The Importance of the Green Chakra and How to Balance it

The energy that flows from your green chakra is expansive and liberating. This is your heart chakra and it affects every relationship in your life, including your capacity to give and receive the purest form of love for others and for yourself.

So why is it called the green chakra and how it is important for your well-being? Let’s take a closer look at this crucial level of the ancient chakra energy system .

What is the Green Chakra?

Also known as the Anahata chakra, is the fourth chakra and is located in the center of the chest at the breastbone. This is the balance point of all seven chakras, but this specific chakra works as a funnel or hinge for all other levels of energy flow.

Translated from Sanskrit, Anahata means ” unstruck ” or “unhurt.” What a perfect translation, because in its healthiest state, the heart chakra survives all challenges and radiates pure love.

Like the plants in the world around us, it throbs with natural life and vibrancy. It is responsible for our ability to share love and maintain positive relationships with the people we care about.

The green chakra stores and distributes energy throughout the body. It is deeply integrated into the smooth operation of your other chakras. This means your daily habits, emotional tendencies, innermost desires, and subconscious actions all arise from and flow through this central chakra.

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What is the Importance of a Balanced Green Chakra?

Your green chakra serves as a bridge between earthly matter and the spirit. It allows you to feel a connection that extends to your interactions with other people, the natural world, and the entire universe.

This chakra is also the foundation of unconditional love and kindness. It helps us feel compassionate toward others and to embrace them fully with our sympathy in their times of need. First, our heart chakra helps us love ourselves, then this love flows outward to everyone we encounter.

When it is in balance, we naturally lead a lifestyle of easygoing self-love that supports freedom and strong social bonds. A balanced chakra prevents greed, fear, prejudice, jealousy, and other emotions that interfere with interpersonal relationships.

A balanced green chakra also builds an inner sense of peace that prevents us from depending on others for our own sense of happiness. We feel self-reliant and self-confident.

This peace comes, in part, from the green chakra’s focus on forgiveness, rather than holding on to resentment and blame. If you can feel yourself holding grudges for long periods of time, you may have a blocked fourth chakra.

What Happens When it is Blocked?

When this chakra develops a blockage, the important people in your life will almost certainly notice a change for the worse in your demeanor. The blockage causes negative energy to build up and burst forth.

Emotionally, you may experience:

  • Bouts of intense anger
  • Persistent feelings of jealousy
  • Fearful overreactions
  • Hatred toward certain people or groups
  • A lack of genuine empathy for yourself and for others
  • An inability to commit to new ventures
  • A martyr complex or victim mentality
  • Disconnection from important relationships
  • Dwelling on past relationships
  • Skepticism that you will never love or be loved

You may have physical and mental ailments like:

  • Social anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Co-dependence
  • Body-wide tension and muscle cramps
  • Back, chest, and shoulder pain
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Breathing problems like asthma
  • Breast cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Immune diseases

A blocked green chakra creates an inability to trust people, so your default emotions could be suspicion and fear. This holds you back from fully experiencing the world and warps your view of the future and your potential within it.

Uncontrollable grief is sometimes associated with a blocked green chakra. If you have experienced some type of loss, you may feel unable to let go of the energy it brought you. Slowly over time, as you stew in your grief, the loss can become a toughened barrier that prevents the natural flow within the fourth chakra.

An energy blockage can also be created by life events like an illness, stress, and emotional conflict. Perhaps you are surviving lung cancer or heart disease, which are related to the heart chakra. Maybe a difficult divorce or job loss has shaken up your life and left you emotionally traumatized

As long as your green chakra remains blocked, it will be challenging to truly overcome these obstacles in life. This is why healing your heart chakra is vital to your happiness and longevity.

How to Balance the Green Chakra

Because the green chakra works as a balance point in the body, unblocking it usually involves carefully opening other blockages in the lower and upper chakras. Your physical chakras, or first three chakras, affect the health of your fourth chakra very strongly.

If your root chakra, or first chakra, is blocked, it will be extremely difficult to ever bring balance and have an open heart chakra. The same goes for your sacral chakra (second chakra), throat chakra (fifth chakra), and solar plexus chakra (third chakra), which work together to promote energy flow throughout your body. You can read more about each of the 7 chakra colors in my prior blog post.

Does your heart chakra feel off-kilter? Here are some techniques for bringing balance to the entire body and mind through a focus on chakra healing.


Meditation is a method of focusing your attention to improve energy flow. During chakra meditation, energy is moved through the head and down throughout the body to open blockages and restore the natural balance of the chakras.

There is no single or “correct” way to meditate. However, to promote healing of the heart chakra it’s a good idea to focus on meditating from the heart, or from your spiritual love center. Be aware of your heart as a sacred space, and try to feel its connection to everything else in the world. You can also incorporate essential oils and chakra stones into your practice.

Incorporate Green

The green chakra presents an opportunity to connect with the natural world through the color green. Add green energy through clothing to your wardrobe and green fabrics to your living space. You can also invite healing crystals and green calcite into your home.

Indoor and outdoor plants will also offer vibrant hues that resonate with your green chakra. One of the best ways to revitalize your heart chakra is by spending time in nature.


Try using a mantra to verbally focus your energy on promoting energy chakra flow. The sound for the Anahata chakra is yam, which can be repeated for long periods to create a restorative vibration in the body.

You can also try a mantric phrase, like “yam om yam om …” which balances the sound of the heart chakra with the universal sound om. By finding mantras that feel restorative within your heart and chest, you will begin to rebalance your green chakra.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations increase the beneficial energy flow within our minds and bodies. When your energy is waning, a positive affirmation for the heart chakra can revitalize and refresh you.

Many green chakra affirmations describe openness and freedom in interpersonal relationships. Try “I open myself to give and receive love,” or “I forgive me, I forgive you, I forgive all, I love.” This will help create the positive energy necessary for a balanced heart chakra.

Yoga Poses

Since ancient times, yoga poses have offered restorative effects for the mind and body. For the green chakra, try poses like Garudaasana (the eagle pose) and the Gomukhasana (the cow pose).

These poses expand the energy center of your chest and core, opening your body for improved energy flow. As you practice them more often, you’ll likely find that your entire body feels more open from the heart to the toes to the top of your head.


Did you know green leafy vegetables can benefit your green chakra? Try chard, mustard greens, spinach, and other hearty leaves. Other foods with a green color, like cucumber, melons, limes, green apples, and mint, also benefit your fourth chakra while supporting the flow of the circulatory and immune systems.


To stimulate the heart chakra as well as the throat chakra, listen to heart-pounding music that makes you feel energized. Sing out loud and allow the feeling of your breath in your chest and neck to make you feel completely exhilarated.

Whenever your green chakra begins to feel blocked again, immerse yourself in upbeat and joyous music that pounds through your body. This is a fast path to restoring energy movement throughout the upper and lower chakras.

Keeping the Green Chakra in Balance

Your green chakra is such a crucial part of your overall energy flow and the chakra system. That’s why it’s heartbreaking to see someone you love feeling angry, jealous, and fearful. It just makes you want to reach out and embrace them, so they may begin to heal resulting in a balanced heart chakra.

Or what if the struggling person is you? You deserve to feel peace and harmony too. If you need some help restoring energy flow, let’s work together to soothe your chakra.

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