Old Patterns of Struggle Still Showing Up? Use This Simple Technique

How to shift & clear persistent old patterns so you can heal once and for all!

In the Healing Center, you’ve got all the tools to support you as you actively do the work and heal your life.

That’s why it can feel disheartening when old patterns still show up, even after doing all this healing work. Whether it’s old thought patterns, old behavior patterns, or something else, it feels like a step back!

You may wonder, “What am I doing wrong? Why isn’t this working? When will this finally go away?”

When old patterns are still showing up, use it as an opportunity to heal, instead of seeing it as a sign of failure!

See these old patterns as tailings of your own reality fading away. If you react to them with frustration and anger, you just become the victim in the story and you perpetuate them happening again.

The next time you have an old thought or behavior pattern show up, follow these steps:

  1. Notice the pattern without judgment.
  2. Drop into your body and feel your feelings.
  3. Tap it out in the moment. You can just tap on your K-27 points (right below your collar bones) saying, “I am now free of this old pattern.”
  4. Focus on what you want instead. While tapping, speak an affirmation of the new pattern or habit you would like to create.

You might be wondering if this simple technique will work on any old pattern. The answer is yes!

Struggle with overeating? Use this any time you want to reach for your favorite comfort snack at 10pm.

Find yourself getting triggered by a family member—again? Give yourself a few minutes alone and do this exercise.

Notice yourself giving into procrastination or overwhelm? That’s right—it will work for that too.

Just listen to what a few of the Healing Center members said about this tip:

“Just did the latter with my urge to snack in front of the tv now the kids are in bed and it worked! So simple :)” W.A.

“I love this! So simple. This quick tapping will definitely help. Thank you.” P.B.

“I read this tip first thing this morning and I believe it inspired clearing another layer of shame. It came at just the right time for me. Thank you!” L.H.

Healing can be this simple—if you choose it.

We live in a time when this healing is more and more available. As the vibration of the earth continues to increase and more of the Divine’s energy is released into our physical realm, the more power we have to experience this instant healing.

This can be a graceful and comfortable experience. We no longer need to work and struggle in a long, arduous journey.

If you want to get from one side of the country to another, you no longer have to walk to get there. You can hop on a jet plane and fly there in a few hours. You can still choose the walk if you prefer to experience the struggle. or you can relax in a seat, be served drinks and a meal, and even be entertained by a movie as you travel.

It’s the same with healing. You can struggle to get there and take years, or you can just be there. What used to take months and even years to cross the physical plains, now takes a few hours. What used to take years to clear can now happen as quickly as you believe it.

Want a clearing that goes deep into this issue? I highly recommend the Clearing Session for Lack, Pain, and Struggle Thought Patterns. Set aside the time right now to center yourself and do this clearing. Then feel the difference in your energy!

What pattern, big or small have you successfully shifted in your reality today?

Bless you,

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