An Easy Technique to Tap Into Your Intuition for Guidance

Wake up your intuition with this simple technique

How would you describe your relationship with your intuition?

You’ve probably heard about a “mother’s intuition” before, but every person on the planet has this guiding inner compass. And everyone can benefit from supporting and listening to it.

In this post, Anne shares a simple technique she uses to awaken her intuition. You can use it too and apply it to any area in your life.

Maybe you need to receive more insight into a situation at work, school, or in your family. This technique will help!

How your intuition tries to connect with you

Intuition rarely comes from the thinking, analytical mind when you’re trying to “figure out” an issue.

Instead, it shows up as a gut feeling or a deep inner knowing. When either of those happens, pay attention. It might be tempting to explain it away—but don’t! That’s your intuition showing up for you.

Some people find it challenging to know what’s your intuition or not. It’s limp and weak, like a muscle that hasn’t been exercised in years.

The more you take the opportunity to notice your intuitive capacities, the stronger they become. As a result, you’ll start to trust it more clearly.

This simple technique helps you tap into your intuition:

My daughter Anne recently shared this technique as she intentionally worked on strengthening her mind/body connection:

“I put a drop of the “I Am Connected” Healing Oil on my navel and a drop on my 3rd eye (between the eyebrows) and then put my finger on each spot and visualized Figure 8’s between the two. My intention in doing so was to strengthen my intuition and connection to what my body wants and needs. Since doing this, I feel I have been more willing to stop and listen and respond to my body’s needs.

“I also did it between my mouth and my 3rd eye and my mouth and my navel. (Sometimes my mouth wants to eat things my body doesn’t! Now they’re getting more aligned.)

“The mind is a powerful tool, but often it tries to take the lead or talk me out of listening to my body. Using the “I Am Connected” oil blend has been a helpful tool in connecting all parts of my body to be humming the same tune!

“Try it and see what happens!”

I love Anne’s commitment to hearing her own inner guidance. She found herself questioning herself less and being more confident in decisions.

How could your life benefit from listening to your intuition?

Give yourself 30 seconds for 7 days.

Try this exercise for just 30 seconds every day for a week and see what you notice.

Then come back and leave a comment below sharing your experience.

Also, see what you notice when you don’t listen.

When you don’t listen or trust your intuition, you’ll probably also learn a valuable lesson that’s more amplified than normal. This happens so that you pay attention more closely and trust yourself next time. It’s all a learning experience!

I look forward to hearing your stories about following your intuition. Remember, it’s there to guide you!

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Bless you,

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