Fear of Medical Procedures? How Alternative Healing Can Help

3 ways to get you through medical procedures with less stress

Are you someone who’s afraid of medical procedures?

Maybe your nervousness comes from a past experience. Sometimes the invasive nature of a procedure can trigger our fear response. Or stories you’ve heard. TV shows and movies create dramatic fears in our minds, filled with every possible scenario of what could go wrong in a hospital.

Now, you may prefer to go the alternative route whenever possible because of any of those reasons I mentioned above.

I’m personally very grateful for Western medicine and our advances in medical technology. I have had several family members whose lives were saved because of our medical system, and I’m so grateful for that! At the same time, I fully believe in alternative healing as well.

Because of this, I don’t think people have to choose between the two. I have seen firsthand how you can combine alternative healing methods right alongside medical procedures. In fact, when you use the two together, it can make the medical procedure an even better experience!

How my son overcame a PTSD episode with alternative methods.

When my youngest son, Mark, was 10 years old, he had to go to the dentist to have his teeth pulled. Going into the procedure, he didn’t feel scared or have any reason to think it was going to hurt or be a fearful experience.

But when he sat down in the dentist’s chair, he began to have a meltdown. Within seconds, it turned into a full-on panic attack. He couldn’t even put the mask on that would make him go to sleep for the procedure.

I realized what was happening right away: he was having a biological response to trauma from his past.

When he had been a 6-week old infant, he had surgery in the hospital for the pyloric valve in his intestine. He was left alone for a time under the bright lights, which at such a young age, is traumatizing.

Then a decade later, the same bright lights in a medical environment triggered that trauma. It was imprinted from his past and was surfacing right in front of me.

I immediately started tapping on his meridian points to help him process the trauma.

When I had finished, Mark was able to put the mask on and go to sleep. He shares, “I woke up feeling fine, and I have never felt like that before or since. It was a strange, one-time experience. But I know for a fact it was real, and that I was processing some very deep emotion that had been buried for a very long time, and that I had no clue even existed.”

How alternative healing can help with different medical procedures

Alternative healing methods work with your personal energy system. If you’re running an energy pattern of fear, anxiety, or a limiting belief, that could affect your mindset before, during, or after a medical procedure.

I highly recommend becoming familiar with several alternative healing tools so that you will be prepared and much more calm in the event of a medical emergency.

Here are my top 4 resources so you use energy healing for yourself and others:

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