How The Law Of Attraction Can Heal Your Pain & Illness

You don't have to suffer from your pain and illness anymore.

Do you feel trapped by pain and failing health? Are you struggling against mental disorders or chronic illness? Are you fighting to keep your head above water?

Mental and physical health issues can be all-consuming. You can spend all your time, energy and emotions on your troubles. Have you ever asked yourself: how does this play into the Law of Attraction?

You are a powerful creator. You are creating reality whether you know it or not!

I’m going to cover exactly how your mentality is impacting your health and what you can do to flip the script using the Law of Attraction in a mindful way.

It is completely natural to feel worried when someone you love is facing a health concern or you are dealing with pain immobility or sickness. However, that worry isn’t going to help at ALL. The Bible tells us, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” (Matthew 6:27)

Are You Mindfully Creating?

Your thoughts impact your reality. In a very real way, you are forming the situation around you—from how you perceive your circumstance to the barriers you add. The Law of Attraction essentially means that “like attracts like.” Your thoughts and focus will shape what happens. If you dwell on negative energy, then you will attract more negative energy. If you focus on positive energy, then you will attract positive energy to yourself.

We tend to think that we are simply characters in a story—we react as things happen to us. We take on a victim mentality that makes us feel powerless to change the narrative. But, we were created to be the authors of our story. Some elements may be handed to us by the creator, but he’s given us the power and freewill to choose how we respond and how we move forward.

We all possess the power of self-healing. Anything is possible for the one who believes. We can choose to grow and heal no matter the circumstance, or we can choose to create our own misery and stay stagnant in our situation.

What is Perfect Health?

You might be wondering, “Is there even such a thing as perfect health?” Health and affluence go hand-in-hand and are multi-faceted issues. When we say “health,” most of us think of our physical bodily health. But, good health will also include our mental state, our relationships, our attitude toward money and more.

Perfect health means feeling good—but it also means having a balanced and affluent approach towards all areas of life.

When you feel good, have energy and are in a positive mental space, you have a wealth that goes beyond just money. Good health isn’t just the absence of disease—it is also your complete mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being.

The Importance of Believing

Belief is more than just knowing something. To be a true believer, you have to have a readiness to act on what you believe. If you believe a house is on fire, you get out. If you believe plants grow from seeds, then you will plant seeds to harvest vegetables or enjoy flowers later in the summer. If you believe you are following an accurate map to a desirable destination, you will happily take the steps pictured to get to that place.

If you believe you can create reality, you will act as if your reality is going to happen.

This isn’t exactly a “fake it ‘til you make it” thing—but it’s close. When you act in a way that is in line with your vision, you will naturally take the path towards that destination.

  • If you believe you are good at spending money, you will spend mindfully and avoid impulse buys.
  • If you believe you will become a great leader, you will be mindful of others and set a powerful example they will be inspired to follow.
  • If you believe you will be a benevolent person with wealth, you will start giving freely now from what you have.

Many believe they can control these destinies with material things or crafting their dream life, but struggle to believe the same thing when it comes to whole-body healing. The Law of Attraction doesn’t cease to work just because the issue is hidden or happening within you.

Forming Belief with Words of Affirmation

Your soul has been gifted with the infinite power to heal itself and others from pain. You have to believe this is true in order to unleash your power. This requires letting go of the emotional bondage and insecurities that you’ve accrued throughout your early years.

The best way I’ve found to do this is through words of affirmation.

You can use words of affirmation to push away the negative thoughts and focus on the things you know are true but don’t currently feel are true. When your first subconscious thought is, “I feel so out of control. What can I do?” Your affirmative statement to push away that negative energy should be something like:

“I can heal myself and my loved one. I have the infinite power within me to heal myself and others.”

For more, check out these 10 Self-Healing Affirmations for Chronic Physical Pain.

God often uses our suffering and struggle to teach us something important. More often than not, we are being taught to rely fully on Him. Your belief in yourself and your internal power is a direct consequence of believing in Him above all else. Rather than believe in your own understanding and logic, you are putting your full faith in His goodness and that he’s promised to set all things right.

