Give the Gift of Healing: How to Do Proxy Work

How to open the energy for someone you love so they can heal

Someone you love needs healing work, but they’re not in a place to do it themselves. Maybe they’re too young, too ill, or they reject the idea of energy healing altogether.

Whatever the situation may be, there’s a solution. This is where proxy healing comes in. You can help another individual in their healing process by doing a simple (and powerful) proxy healing session. This doesn’t mean you’re doing the work for them. Instead, it’s an empowering decision you make from your heart to give them a gift of healing.

Let’s talk about exactly what “proxy healing” means and how you can do it without compromising your own energy.

How to know proxy healing is correct for you

You’re experiencing…

  • Worry about someone else’s choices with a desire to help them shift
  • Heartache over a loved one’s pain and wanting to relieve it
  • Feeling powerless about someone’s situation and not knowing how to help

When it comes to healing work, no one can do the work for you. And with proxy work, you aren’t doing it for someone else. Proxy work is like opening the energy for them so they can make a shift in their life. Think of it as opening a door, yet they still have to move through the door.

You do not need their permission as you are just creating the potential for them to make a shift in their life. Proxy healing is similar to the energy of prayer or giving a blessing. You’re sharing the potential with someone. It’s a gift. They have to take the gift and do something with it.

Make sure your intentions are heartfelt for proxy work

It’s important to remember that proxy healing, being a gift, is something that needs to be given from the heart. If you have needs attached to it and a motivation that you need them to change, it will not work. It will no longer be a gift. For example, if your son is making choices that are upsetting to you and it brings up a lot of fear and worry and you need that son to make changes so you don’t feel all the fear and worry or you don’t feel like a bad mother, you’re needing that person to change for your betterment. That is no longer a gift.

The better option if that energy is stronger for you is to work on clearing your own issues first.

How to do a proxy healing session

You can use any of the healing videos in The Carol Tuttle Energy Healing Center to be used as a proxy healing session.

Step 1. Name the person you would like to help.

Think of a person that comes to mind that you would like to offer the gift of proxy healing to.

Repeat this affirmation after me. “I’m offering this gift of proxy healing to…(fill in the blank). I offer it freely and ask that divine love and support assist this person in their own healing.”

Step 2. Visualize the set-up for healing.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in the light, surrounded by spiritual support—whatever that support system is for you. Imagine that person now standing in the light with you.

They may be looking at you, they may have their back turned to you, they may be standing behind you. Wherever they are, turn and put your attention on them. Know they’re on their own journey. Their healing journey is their journey. You’re giving them a gift today, a gift of the energy shifting so they can move into more healing.

Imagine walking up to them with a wrapped gift, and they open the gift, and a beautiful white light comes out from the gift and they receive it. They take it from you and they thank you. Now you’re going to step into their energy. You’re actually going to meld into one so that you become that person.

(Note: you’ll separate yourself from them at the end of the session, but for now, you’re going to actually either take them by the hand so you connect energetically, or imagine you could literally step into their body, if that feels correct, or that you could actually stand in front of them and take both hands.)

Step 3. Repeat the following clearing statements

Speak as if you are this person as you now do this clearing process. So, in first person, as though you are the person you’re giving this gift to, start tapping while repeating the following:

Even though I am blocked and not taking responsibility for my own healing, I love and accept myself.

Even though I’m scared to feel all my feelings, I love and accept myself.

Even though I’d rather ignore the issues in my life than heal them, I love and accept myself.

Letting go of the limiting beliefs of feeling worthless and lost, not sure what to do with myself, feeling stuck and blocked, and lost, disappointing myself, disappointing others, scared, afraid, and alone.

Letting go of the patterns of sabotaging myself, it’s never enough no matter what I do, don’t know what to do, angry at my parents, angry at authority figures, angry at myself.

What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?

Frustrated, resentment, guilty, annoyed.

Let it all go. Opening the energy for healing to occur.

Letting it all go from every part of the mind and body. Releasing it to the light.”

Step 4. Forgive yourself and others after the clearing.

Place your hand on your heart energy and repeat the following:

“I forgive myself. I am doing the best I know how. I forgive myself. I am ready to heal and know my true self. I forgive others. I am ready to let go of my anger and resentment.”

Step 5. Set up the positive reframes.

Start tapping while repeating the following, making the connection with your true divine blueprint:

“I’m ready to take responsibility for my life. I’m showing up.I’m making healthy choices for me. I’m loving myself.”

Tap it in, allowing the shift into more light and truth.

“I’m ready to create a healthy life. I’m open to receiving. I am moving forward. I’m creating one success after another.”

Take a deep breath, filling your mind and body with light.

“I am balanced. I am whole and healed. I am loving my life.”

Release all resistance to healing. Take a deep breath and fill yourself with light. Take another deep breath and feel the shift in your body.

Step 6. Close out the session and disconnect from their energy.

Close your eyes again and imagine now that you have moved into your own energetic space, and you’re looking at the person you’ve assisted today, and you see that they’re filled with light, they’re beaming, they’re grateful, they thank you.

And you give all their energy back to them. Make sure you wipe yourself clean. You can even just wipe off your arms, your legs, your body, shake it off, and let them have all their energy. It’s theirs to be accountable for. And again, they’re holding that gift you’ve given them.

It’s open, there’s light pouring out of it, and they take it and place it in their heart. They’re so grateful that you’ve shown up today to assist them. You tell them, “Thank you for this opportunity. I give you this gift freely with no strings attached.”

Go ahead and open your eyes and see your body coming back into present moment awareness. Feel the surface beneath you, feel your feet on the ground, notice the space you occupy coming into real-time and space of your now, taking a deep breath in.

Proxy healing truly works miracles.

Proxy healing is such a beautiful gift to share with someone when it comes from your heart.

I have witnessed many, many clients practice proxy healing on behalf of loved ones and friends with miraculous results, as they have just supported someone from this place of love and energy. It hasn’t even been something they’ve said or they’ve done. Literally, it was offering this light and this opportunity for the energy to open for someone to create different choices.

Becky shares:

“I did a proxy birth clearing for my son. I wasn’t sure it would work. Much of it didn’t seem to apply.

“The next two days I noticed that I was pulling him in for hugs more often and just more delighted to see and talk to him and be with him. Just like when he was a baby and toddler. I loved it, and I knew he loved it. I wasn’t sure why I felt different. When I eventually paused to consider what was so different, and why the obvious shift, the clearing came to my mind, and I knew that was it.

“I’ve since done a Proxy Healing session for my husband, and I look forward to doing the same for my two other children. I’ll take my time, and think I’ll start revisiting my own birth clearing.”

Who is asking for you to assist them?

Let the spirit guide you as you do this work and remember to always do your own healing work first.

The technique in this article is one that I teach in video form in the Healing Center. You can find it here: Clearing Session and Instructions for Proxy Healing. Come back to this video to access the proxy setup until you have that memorized. Then you can apply it to any of the other videos in the Healing Center.

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