How to Attract the Energy of Love Into Your Life

Attracting more love into your relationships is truly possible.

In my book Remembering Wholeness, I have a chapter titled, “The 10 Lies We Think Are Love!” When we don’t receive the unconditional love we need from our parents, we find substitutes to try and make up the difference. For example, food is love, sex is love, money is love, I have to fix people to be loved, I have to please others to be loved—these are some common and ineffective substitutes. None of these work. It’s like trying to fill a cup that has holes in it.

It is built into our human nature to want to be loved and to love others.

But due to early wounding in our lives, we may have a skewed idea of what “real love” is.

“Real love is an energy that supports us in feeling good. When we feel genuine self-love and self-worth, we experience ourselves as good enough and capable. When genuine self-love and self-worth are present and alive within us, we attract love and respect from others.”  —Remembering Wholeness 

So, how do you fix the holes so you can attract and maintain real, true love in your life?

How do you find love and acceptance for just being you? To attract unconditional and consistent love from your significant other—or attract that significant other into your life?

These 3 powerful steps will help set the energy into motion for you to attract love into your life:

1. Attracting love starts with loving yourself.

Can you look in the mirror and honestly say you love and appreciate the person you see? If you’re not learning to love yourself, you cannot expect anyone else to love you any more than you are capable of. You have to think you are amazing to attract other people who think you are amazing.

The next time you look in the mirror, say out loud 3 times, “I love you!” Can you do this confidently? Keep repeating this statement until it feels comfortable.

2. What you believe, you manifest.

Your thoughts are energy streams you’re broadcasting to the world. To attract more love from your significant other, or to attract a loving companion into your life, think thoughts like:

I am grateful for the love of my life.
I am grateful for the wonderful companion I am enjoying a relationship with
I am grateful for the time we spend together, we honor and love each other

3. Use the Figure 8 Attraction Technique to activate your attraction energy.

Imagine drawing a sideways figure 8 from your heart out toward the space in front of you and back around to your heart. Keep doing this motion 9-10 times. Use Figure 8 Attraction Technique to attract more love from the people in your life and attract that loving “someone” to you.

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