Some believe that only certain people have been given the gift of healing. Personally, I believe we all have that power within us. However, some are very limited by their unbelief or their victim mentality. This is something you need to break free of if you are going to learn, grow and heal in this situation.

The 3-Step Process of Using the Law of Attraction for Healing Pain and Illness

There are three things you need to do in order to break out of this cycle and attract good health to you. Remember, this isn’t only about your physical bodily health. Your focus on healing should be a complete picture—including your emotional, mental and spiritual health. Your relationship health and connection to wealth are just as important to balance as anything else.

You can’t only care about one kind of health and have true health, success or affluence. Healing can come in many forms when you are open to true wellness.

Stop Using Warring Words

When you use warring words, you are creating negative energy that forms your own perspective of your situation. You are not “battling,” “fighting” or “struggling” with a health issue. Do not mentally present yourself at odds with your physical state.

This attitude creates worry and unbelief—which is your biggest enemy in this healing process. You will never have the positive healing energy within if you are allowing worry to dictate your mindset.

The first part of the Law of Attraction is how you are going to create whatever you are focused on. When you are focused on struggle and conflict, you are going to create more of it within you. You will reaffirm that you are a powerless victim caught in the midst of unfair strife.

Instead, choose words of peace.

Choose to use language that affirms mental positivity and a confident perspective on achieving better health. I am strong. I am well. I have infinite power within me.” …These are examples of positive words that help put you in the right mindset.

Repeat specific mantras to replace the warring words, like:

“I am grateful for complete healing. My body is healed and every cell is teeming with life.” 

If you are working to heal someone else, you will want to use this same language. Remember, belief carries with it your readiness to act on what you believe. You believe in the power of healing, so you can speak as if it is already complete.

Stop Carrying Repressed Emotions

Your body shouldn’t be forced to carry the heavy and harmful negative emotions that occur when you repress powerful feelings. A lot of us don’t deal properly with our anger, rage, loneliness, disappointment or guilt. We push aside our negative emotions, pretending they aren’t there rather than dealing with them.

In order to work through these deep pains, you need to acknowledge their presence in your life and learn how to let them go. You can absolutely be free of these damaging repressed emotions that are making you sick.

In my healing center, the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I take people through clearing processes that help them open up their chakra centers, removing blocks. You need to be able to experience whatever feelings you need to feel in the now before you can fully let go and heal yourself.

You need to release those emotions and choose to stop letting them have power over you. I have a lot of healing sessions to help you work through the repressed buried emotion from your past.

Visualize Perfect Health

Again, true belief has you already moving down the path towards the destination you know is there. If you believe you are going to find full healing, you will start acting that way and creating that reality.

You have to start by putting your FULL attention on what you want. To kickstart the Law of Attraction, you need to focus on what you want to become by using visualization. Look around and find out what it took to get to this point and what it used to be like back when the pain or illness was still around.

Every day, I would set a timer for myself to spend just 15-30 seconds each day focusing my attention on my full body healing. I would view my body as being fully healthy, stable and balanced. And I’d imagine being present in my body and feeling good. That visualization eventually became my reality.

Keep practicing. The more you practice your positive energy mindset, the easier it is to maintain.

It’s normal to return to the victim mentality occasionally, but practice will be crucial here. It takes time to retrain your brain and re-carve those neuro pathways you’ve created that are currently causing your subconscious doubt. You have to keep reminding yourself of the positive perspective.

Finding Complete Healing

In order to experience the Law of Attraction healing you, you need to be completely open to accepting this gift. If you really want true, complete healing, you have to believe it will happen and be ready for the change.

It’s challenging to work through this kind of stuff alone. We just default to feeling beat up and kind of forlorn. I know you need support. The secret to making this change is seeking out a group that can rally around you.

Accept that it’s okay to ask for that help and seek out the community you need. You’ve yet to realize the potential you have, but I can help. Start your trial at my Healing Center to see how this mental shift will change your relationship with the Universe.

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