Root Chakra Clearing for Societal Prejudices & Injustices

New and timely social prejudice clearing session

Deep in our root chakra energy lies the energetic history of our cultures.

Current events have triggered this deep energy to come to the surface so we can heal it.

Let’s join together to clear the energy from our root chakra that keeps creating the experience of pain and struggle created by prejudice and injustice that so many of God’s children have lived through.

Let’s create a new humanity of equality and civility.

Clearing this old energy opens the space for healing to occur and new awareness to manifest. As Type 2 Albert Einstein so wisely stated, “No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.”

When you clear the energy that is creating your reality, you enter a new consciousness and are able to solve problems from a new place of awareness.

I invite you to fill in the blank of these 3 statements before the clearing session begins:

  • I am angry because…
  • I am sad because…
  • I am afraid because…

Please set the intention that you and all the people of the world will benefit from this clearing session.

How did this clearing session affect you? I want to hear your comments below. We can heal and learn from each other together.

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