4 Steps To Create More Money With The Law Of Attraction

Change your experience with money & create more wealth easily

The secret of how to manifest money is simple: change your energy towards money! It is such a simple concept, but harder to put into practice. You need to create a habit of harnessing positive energy to clear the negative thoughts and start attracting money.

I know how it feels to be in a difficult financial situation. It’s frustrating and weighs down every aspect of life. Financial success isn’t going to come until you change how you approach money. In my own experience, removing those money blocks and applying attraction techniques led to financial freedom.

The Law of Attraction can be used to manifest anything you want through visualization—including money. I’ve written the book Mastering Affluence where I talk about affluence in all areas of life. You need to clear your limiting beliefs and mental blocks to create a healthy relationship with money. As a neutral source of energy, money is simply a tool you can use to create your dream life.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you manifest wealth using the Law of Attraction for money.

Limiting Beliefs vs Positive Attitude Toward Money

When you have a positive attitude towards money, you will have a lovely, friendly relationship with it. As a tool in your life, you realize money is just another resource and energy of exchange. The Law of Attraction is what we will use to attract money so that we are free to be a blessing towards others.

If you hold limiting beliefs towards money, it will have power over your life. You will feel enslaved to the source of money (your job) and trapped by the need for money (your bills). Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs about money include:

  • Thoughts that you have a lack of money
  • Negative beliefs about your spending habits
  • Worries or stress about not having enough
  • Concerns about income or earning more money
  • A belief system that money or wealth is bad

Instead, you need to think positively about your circumstances and your future. Changing your negative energy towards money to positive energy is going to be a crucial part of shifting your habits to attract money instead of scarcity.

Realize: It is Not Money That You Want

You have enough money! You have to come to a point where you realize no amount of money is going to bring joy or success. When you truly believe that money isn’t the end goal, you will start to shift towards a positive mindset.

Money is a resource—not what we really want. We use money to buy the things we want, like clothes, shelter and other resources in our lives. People who think money is the end goal usually end up unhappy. With the wrong focus, you will be overly stuck on accumulating money or things—neither of which will give you the dream life you want.

Ultimately, the goal should be achieving financial freedom so that you can live a life without the burden of any negative energy or blocks. These two things should go hand-in-hand, though—which is why it can be so hard to break your negative energy cycle.

View Money as a Neutral Energy You Can Control

Realize you can make money without worrying about how you will do it. Money is a neutral energy source and you can control it. When you believe the money will come, you will make more money fast and spend less money out of the scarcity mindset.

When you feel in control over your money flow, you will not spend money on things you don’t want or need. Instead, you will see yourself as a good steward of your money and focus positive energy on attracting a flow of money that gives you the freedom to make those good money-spending choices.

As a freeform source of energy, you can create with it more easily. But, realize this goes both ways! You can ramp up creating more credit card debt OR increase your savings account depending on how you approach money.

Use the Law of Attraction for Manifesting Money

The Law of Attraction works when you use positive energy to manifest positive outcomes. Like attracts like. When you put out negative thoughts and energies—you will manifest negative realities. When you have faith and a positive outlook, you start to see the blessings in your life and approach all things in gratitude.

money mindset believes that everything is possible and money is simply a tool you will use along the way.

scarcity mindset says money is a limiting factor that can get in the way of your dreams and goals.

To use the Law of Attraction, you need to act like the person you want to become. What would a financially free person do? What would they spend their money on and how would they think about money? Start becoming that person.

Open a savings account to make space for where your money is going to go as you bring it in. Believe that you already have enough and that you are good at managing your money.

I am going to cover the four steps to attract money, so just keep reading!

When you follow these 4 simple steps, your life will look dramatically different 1 year from now. These 4 changes are what I have personally used to clean up my own money issues, and now plenty of money shows up in my life. It’s a beautiful resource. You can have the same too. Watch to learn how.

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4 Steps to Create More Money

I have four simple steps that will have you well on your way toward bringing in more money. These aren’t “get-rich-quick” schemes or difficult budgeting techniques. My four steps help you form a healthy relationship with money that will remove the blocks in your energy that are holding you back.

Step 1: Put Cash in Your Wallet

Our money today isn’t often tangible. We pay for a lot of things in digital forms. One of the first changes I made personally was to always carry cash in my wallet. Always.

This helps shift the energy because you will never need make the negative comment, “I don’t have money.” You do have money and it is going to be evident in your wallet from now on.

It can be $25. Personally, I keep at least $100 in my wallet at all times—and have for over 20 years now. If you get a smaller amount, like $25, get it in all single dollar bills so it’s nice and thick. This will create a physical connection with money that will start to shift your mindset away from fear and negativity.

Step 2: Stop Saying “I Can’t Afford It”

When you approach money with a scarcity mindset, you will only feel an even stronger drive to spend. On a primal level, we are driven to avoid scarcity. If we start to feel restricted, our subconscious will act out. It becomes extremely hard not to spend money on completely useless and meaningless things—putting us further in debt.

Stop telling yourself (or your children) you “can’t afford it.” Replace it with, “I could buy that and I am choosing not to at this time.” If it is something you truly want or need, then know and believe that you CAN afford it.

Replace your thinking with “I don’t want to create debt for this,” and start saving with the belief that you can afford it.

Create a vision board to help you picture what you are ultimately going for in the future. What will you own? How will you be a blessing to others?

Step 3: Clear Your Life of Struggle Energy

If you are looking for ways to clear negative energy and pursue financial affluence, then you are probably feeling stuck right now. I offer a “Money Quiz” that will help you figure out what is holding you back. You can take my master class to clear that energy of struggle and move on.

My Healing Center has helped thousands of people change their relationships with money and pursue affluence. You can join me there to clear blocks from the deep hurts that are affecting your energy and complicating your relationship with money.

It’s almost a habit for us to struggle with something. But, when we approach life as a struggle, we are bringing an negative energy to our circumstances. You need to learn how to change this thinking!

The Money Magnet Quiz shows you how much you do of each. Take the quiz here.

Step 4: Use Money Affirmations as a Money Magnet

Use positive affirmations to manifest money in your life. One of my favorite affirmations for money is: “I love money and money loves me.” You don’t have to feel bad about appreciating what money can do for you. There is nothing wrong with money—though a hyperfocus or misuse of money could be a problem.

If you are focused on using money to do things you love and help those around you, then money will take on the same positive energy you are putting into it. Remember, money is a neutral energy that will become whatever you make of it or whatever you project onto it. For example:

  • If you are greedy and selfish, then money will simply feed into your unhealthy focus on status or power.
  • If you are a kind person, money gives you more opportunities to do good in the world and bless others.
  • If you are a driven person, money can help you create and build amazing things in the world.

Use your affirmations to set the realities you want to pursue:

“I am kind and I value the blessing I can be to others because of money.”

“I am a creative person and I love how money fuels my spark in this world.”

“I am grateful to have enough to share with others.”

“I am good at choosing how to best spend my money.”

These are the kinds of positive affirmations that can help you flip your relationship with money. Every time a negative thought starts to enter your mind regarding money or spending, use a positive affirmation to push it back out of your head.

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Heal from Past Habits and Attract More Money!

Are you ready to be in a healthier relationship with money? Letting go of past hurts and finding a stable place in your finances can help improve your relationships, find self-love and give you freedom in your life. The first step is starting to see yourself and money in a different light.

I can help you change your negative habits to a positive perspective that includes an abundance mindset. You can use your energy to start making affluence happen for you in all areas of life. Join me at the Healing Center for more on how to change your vibrations and start attracting extra money.

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