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How The Law Of Attraction Can Heal Your Pain & Illness

You don't have to suffer from your pain and illness anymore.

If you’re experiencing pain and illness on a regular basis, it’s easy to think to yourself, “I guess I just have to learn to live with this.” I get it. Chronic pain and illness can wear you out. Today I’m going to teach you three steps (and a visualization) that will engage the Law of Attraction and help you heal. What a relief. Watch below:

Video Transcript

Are you accepting pain and illness as your common everyday state? Are you telling yourself, “I guess I just have to learn to live with this?” I get it. It can wear you out dealing with pain and illness on a regular basis. Today I’m going to teach you three steps that will engage the law of attraction to your benefit to help you heal. What a relief.

I’m Carol Tuttle. And I am here to support you in learning the power you have to heal your life. I show up every week, subscribe to my channel to help you in that capacity. You are a powerful creator and you’re creating, whether you know it or not. So why not learn how to create what you want rather than all the stuff you don’t want? Because most people are walking around creating what they don’t want, thinking they have to survive life and they’re are a victim of circumstances, that’s not the case. So let’s heal your pain and illness.

Stop Using Warring Words in Reference to Your Health Challenge

Now, I’ve shared that in other videos that I’ve dealt with pain and illness to a degree, where it really got me thinking about, “What am I creating here and why am I creating this?” And so you want to stop, first of all, the warring words. Choose words of peace, choose words, this is step one, stop using warring words in reference to your health challenge, words like battling, struggling, fighting, I’m at war with.

These create warring energies in your body, these create conflict in your body, this actually feeds the illness or the pain to now war back at you, you’re in battle with it, you’re in conflict with it. So you want to be able to align with a real positive solution. So that’s the first step, is if the law of attraction supports us in creating whatever we focus on, if you’re focused on conflict, struggle, war, battle, that’s what you’ll create. And you’ll feel like the victim and you’ll feel powerless to the pain or illness. Like it’s more powerful than you, like you’re at mercy to it and it’s winning, and you have to fight it back.

Notice it’s interesting once you get this, “Aha,” and I actually teach this in Mastering Affluence. But I recognize that and as you watch different commercials that are advertisements or even in printed ads, notice the language that’s being used in the medical culture. There’s a lot of warring words being shared. And that was really interesting to me, because that was just the epiphany of, “What am I creating when I choose into that? I’m choosing to be potentially in a powerless position and it’s going to beat me and too many days I felt like a victim. Anyway, I’m like, I’m powerless and this is beating me up in life.” You certainly are not going to heal if that’s where you are energetically.

Stop Forcing Your Body to Carry Your Repressed Emotions

Step two is, stop forcing your body to carry your repressed emotions like anger, sadness, grief, disappointment, those are all making your body sick. So you’ve got a lot of repressed energy on an emotional level that you’ve never healed. You know, you think back into your childhood and you had a lot of whether it was anger, fear, sadness, discouragement, whatever the emotion was, but it wasn’t safe or appropriate or even encouraged to express it. That stuff builds up, it accumulates in your body and that turns into disease, illness, and pain. It’s fueling it.

So what emotion do you still stuff? So there’s a couple of things you can do with this stuff to free your body up so the law of attraction is now really effective because this stuff is interference. You want to clear the repressed unhealed emotion from your childhood and you want to feel whatever you’re feeling in the now. So notice in the now, that’s the easiest one to put to practice right now, is notice when you’re feeling something and you have to turn it off. Notice what you do. Do you allow yourself to feel what’s coming up for you or do you talk yourself out of it, see it as weak or even feel like you have a switch that shuts it down?

Well, every time you shut it down, it’s like turn that switch off, you’re putting it into your body. Your body has to account now for the energy which then fuels it. In my healing center, the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I take people through clearing processes that help them open up to feeling whatever they need to feel in the now, and I have a lot of sessions on helping you heal the repressed buried emotion from your past.

