Get to Know the Ajna Chakra: Your Third Eye Chakra

Modern life can feel incredibly complicated. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with information from all angles – and we’re told that if we want to make sense of it all, we must be objective and look for the facts.

But what if this approach is wrong?

What if we’re neglecting a spiritual awareness; the mind’s eye that that offers a ‘sixth sense’ to help us find our way through the world with more inner wisdom guiding the way?

I think we are. In fact, I’m convinced we are – and if we’re going to find a way to make real sense of the world, we need to work on our sixth chakra – the Ajna chakra.

Understanding the Ajna Chakra

The Anja chakra goes by a number of names. You might know it as the Third Eye, the brow chakra, the sixth of the seven chakras – or even the “mother” of all chakras. In ancient Sanskrit, the words ‘command’ or ‘monitoring center’ are used to describe its function – but I like to refer to it as something even simpler; enhanced intuition.

This intuitive power we all have inside us radiates from this Third Eye energy center in an outward funnel of light energy. While you’re reading this, you can touch your Ajna chakra – you’ll find it between your eyebrows and upward very slightly – reflecting its central role, under the Crown chakra, at the very center of the brain.

If you feel drawn to purples, indigos and amethyst colors, it’s the Ajna chakra’s wisdom influencing your choice. As a symbol, it’s the two-petalled lotus – and it’s considered the seat of the “inner Guru” – our innate ability make better decisions and protect us from what is false or harmful in the world. When we move towards revelation and insight, the Ajna chakra is the wind in our sails.

Functions of the Third Eye Chakra

To truly understand the Ajna chakra, it’s useful to know what pushes against it; what keeps it from fully flourishing.

The truth is, it’s our senses that stop us from fully trusting our mind’s eye.

That might sound strange or a little unfair – after all, our senses let us experience some of the wonderful gifts life has to give. The trouble is, difficult times leave our senses heightened. When we become hyper-aware and anxious about what life might send our way, we can easily slip into ‘survival mode’ – where we rely on our rational, intellectual brain to cautiously guide our way.

It’s this intellectual self that blocks the Ajna chakra. At one time, we only had our sense of intuition and inner wisdom to guide us and expand our awareness. Now, we may think we grow our perception – but we’re often guilty of letting just our sense of the physical world lead the way. If we learn to awaken our chakra – we allow ourselves and intuitive sensibility and inner-perception that will pave the way to a kind of peace and happiness that can so often feel such a long way from our grasp.

The Open Third Eye Chakra

When we learn to open and unblock our Ajna chakra, we unlock our natural ability to discriminate through observation.

I’ve always found it incredible how thought seems to work. When we’re busy, ‘always on’, and experiencing stress, our thoughts seem to blend into one; a tangled web where the most urgent or loudest issues and fears get all of our attention.

When your third eye is open, you can discriminate between quick and slow thinking. The Anja allows for slower background contemplation and wisdom; we become more lucid and observant.

Don’t misunderstand though. The Third Eye doesn’t slow us down or take us to a trance-like state where we’re not aware of the world around us – it’s quite the opposite in fact.

The fast, reactive thoughts that are usually driven by adrenaline and stress hormones still come quickly – but they come from a place of deep intuition and insightful wisdom. The Ajna chakra moves us from panic and impulsiveness to quiet certainty and confidence.

Thinking back; have you ever had that feeling that something’s not quite right? You can’t put your finger on the subtle energy – but that relationship, work decision, or business venture just didn’t feel right. Have you ever kicked yourself because you told yourself not to “be silly” and think rationally? Now think about how many times you were completely correct – I’d wager that if you can recall, your intuition was correct most of the time. Your Ajna chakra’s wisdom moved through you – but you decided to be ‘rational’ instead.

Symptoms of a blocked Third Eye Chakra

If you can relate to those bad decisions that come because we try to make ‘smart’ or rational choices, you’re definitely not alone.

In fact, I’d say you’re part of the overwhelming majority.

So many of us are stuck in the rigid and analytical, standing by concepts that don’t work for us on a spiritual level. Instead, this modern, overly intellectual way of living hinders our ability to feel fulfilled and happy.

Intellect is a strange thing though – when we have it in abundance, we can feel confident and clever in conversation, work, or in public – though we often feel fearful and false inside. In many ways, being ‘smart’ feels like a thin veil over our real, deeply insecure and unsure self.

Do you have trouble making decisions? Have you tied yourself up in those never-ending circles where you can’t see a clear way forward? Do you feel like you have clarity of thought one moment – but then questions and doubt creep back in seconds later?

Intellect doesn’t just tie us in knots in this way though – when we rely on it to carry us, we quickly succumb to the physical problems it brings; migraines, dizziness, even blindness. We turn to unhealthy coping strategies and addictions to try to get out of these feelings of being trapped in a rational, often depressed brain. Sadly, those coping strategies just bring more problems.

The truth is, intellect isn’t bad – it just needs balance – but when the intuition of the Ajna chakra is blocked, our intellect runs away with us – taking us down increasingly dark and difficult paths.

How to Heal the Third Eye and Keep it Open

If you recognise familiar patterns and behaviours in the symptoms I’ve talked about above, now’s a good time to take steps to address the imbalance you’re experiencing.

Here’s a great first step for you – don’t overthink it! If the idea of a change struck a chord with you as you’re reading this; commit to giving it a slightly new approach a try – even if your ‘rational’ brain is telling you otherwise.

The great news is; even small changes can make a huge difference. Just like any of the spiritual chakras, Anja is best balanced through a reiki or meditation practice (feel free to include frankincense essential oil as a bonus!). Brahmari meditation breathing techniques do an almost unbelievable job of dispersing those fast and anxious thoughts that bounce around your head – and if you’re anything like me, you may even tingling or pulsing sensation around the area of the third eye as you begin to unblock the Mind’s Eye.

Another great option is yoga – specifically any asana or yoga pose that involves forward bends and pressing the forehead down; the Dolphin’s or Child’s pose for instance. Also, try to surround yourself with purples and indigos – Anja colours that help to unblock that deeper wisdom. Experiment with gemstones too – amethyst, lapis lazuli, and azurite can have wonderful effects when you keep them close.

They say “Knowledge speaks – but wisdom listens” – and this couldn’t be more accurate than with the Third Eye. Your intellectual mind tells you to think and be heard all the time – but when we slow that impulse down and listen instead, the Ajna chakra awakens again. Try experimenting with different perspectives and viewpoints – even if that simply means you try a different activity, join a new yoga class, watch different shows, or pick up some new books.

Open Your Third Eye

I’m not going to pretend it’s easy to find the kind of balance your Anja chakra needs to bring new levels of peace and wisdom to your life – but I can tell you, without any question, that the effort required will pay itself back a great many times over.

Life can feel crazy and overwhelming at times – and even if it doesn’t feel manically out of control, we can so often feel like you lack the ability to simply change the direction you’re moving in. When you work on unblocking the Ajna chakra and opening your Third Eye, you’ll start to find a much healthier balance – and you’ll see paths emerging in front of you that you simply hadn’t noticed before.

As someone who experienced anger and depression every day of my younger life, I’m walking and talking proof that life can take incredible new directions when you put a little time and effort towards healing yourself and working to unblock your Mind’s Eye.

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