How to Use a Powerful Visualization for Healing Inside Out

I want you to close your eyes and imagine a beach with a soft breeze. Picture the sand, the sound of the waves, the blue water, and the warm sun.

Are you picturing it?

How does picturing that scene make you feel?

You probably feel calm, relaxed, happy, or even sleepy if you think about it long enough. This is true with anything we picture. Too often, the power of the mind is not taken seriously enough. But I am here to help you fix that in your own experience!

What we think about impacts how we feel. Your body chemistry will actually react to your thinking. Thinking negative thoughts (no matter how true) over and over will hurt your mental state and slow healing. When you daydream or picture positive images, it will often lift your mood and change your emotions. This will, in turn, have a physical impact on your body. Research has found:

  • Positive attitude and creative visualization led to faster recovery times.
  • Visualization and mental rehearsal have been tied to performance enhancement, motivation, and stress reduction.
  • Your brain fires neurons during visualization, similar to actually doing the task, improving motor skills and confidence.

I want to talk to you today about visualization and how it could help you in your goals and day-to-day life. At first, this might seem like a simple and almost nonsensical practice, but it is very effective. A positive attitude and deep mental focus will help you start the healing process and prepare for success in any aspect of life.

What is Visualization?

Creative visualization, or guided imagery, utilizes your senses to create a playing out of a desired outcome that becomes a reality in the subconscious mind. You mentally picture the scene and your role, watching the ideal outcome happen—as if it were a movie. This visual imagery helps you create an authentic experience that helps you rehearse this mental or physical activity.

  • To perform visualization, you need to clear the mind of all else.
  • Focus on the situation leading to the action you want to practice.
  • Imagine yourself doing the action.
  • Keep visualizing this scene, picturing it with all of your senses.
  • Imagine every detail until you feel as if it is truly happening.

This simple practice can help with struggles, like dieting, insomnia, fibromyalgia, depression, asthma, anxiety, and more. This practice is based on the understanding that your mind and body are connected and have a healing power. By repeating this process, we can access the mind-body connection.

Proven Healing Effects of Visualization

There are many important benefits you get with visualization. When you picture your successes instead of your obstacles, you open doors. By accessing the mind-body connection, there are many positive outcomes:

  • Increased feelings of control
  • Increased rate of healing
  • Enhanced ability to cope with therapy
  • Increased motivation to participate in self-care
  • Improved mood
  • Improved quality of life
  • Decreased postoperative pain
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Reduced length of time in the hospital
  • Reduced amount of pain medication taken
  • Deep peace from ending the inner fight

How to Use Visualization for Healing

If you are struggling with a health issue—physical or mental—visualization exercises may be able to help. By fully envisioning a positive experience and outcome, you can realize these behaviors into being. Your body will act in the way you visualize.

And, guess what?

You will get results with less than a minute of visualization each day!

Set Intentions

Start by clarifying your intentions. When you have a very specific goal, you can achieve specific positive results. Think about the healing imagery you can use to envision the healing process.

Mentally Relax

Find a quiet place to relax completely. You can be sitting or lying down. Make sure your clothing is loose, and your muscles are fully relaxed. Start by uncrossing your arms and legs. Go from your toes to your face in checking muscles to relax.

Find the Center

Focus on your breathing and block out everything else. This activates the vagus nerve, quieting your body through the nervous system. Fully relax your body and mind as your eyes stay closed.

Repeat a Positive Mantra

Take a deep breath and express your intentions. “I am healing. My body is whole and healed. I am grateful.” Envision light. Inhale and exhale that light.

Give Your Pain a Form

What does your pain, disease or health condition look like? Is it human or animal? Male or female? A shape or symbol?

Give it a shape. Consider what you are seeing–whether it is a blob of color or a person who has hurt you in the past. Acknowledge it and apologize for the hate you’ve had for it. Thank that pain for making you a better person and teaching you lessons. This is how you let go of your fight. You surrender to the reality of it and the benefit it offers you. You end the battle today and accept it for what it is and has been.

Instead of running from the struggle, you will greet it with open arms and choose to love the lessons there.

Shift Your Mindset

Stop thinking about the pain or struggle. Focus on how things feel when the pain is a part of the past journey and not the present.

If you have knee pain, for example, what are you doing with the knee is healed? Running, biking, walking to specific places, or playing on the ground with a pet or child? You should feel sweaty and feel the breeze blowing on your face. You should hear the surrounding noise. The more details you can picture and senses you can experience, the more real it feels. Visualize your life free of this condition.

Creative Imagery

You can picture creative thoughts to encourage these realities. Picture gluing a broken bone successfully back together. Imagine torn muscles being woven back together. Or picture cobwebs swept from a foggy brain that has trouble with focus. Picture your immune system fighting invaders or pain being washed away with healing waters. Picture the beautiful, healthy, and happy you as a result.

When you are ready, open your eyes and stretch gently. Get up and do something active, giving your brain a chance to internalize what you accomplished during guided meditation. Continue to reflect on this visualization as an achieved state. Practice deep healing visualization at least twice a day.

Do not let your condition become your identity. It is an experience, not who you are.

Tips on Effective Visualization

To get the most out of your visualization practice, you should do this in a completely focused way at least twice a day. Here are my top tips on visualizing your success.

  • Stop and visualize in the morning as soon as you wake and again before bedtime
  • You only need about 20-30 seconds to visualize
  • Don’t let other things interrupt you—this is me time!
  • Look for healing after six weeks of consistently practicing visualization techniques
  • Motivate yourself with affirmations
  • Find ways to stop distraction, like playing white noise or shutting yourself in a quiet room
  • Only focus on one outcome at a time with your mind’s eye

Be realistic with your healing visualization goals—start with smaller goals before progressing to bigger ones. For example, you might not start with envisioning a 6-pack, but in losing 10 pounds in the next month. Envision who you want to be and see how that does or doesn’t play a part in how you picture the future.

Visualization can be a very powerful tool for self-healing when used correctly. I want you to experience this deep healing, well-being, and joy that comes with the mind-body connection. This is a leap of faith that requires you to act without fully knowing what the outcome will be. You will need to throw all of your heart and belief into this process for it to work. I’m asking you to trust me in this practice. I want to give you tools for success, but I know this can be a strange new territory for you.

You don’t have to do this on your own if you don’t want to! If you would like more help or support, you can join my Healing Center. I offer 2-4 week Healing Plans that will support you in any of your struggles. I would love to see you there to experience energy healing!

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