4 Warning Signs That Guilt is Dragging You Down

How to stop feeling guilty & apologizing for everything

Guilt can be useful. In proper balance, it can alert you to make a change in your life.

But a lot of people carry excessive guilt that drags them down and makes them question their worth.

Is guilt dragging you down?

Here are 4 warning signs that you feel too much guilt for things that aren’t your fault:

1. You apologize for everything.

Do people ever tell you that you apologize too much? For things that you don’t need to? That’s a big, red flag that you have too much guilt.

What to do about it:

The next time you start to say, “I’m sorry,” stop and identify your actual feelings.
You might express something like…

  • I feel really stupid about this.
  • This is embarrassing to me.
  • I feel like I have to explain myself.
  • I feel put on the spot.

By naming how you actually feel, you will get to the root of the issue—rather than ignore it.

Remember: if you don’t have a true reason to be sorry, saying “I’m sorry”  out of guilt doesn’t solve anything.

2. You have a hard time forgiving yourself for the past.

Do you ever repeat things in your mind you’ve done wrong? Do you think often about what you could or should have done differently in the past?

Not being able to move on and let go of what happened in the past is an example of feeling unhealthy guilt.

What to do about it:

Consciously practice self-forgiveness. Put your hand on your heart and say this in your mind or out loud:

“Even though I have blamed myself for _______, I forgive and accept myself. I am doing the best I know how.”

3. You worry about being a disappointment to others.

Do you ever worry that you’ll let people down? Do you get frustrated that you can never do enough?

If you feel like you always disappoint people, it’s a sign you’re carrying too much guilt from the past.

What to do about it:

Guilt and people-pleasing patterns are connected. When you begin to practice self-forgiveness from the previous step, you will notice a shift in your energy.

You will no longer need to “make up for” your past.

4. You always take the blame if something goes wrong.

Do you assume that any problem is all your fault? Do you ever resent others because they seem to get out of situations without any blame?

Carrying this weight is a sign that you’re taking on too much guilt.

What to do about it:

Take 3 deep breaths and try this visualization:

Imagine yourself being washed in cascading, white light, washing the guilt from your entire being. Physically wipe the guilt off your body and free yourself once and for all.

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