And it’s pretty phenomenal. The testimonials that people share in the Facebook group where we’ve had thousands of people join a community of active healers who really want to live affluent, healthy lives. They’re sharing stories like, “I’m really experiencing my body healing more quickly as I free it up from this old emotion.” They’re seeing results from the efforts they’re applying on healing the body level. So that’s available for you as well. The Carol Tuttle Healing Center is super supportive in helping you get to the bottom of this stuff, so you don’t have to keep kind of dripping it out little by little.

Visualize Your Body Being in a State of Health

The third step in the law of attraction techniques is to visualize your body being in a state of health. This can be challenging when you’re feeling the opposite of that. This can feel like, kind of you’re in denial about what is. But the law of attraction functions on putting our attention on what is wanted as if it’s already happening. And since it’s not happening in your physical reality, you can create in the power of your imagination the energy and the image as if it is happening. So I would do this on a regular basis, I’d set my timer so it would prompt me, and have a daily reminder and all I had to do is take maybe 15 to 30 seconds a day, and put my attention on my body being fully healthy, stable, and balanced. And I’d imagine my body that I was there and my body feeling good.

Let’s do it right now, in fact. Just get present with yourself. Take a deep breath in, arms and legs uncrossed. Take a deep breath in. It helps me to close my eyes so that I’m not distracted by my outer vision. And I’m just imagining myself who I am now. I’m seeing myself walking gleefully, I’m feeling good. I see myself thinking the thought, “Oh, wow, I feel so good my body is pain-free. I feel so healthy, whole and balanced.” Whatever part of your body has been presenting the pain, imagine noticing it and how good it feels, how balanced it feels and in the image, see yourself thinking back to when you were dealing with the pain, like you’re remembering an experience in the past. You’re doing the things that you desire to do, you remember, you’re seeing yourself, “Oh, I used to be thinking about this pain or illness all day long, I don’t do that.”

Notice that you’re thinking about your life experience now and what a great life you’re having. And the things in your life that are presenting to you and how much you’re enjoying it. Take a deep breath. There, you have set into motion now, through the function of the law of attraction that being created for you. Now, you’ll go back to your habits of the warring words, feeling like a victim, you’ll stuff your emotion again. But you know that 15 to 30 seconds every day overrides all that other stuff you do—it’s that potent.

So don’t get concerned about, “I’m canceling it all out.” You’ll change those other habits little by little. Keep working on noticing, “I’m back in the victim energy. I’m back I’m battling with the issue, the pain or disease. Okay. Shift my focus. I’m at peace with this now.” I’m going to create in the next couple of weeks a video called “My 10 Most Powerful Affirmations to Heal Pain and Illness.”

So look for that, you want to refer to those, because you want to be able to give yourself new thought processes, and that will help you with that. And then if your stuffing the emotion, again, just remind yourself, “Feel my feelings. It’s now safe to feel my feelings.” And get your membership at the Carol Tuttle Healing Center so you can heal the buried, repressed, unexpressed emotion of the past. Free your body up so it can tap into its healing potential because that’s causing interference.

I’ve got a link in the copy to the Healing Center. I’ve had thousands and thousands of people use this resource, it’s remarkable. You’ll be amazed at the results you get, you really will. I’m looking forward to you writing in the Facebook group “Carol, I learned about this on your Youtube video and I joined up. I signed up and I joined the group and I want to let you know it’s working.”

I’m gonna look for that because I’m going to reply to that because I’m active in the Facebook group on a daily basis to support you, to coach you and encourage you. And I do monthly coaching calls that will just be profoundly supportive to you, and you need support. It’s just challenging to go alone in this kind of stuff. We just default to feeling beat up and, you know, kind of forlorn. I know you need support except that it’s okay to invest some money in support, ‘cuz what you want is good, desirable and timely. And you’ve yet to realize the potential you have. So I’ll see you in the Healing Center and I’ll see you next week here on Youtube.

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