Healing Chakra Sound Meditation for Current Events

A powerful sound healing to support you during these chaotic times

I know you’ve been feeling it too lately—the intensity of energy and emotions.

The chakra energy system has been activated now more than it ever has been before. What activates these powerful energies? The position of the planets in our solar system and what zodiac houses they are in.

Let’s look at the cause and effect of that through the modality of astrology.

For example:

  1. Last time Saturn was in Aquarius – Rodney King riots
  2. Last time Pluto was in Capricorn – American Revolution
  3. Last time Neptune was in Pisces – Global Spiritual Awakening

Right now, we have all three of these planetary set-ups. I teach in my book Mastering Affluence that upsets are a set-up to open the energy so we can see it, own it, and heal it.

In my book, The Modern Chakra Guide, I teach that even planet earth has chakras and so do each of the countries.

As I look at the energy of the 7 chakras of the USA, here is what I see and discern:

1st Chakra, Root: Deep, deep cleansing of the old energy of systematic hierarchy and racial/ethnic divisions and injustices, family dysfunction including abuse of all kinds, and authoritarian parental styles that repress children emotionally. Many of us have been healing the family energies of our root chakras for decades, now it has expanded to heal the societal energies.

2nd Chakra, Creation: The new energy of this chakra is being activated to assist us in creating new systems, healthier cultures where all are honored, healthier, more conscious parents raising children who will make more conscious decisions as adults.

3rd Chakra, Power: Deep cleansing of old energy of misuse of power to dominate and control. Opening new energy to use power to serve and influence

4th Chakra, Heart: Massive activation to help us through all of this and to activate forgiveness and start anew.

5th Chakra, Throat: Energy is running rampant. Many are using their voices without civility or being properly educated on the facts, yet, more than ever we have voices of wisdom and clarity guiding us. Never has there been a society on earth where so many voices could be heard. We can thank the internet for that. Chose wisely the voices you listen to and how you use yours.

6th Chakra, Intuitive: Activating new energy to give us the inner wisdom we need to help us be discerning with so many voices coming at us. We are in a space that humanity has never been in and we need insight more than ever.

7th Chakra, Crown: As we surrender and seek divine guidance, understanding that what we are dealing with is bigger than us, we activate divine powers to assist us and know “this too shall pass” and we will be the better because of it.

I’m sharing this meditation and sound healing from my online healing center, The Carol Tuttle Healing Center. I offer many sound healing sessions in the healing center; this one is titled: Sound Healing to Activate and Balance Your Chakra Energy Centers. I personally produced this and all of my Tibetan bowl sound meditations using my own bowls.

Just by listening to this 4-minute session will help clear out the old energy of struggle and activate the new energy of your chakra energy system to envoke healing energies. I highly recommend children listen to it as well.

Please share how you feel after listening. And please share with your empathic friends, as their energy is truly overwhelmed right now.

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