Struggling with Forgiveness? What It Actually Means to Forgive Someone

Forgiveness is necessary, but it may not look like what you've been taught.

You’ve probably been taught that forgiveness is not only important when someone has wronged you—but it’s also required, whether you want to do it or not. This teaching can trigger resistance in you because when you try to “forgive and forget,” it feels inauthentic. What does it mean to forgive someone?

I used to believe that in some cases of traumatic life experience, forgiving might not be necessary.

I no longer believe that.

I now believe every individual’s life experience was divinely orchestrated to be perfect for that individual and that forgiveness of anyone who hurts us in our journey is required if we want to graduate into higher states of light and truth.

Here’s what happens when we don’t forgive someone:

Our inability to forgive will keep us stuck, make us sick, and eventually contribute to our deaths. This is because the opposite of forgiveness is blame and resentment: two of the lowest vibratory states in which we can be. Forgiveness is a process of releasing us to the higher vibrations of gratitude and charity, the peace and love of the Universe.

Forgiveness is the bridge that allows us to move into our higher consciousness. If you think you can get there without crossing that bridge, you are fooling yourself.

If you find it hard to forgive certain individuals in your life, you probably still believe that forgiveness condones what they have done to you.

This is not the case.

Forgiveness helps us heal while holding others accountable.

In fact, when you forgive someone who has hurt you, you are “FOR GIVING” them back the energy that they need to account for and releasing yourself from that old story that hurt you.

You are no longer carrying it for them. You are giving it back to them, and therefore, freeing you from their energy.

I created a clearing session in The Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center for this. It’s called the Mirror Work Clearing Session for Self-Sabotage and Struggle.

This session will teach you how to do mirror work in order to release deeply-seated beliefs held in your subconscious, including beliefs that you have taken on from others. These beliefs perpetuate patterns of self-sabotage and struggle. Once you let go and forgive, you are free to create new life patterns of affluence.

This session also focuses on forgiveness. Forgiving others frees our energy from their energy and allows them to be accountable to the energy their choices created. When you do the clearing, imagine giving back all the abusive, hurtful, wounding energy that they were the creator of. It was always theirs to account for. Now you have the power to give it back to them.

You may feel emotional during this process. That is a good thing as you are allowing pent-up energy to be reclaimed and restored to your personal energy system which makes it available to use to create what you now want in life. One of my Healing Center clients, Dana L. shares: “I cried through the entire session. It struck home! I finally have answers and I can honestly see a light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel.”

Choosing forgiveness sets you free from energy that isn’t yours.

You’re choosing to be the author of your new reality. Congratulations on assisting yourself in creating the freedom to allow that to happen.

Bless you,

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