Do This the Next Time You & Your Partner Argue

How to create a stronger relationship with your partner

If you’re in a relationship, you have experienced conflict, upsets, and arguments with each other. We tend to trigger our partners emotionally – and they trigger us – more than ever these days! Why is that?

We are all growing up emotionally and being shown where our emotional dependencies and vulnerabilities are so we can heal them, and our partners often play the role of helping us see and “feel” that.

Try this simple technique the next time you have an upset with your partner, or with anyone—a family member, co-worker, neighbor, or friend:

1 – Stop the old energy.

The next time you find yourself in an argument, STOP. Stop talking. Stop debating. Stop trying to influence the other person to try and change.

Just stay quiet and offer your loving energy instead.

Pay attention to how you shift when you silently focus on offering love. Notice your power to shift the energy flowing between you. You have great power to heal your relationship, even if your partner isn’t on board.

As I teach in my book, Remembering Wholeness, your energy is often more powerful than your words. Everything at its finest level of creation is energy. We exchange energy and silently communicate energetically with every person we meet or come into contact with.

Our mental body is at a higher vibration than our emotional body, meaning our minds are more powerful than our feelings. We have been trained to listen to our feelings and create thoughts that match our feelings. Therefore, if we are feeling negative feelings, we will think negative thoughts. We believe we cannot start thinking and perceiving ourselves in a positive light until we feel positive feelings.

Take charge of your life by taking charge of your thoughts. Change your life by changing your thoughts.

2 – Create a new habit to replace the old one.

Essential oils have a direct effect on your nervous system, your limbic system, and your cerebral cortex. When you inhale an essential oil, it supports you in reprogramming your brain, your emotions, and your thoughts so that you can create healthy patterns to build a stronger relationship.

I suggest using “I Am Connected” from my line of Healing Oils to help you shift the energy between you and your partner. This powerful, heart-opening oil creates more love and energetic boundaries so you don’t take on other people’s energy. It also creates a harmonic balance and a stronger connection between you both.

How to use:

Place 1-2 drops of essential oil in the palm of your hands (you can add drops to a carrier oil, like coconut oil)
Rub hands together
Cup hands over mouth and nose without touching face
Inhale deeply
Repeat as needed

In this new space of the energy you’ve created, you can receive inspiration on behalf of your marriage to help facilitate its shifting into a healthy momentum.

Since most of the time, when you are experiencing contention with your partner, you repeat the same argument over and over, you can stop this cycle with just a few practices of using this technique. You will be opening the space for answers, insights, and a cooperative effort by both of you to work things out.

With these easy-to-use techniques, you can shift the upsets in your relationship, even if your partner is not aware of what you are doing. Trust that you have this much power. You do.

If you need more support in shifting negative and damaging patterns in your relationship, I recommend my course, Relationship Reset.

This 2-week course will help you shift your intimate relationship from a pattern of disharmony and conflict to one of harmony and cooperation.

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