15 Gratitude Statements You Can Tap on this Thanksgiving

Do this Tapping exercise to amplify your gratitude

Gratitude is one of the highest states of emotion we can experience.

In the United States, we will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving. This holiday reminds us to practice gratitude in our thoughts and expressions.

Tapping therapy, or EFT, is a powerful energy tool that helps reset the brain to release trauma and reprogram positive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

When you combine gratitude statements with EFT tapping therapy, you will drastically improve your outlook on life.

For the next 10 days, put yourself on the Gratitude Diet and combine tapping into your practice.

Here’s how you participate in the Gratitude Diet:

  1. Every day, write down 25 things you’re grateful for.
  2. Then, using tapping therapy, tap into your intuition on each of the EFT tapping points while repeating your gratitude statements.

Here’s a shortcut of the eight consecutive EFT tapping points:

  1. Eyebrow (EB)
  2. Side of Eye (SE)
  3. Under Eye (UE)
  4. Under Nose (UN)
  5. Chin (CH)
  6. Collarbone (CB)
  7. Under Arm (UA)
  8. Top of Head (H)

The following 15 gratitude statements can help you get started on your Gratitude Diet.

These statements are very general, so add to it with very specific statements that are personal to your life.

1.      I am grateful for my life
2.      I am grateful for all my experiences and what they have taught me
3.      I am grateful for my ability to choose how I respond to my life
4.      I am grateful for the opportunity to change
5.      I am grateful for my loved ones
6.      I am grateful for this amazing planet and all the richness it offers me
7.      I am grateful for my freedom
8.      I am grateful that I can change the way I feel
9.      I am grateful for all the blessings I have received
10.     I am grateful for EFT
11.     I am grateful that I am never alone
12.     I am grateful that God is watching out for me
13.     I am grateful for all I have learned this year
14.     I am grateful for all the answers and help that has been given to me
15.     I am grateful I am finding answers and resources and that I am free to change and grow

Using EFT therapy to retrain your mind to think of the positives will support you in releasing blame, anger, resentment, frustration, and all other negative beliefs and emotions. It’s important to feed the energy of gratitude within you and manifest all the blessings.

Read this story about one of my clients, Claire, and how powerful this gratitude and tapping combination was for her.

I had been working with Claire for about 2 months, but she was still reporting a lack of success. Her complaints included:

It doesn’t seem to be working for me.
I don’t feel any better.
I get tired of saying so many negatives.

Claire was very practiced in reporting how hard her life was, what was going wrong, and how bad she still felt. She had a mental and emotional habit of focusing on the negative and unpleasant in her life and we needed to teach her brain to start seeing and feeling the blessings of her life.

Two weeks before Thanksgiving, I told her to go on the Gratitude Diet.

For 10 days, she followed the steps to completion, using tapping therapy along with her gratitude statements, and had such a tremendous shift in her moods and thinking, that she continued her gratitude diet for the rest of the year.

She shared, “I began to realize how hard it was for me to focus on the positives of my life. I had to really make an effort in the first few days to make my brain come up with them. I began to notice that the aspects of my life I was unhappy about were in the minority, and the positives were all over the place.

“I used to wake up feeling miserable anticipating another day of drudgery. Now I wake up feeling a sense of peace and thanks for all the good that is in my life. I have noticed that my life is getting better and the answers are coming and problems are being resolved.”

Just like Claire, if you are feeling stuck, use more statements of gratitude as you tap on the EFT tapping points to get your positive emotions moving again.

Put yourself on a Gratitude Diet this holiday season and watch your world start to shift for the better.

Teach yourself to appreciate everything. Express gratitude for every single moment of your life. The more you create feelings of appreciation and gratitude, the more you will attract into your life that which you can appreciate and for which you can feel gratitude.

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