The Power of Affirmative Prayer

Could your prayers be blocking what you need?

Feel like your prayers aren’t being answered? Like God’s not listening to you? Affirmative prayers will change all that. You will be healed. It’s like combining the law of attraction with the power of prayer. You could be blocking blessings by staying stuck in prayers of pleading, prayers of desperation, prayers of frustration. This wrong practices could also be reasons why the law of attraction is not working for you. Let’s talk about a new way to pray.

Hi. I’m Carol Tuttle. I have an extensive background in not only healing my own life but helping literally millions of people heal and create lives they love. I’m a best-selling author of six books, most recently, “Mastering Affluence: 6 Lessons to Create a Life You Love.”

Believe God Wants To Bless You

So, with affirmative prayer, first step, believe God wants to bless you. I am deserving of blessings and I am now open to receiving them. Say that out loud. I am deserving of great blessings and I am now open. In fact, do this, open your body. Put your head towards the heavens.  And now I am open to receiving them.

Imagine blessings as energy just falling into your life. They’ll take form and they’ll create an experience in your story. But the energy’s coming in. Feel it falling down on you, raining blessings. And you’re feeling this delightful, delightful enjoyable energy just fall into your space. Because you’re open, you’re receiving. That’s the first step to an affirmative prayer. By practicing the law of attraction, God will bless your family. Believing and opening.

Change The Language You Use When Praying

The next step is to change your language. Think of how you pray, okay? And it’s common, you know, and it’s reasonable to have prayers like, “Please help me.” Pleading, desperation. “I need this. Can you please help me with this? Please bless me with this.” Those are being in a state of things not having happened yet. You’re still in the place you don’t want to be and you’re asking God to help you make up the difference. “Please help me” is a very needy place to pray from, and when we’re in that energy, we’re not able to send out a powerful signal to create what’s timely and correct for us.

So this simple tweak in your language is quite powerful. Once you’ve received your blessing, what will you be saying? “Thank you, God, for… “I appreciate da-da-da-da-da,” “I’m so blessed from this experience.” You’ll be saying it as if it’s already happened. What if you were to implement that into your prayer now? Act as if you’ve received the blessing because when you believe God wants to bless you, it’s a given that you will be blessed.

So let’s just take an example for the practice of it. Let’s say you have a physical issue and it’s causing you pain, okay? That’s reasonable. I’ve dealt with that a lot in my life and there are many, many times I said, in a prayer, with great passion, “God, please help me heal this pain.” And I might have said whatever the pain was. I’ve pled that, I’ve been desperate thinking that’s going to employ God’s power and bless my life. Yet I’m actually kind of canceling out what I want because I’m sending out a needy energy that keeps me stuck in needing it. I keep needing what I want.

Well, what if you flip that to this phrase using the principles of affirmative prayer, “Thank you for my healthy body that is now freed from pain. Thank you, God, for blessing me with this amazing, healthy body. I am so grateful for it. I am using it for the goodness of my life and to bless others. Thank you, God. I am grateful for the healing that has occurred and that continues to transpire in my life.” Notice the different mindset affirmative prayer puts you in when you say it that way? The affirmation that you’re stating, the acting as if because God wants to help you experience that.

Take Control of Your Life

I believe that you’re the main component in creating your life. You are the one that gets to decide whether you stay and struggle or whether you get to experience a blessed, affluent life. That’s up to you. It’s your call. God gives us that kind of agency. How do you plan for attraction? What do you want to experience? I’ve chosen to live a life of affluence, ease, and joy. I know it’s possible. I’ve changed many, many things in my life from the experience of suffering and pain and lack, to one of affluence, ease, and joy. And you’re learning to do that as well.

Affirmative prayer is a big step in choosing that. It is combining the law of attraction with affirmative prayer. You’re declaring to God that you know this is possible. It’s a great act of faith. You’re believing that God will bless you. I think God’s pretty appreciative of that to say thanks for trusting me. Thanks for believing in what I want for you as well. And we open to that transforming our lives. We receive the divine grace of God added upon our own function of belief and that formula creates what we call miracles.

Do you like this video? Has it helped you have some a-has today? What are you gonna do different? Practice this today in your daily prayer practice. Practice the affirmative prayer. Catch yourself. Set the intention, “I am noticing when I’m praying from a place of need, from lack, from not enough, and I’m quickly changing that to a prayer of affirmation for healing. And because of that, I am receiving blessings beyond my wildest dreams.”

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