How To Connect To The Divine Through Your Crown Chakra

Have you ever felt a lack of spiritual inspiration? Have you been stuck in a period of isolation or unable to muster compassion for others? If so, you may have a blocked crown chakra.

The crown chakra, also known as the thousand-petal lotus chakra or Sahasrara, blossoms with deep insight and energy. It sits at the top of your head and works as your pure consciousness, forming a bond between your higher self and the divine energy of the universe.

Let’s take a closer look at how to unlock this chakra and rebuild a connection between yourself, your world, and the divine.

What is the Crown Chakra?

In the chakra system, the energy of the crown chakra is like a warm embrace around the top of your head that also flows deeply within you and reaches out to the universe. It resonates with the color violet and is often represented by the amethyst stone or a purple lotus flower.

The Sanskrit word for the crown chakra, Sahasrara, describes a lotus flower with 1,000 petals of various shades. These petals are arranged in 20 layers and form a deep well of energy from which all other chakras flow.

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra in a system of seven main chakras. While it is at the top of your head, it has a strong connection to your lower chakras, specifically the first chakra and second chakra, or root chakra and sacral chakra, which are found in the pelvis and abdomen. Together, these chakras maintain total physical and spiritual flow.

Many people view this chakra as the key to forming a connection between the finite and the infinite. The crown chakra extends the self beyond the physical body, sharing energy with the larger forces and wisdom of the universe.

Role of Crown Chakra in Connecting to the Divine

Closely connected to divine forces, an open crown chakra gives a sense of pure awareness, selflessness, and interconnectivity. It provides space to feel life-affirming emotions like compassion and gratitude.

This chakra is the key to understanding your personal faith. It forms your unique connection to the divine, allowing energy to flow between yourself and a higher power.

A free-flowing seventh chakra opens spiritual opportunities you may have never seen before. It helps you build a closer connection to higher forces, illuminating new pathways to deeper truths. Finally, you may begin to discover answers to some of the most perplexing questions about life through your energy system.

What Happens When it is Unbalanced?

A blocked chakra is the ultimate blockage. An obstruction here severs your connection to the universe and leaves you feeling alone. It can be a frightening state of mind.

When your crown chakra is off-balance, it creates a cascade of problems throughout your body and mind. You begin to feel closed off to the possibilities that exist in the world. Your own ego starts to stand in your way.

This affects your physical energy, thinking process, and ability to connect with other people and everyday experiences. You may find it hard to get out of bed in the morning, because you think, “What’s the point? Who cares?”

People who have blocked crown chakras often have a feeling of being locked up, as if their mind and body have become tightly-wound and rigid. A connection with the divine is extremely difficult in this pent-up state.

Signs and symptoms of an unbalanced crown chakra include:

  • Cloudy thinking
  • Depression
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Sensitivity to light, sound, and touch
  • Persistent headaches
  • Nerve and neurological disorders
  • Inflexibility in thinking
  • Prejudice and negative assumptions
  • Delusions
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Lack of energy
  • Being overly self-interested or greedy
  • Desire to dominate others
  • Inability to care for others
  • Finding it difficult to retain information
  • Feeling that it has been a long time since you experienced pure joy
  • Trying to connect with the divine, but being unable to do so

Until you have restored balance to your crown chakra, you may feel that the world is punishing you or that God has abandoned you. On top of feeling unconnected to a larger power, you may have trouble with small decisions and details in your day-to-day life.

This is a deeply unsettling energy state that can lead to migraine headaches, hair loss, long-term depression and perhaps even mental disturbances like dissociation and amnesia. The crown chakra may also be a contributor to progressive memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and schizophrenia.

In order to preserve mental wellness and bring balance to your life, you must unblock your chakra and restore your natural energy flow.

How to Unblock and Balance the Crown Chakra to Connect to the Divine

Unblocking the crown chakra is critically important in finding a gateway to divine bliss and spiritual wisdom. In fact, some people refer to the crown chakra as the “God chakra” because of its spiritual value.

There are many methods of soothing and balancing this chakra, from quickly saying a mantra to practicing certain yoga poses. Do you have a block in the seventh chakra? Whether it’s totally blocked or just feeling a bit out of balance, here are some things to try.


The crown chakra is represented by the color violet, so it can be helpful to close your eyes and visualize a purple light or liquid flowing from the top of your head and cascading down your body. As it pours across you, this force clears any blockages along the way.


More than any other chakra, the crown chakra benefits from silence due to its close connection to the head and mind. Silence prevents distractions and allows you to focus on spiritual practice. Make time to experience total silence and explore how it invites a renewed perspective on spirituality.

Healing Stones

Amethyst is a deep purple stone that is associated with the seventh chakra. By holding an amethyst in your hands, you can focus your energy and dissolve a blockage in your crown chakra. Continue to wear the amethyst to prevent a blockage from forming in the future and strengthen your personal power.


Certain yoga poses are excellent for unblocking the crown chakra and connecting it to the heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, throat chakra, and other parts of the body. Try an inverted headstand, shoulder stand, or asanas that improve energy flow from the top of the head.


In reiki, energy is channeled through various paths of the body. This can be a very effective way to restore pathways to their natural flow and maintain chakra balance. By consistently practicing reiki, you may be able to develop an open pathway to a spiritual connection and divine life force.

Nature Walks

Reconnecting with nature may allow you to restore flow and balance for your well-being. To heal the crown chakra, which involves the head, your emotions, and your thinking, take a stroll through awe-inspiring environments that stimulate deep mental experiences.


Mindfulness and mental awareness are crucial in unblocking poor energy flow. Do you have a mantra you can repeat to activate your energy center and purify your body? Try the Sahaswara chakra mantra. It refers to the seed or core mantra, which is: om.

How to Welcome Spiritual Growth

When your crown chakra is open and flowing freely, every cell in your body begins to tingle with energy and unconditional love. It’s easy to discover fresh possibilities in every new day and welcome spiritual growth with wide-open arms.

Of course, the fast-paced modern world sometimes seems at odds with this kind of divine peace, doesn’t it? Our lives are so chaotic. Just when we find a quiet moment to meditate, the phone suddenly blows up with urgent messages.

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