How to Finally Heal a Life-Long Pattern

How your triggers are actually gifts in disguise

The past few months have been hard for all of us.

Because of the pandemic, quarantine, and the endless uncertainty, we’ve all been “earthquaked” out of our normal lives and into one of abnormality.

Old, old root chakra energy is being brought to the surface in an almost violent way. There’s been no downtime in our solar and planetary energy.

You see it any time you turn on the news. You see it everywhere in the collective, profusely. And then in our own lives, we’re seeing issues that have been in our family system and personal lives that we thought we cleared – but they came up again.

It feels like it just keeps coming! And even though you may not want to hear this, if we haven’t gotten to the root of it, it’s going to come up again. It’s not letting up yet because it’s residual energy.

What’s coming up? Deeply personal issues

Because of the energies of the world right now, we’re dealing with patterns that run very deep and come from generations before us.

Issues are potently affecting people’s emotional and mental states, and at times it feels overwhelming with nowhere to turn. You may have noticed a rise in depression and even suicide because of this.

For women, it’s common to be in conflict and at odds with our bodies. Sometimes just being in your own body, present and accepting of it, bring up triggers surrounding weight, food, and body image.

I’m not immune to this either.

In fact, just recently this summer I realized that even after all of my healing, I was still having issues with food and weight.

When I was 15, I started a dysfunctional pattern with my weight, body, and appearance. I created an eating disorder, OCD, and depression surrounding food.

48 years later, I discovered I was starting to use intermittent fasting as a way to restrict and starve myself—I was still at odds with food!

How to heal these life-long patterns

When I realized this pattern was still coming up for me, I knew I had to face it head-on. I built a protocol using 3 Scrambler Sessions from The Carol Tuttle Healing Center to clear this energy once and for all:

Scramblers are one of the most effective tools I teach to get to the root of the energy and pull it all out. In many ways, healing has to happen in layers. Using this protocol, each session serves a purpose to help you go through each of the layers so you can really uproot it.

How to go through the Scrambler Protocol to clear your issue:

This protocol is a slightly more advanced healing technique that I teach. It’s effective, but you must be patient with yourself. This will require you to go quite deep and you may be triggered in the process. But I can honestly say you’ll know you’ve finally cleared and released the issue when you feel lighter, almost like a physical sigh of relief. You’ll know you aren’t carrying this anymore and are free from it.

To use my experience as an example, each Scrambler Session helped me identify the core belief which then created the “shoulds” and “needs” I was acting out in my life:

  • Core Belief Scrambler: “I am at odds with food.”
  • Should Scrambler: “I should weigh 150 lbs.”
  • Need Scrambler: “I need to starve myself.”

Go through each Scrambler until you can follow along without forgetting or messing up any of the phrases. You want your brain to completely break and then re-wire the belief, and that may require repetition. Again, be patient with yourself! The effort will be worth the result.

After doing the Scrambler Protocol, one of the Healing Center members shared: “Yesterday I kept reminding myself that I could eat whatever my body asked for. I didn’t have to control that with my mind. Consequently, I didn’t feel the need to finish my treat at the end of the day, and I tended to eat more vegetables because I could eat whatever I wanted without concern or control. Today I feel lighter! How appropriate for my Type 1 self!” -Carmin

The beautiful thing about this work is that you can build a whole clearing experience based on your unique needs.

What is triggering you these days?

When you pay attention to your triggers, you’ll be shown what still needs to be healed. I invite you to join the Healing Center and start your 14-day free trial so you can go through these Scramblers and uproot the old energy that’s still holding you back in your life.

Join the Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center today!

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