacral Chakra, you will experience self-love, healthy sexual experiences and other pleasures in life. The practice of tantric yoga is known to help align this chakra color.

Solar Plexus (Third) Chakra – Yellow

The Solar Plexus Chakra is all about *trusting your gut*. The chakra color, yellow, represents fire and will be placed above the navel, two inches below the breastbone. This represents the diaphragm area, which has the energy center to trust in yourself with strong consciousness.  This charka promotes the feeling of being confident and friendly.

An imbalance (or block) of the Solar Plexus manifests when you’re feeling powerless and experience difficulty taking action on your desires. This can also manifest in external ways such as stomach pains and digestion. When your chakra color is open and aligned, you’ll experience a healthy strong sense of personal power and want the desire to use your power for good in the world and for yourself with high self-esteem and self-worth. The charka color, yellow, can make you feel stimulated, prepared, and capable!

Next time you feel stomach pain or digestion issues, consider balancing out this charka first before reaching out for medicine.

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Heart (Fourth) Chakra – Green

The fourth chakra (also known as the heart chakra) has the element of air and represents unconditional love and compassion. Some even believe that the chakra color, green, represents psychic intuition. This is where the saying “follow your intuition” comes from, and it’s something you can tap into and feel! The Heart Chakra is positioned in the center of the chest and works well with your intuition!

When you’re experiencing a lack of creativity, intuitive insight, loneliness, and even external issues such as heart or breathing problems, take these as signs of your chakra color being blocked. The Heart Chakra is on the right track when you’re experiencing love (not just for others but for yourself, too), self-acceptance, and are able to give and revived love easily. The chakra color, green, represent prosperity, abundance, good health, and being alert and empathetic!

Throat (Fifth) Chakra – Blue

The Throat Chakra (also known as the fifth chakra) is about communication, speaking, sharing, expressing, listening, and perceiving from a higher form of communication! The key element for this chakra color (blue) is sound and is located at the center of the neck at the level of the throat.

When our throat chakra is clear, we are allowed to speak the truth. However, when we have are having trouble speaking the truth and just say things that other people want to hear, our chakra is imbalanced. Also, when we are having trouble expressing ourselves, experience neck pain, feel anger or frustration, and don’t feel understood, this charka color is blocked. Blue represents self-expression, expression of truth, creativity, and clear communication. When our Throat Chakra is open and aligned when you are able to speak your truth easily, feel like you’re being heard and respected by others and yourself. One method that will help open the throat chakra is meditation.

Third Eye (Sixth) Chakra – Indigo

The Third Eye Chakra is in the mind center, located right between the eyebrows. The third eye represents light and allows us to visualize, imagine, and focus, and opens the door to the Divine (especially at night). It’s a spiritual practice and allows the mind to develop thoughts and feelings of psychic energy, self-awareness, and peace. This chakra color is purple (or deep indigo blue) promotes strong intuition and inner wisdom. The color, indigo, is the energy of deep change and can also impact the energies of lower chakras into a deeper connection with your spiritual practice.

However, it’s very easy for the third eye to get blocked. When the mind is overthinking, worried, and very *busy*, it’s hard to see the big vision of what you want in life. Thoughts of struggle, and finding the meaning of life, career, relationships can add to this blockage. It can even cause insomnia and memory disorder problems. When your Third Eye is open, you’ll experience a strong sense of your own inner truth with the right guidance to the right path.

Crown (Seventh) Chakra – Purple

The Crown Chakra connects us to the divine source energy of love and wisdom. It represents purity and spirituality and is located at the top of our heads. The element is thought and empowers spirituality, our belief systems, and enlightenment. The Chakra color is purple (and sometimes white — purple and white are universal colors) and associated with a universal connection through spirituality and consciousness.

Our Crown chakra is blocked when we feel loneliness, a lack of connection from a higher power (Universe, Source, God), fear of the unknown, and even when we experience headaches.

Often through meditation, we’re able to open our Crown Chakra and we’re able to feel connected to a higher power, deep gratitude for life, and self-love and love for others. The Crown Chakra supports the spiritual connections of one individual to another.

We’ve given a few examples of how you can open your chakras above, including meditation. We recommend clearing all chakras from the first chakra up get the best results possible. Sometimes it’s tempting to only work on the Root Chakra or the Heart Chakra, but all the chakras work together and intertwine. It’s like working out. You can’t just expect to work on your abs only and get full results from that, can you? You have to do the cardio, strength training and abs. It’s a combo package. So do yourself a favor and step into the spiritual gym.

Journaling is another great practice to open up your chakras. Whenever you feel anger, sadness, frustrations, doubt, or any other negative belief, do a brain dump and write it out. These get the chakras and emotions moving, and once you have it out, you can let go and start to rewrite your story and beliefs. Your chakras are supported by your beliefs — whether they’re negative or positive. So the sooner you write your story and start to believe it, the sooner you’ll manifest everything you desire.

Clear all chakras as often as possible by focusing your energy on where they’re located in your body. To open chakras use mediations, use affirmations, and look into getting crystals (that you can use with meditation), and of course, move your body through exercises such as yoga.

Now that you know how important it is to keep and maintain your chakras, practice on creating a loving relationship with yourself and with the people around you and showing gratitude for what you already have in your life.

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