Can’t Keep Up? The #1 Way to Simplify Your To-Do List

The best way to reach spiritual peace and joy might surprise you.

Your to-do list feels never-ending. Even worse, though, it’s actually preventing you from reaching the spiritual peace and joy you so desperately want.

But you look at your to-do list and feel lost at how to simplify your life. You often wonder, “What can I do?”

You think that using healing affirmations like, “I can accomplish what is correct for me” is the answer—but you might be missing something even more powerful.

This isn’t about accomplishing anything. But since we live in a production-driven society, this is difficult to accept. We feel like we need to produce, accomplish, and do so much.

What you’re about to read will have a bigger effect on your happiness and energy than anything you’ve ever done before.

It has nothing to do with clearing your schedule or de-cluttering your space.

Reaching spiritual enlightenment has many paths. Learning time management skills or keeping your home tidy is certainly not wrong.

But this solution is important because it has everything to do with YOU.

Why do we make to-do lists in the first place?

In my book, Remembering Wholeness, I teach that we came into this world with our souls intent on remembering who we actually are. In this life, we are searching for a remembrance of our highest self—our god-self.

How do we remember? By experiencing who we are not. And this is one of the ways we do this is that we try doing our way to wholeness.

But doing often distracts us from owning our emotional stuff and remembering our true natures. It just lets us keep on carrying these heavy emotional issues. Our doings don’t matter as much as our being does.

Think about it.

If we had to do our way to happiness, life would become a big checklist.

The way to experience spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment is easier than you may think.

Remember your wholeness first.

Embrace being your best self, and all the right doings will naturally follow. It is not about doing anything to prove your worth. It’s first about being your best self and remembering your worth.

When you remember this, you won’t have to simplify your to-do list… it will simplify itself!

The minute you stop valuing yourself based on your accomplishments and accept and love yourself for who you are, your life will simplify like you’ve never imagined.

So stop that negative self-talk of “I can’t keep up” and “I can never do anything right.” You don’t have to!

If you keep trying to “do” your way to perfection, you will feel overwhelmed and stuck.

Use positive affirmations every day to rewire your brain. You will soon notice a shift in your beliefs. You will believe at your core that you are enough. You are worthy. You will be filled with affirmations that you are worthy of abundance. You are just as you’re meant to be.

Stop believing in doing perfect. And follow God’s counsel to be perfect.

You already are.

How can you let go of the idea that you need to “do everything right” to be enough? Share in a comment how you feel that you already are.

It’s time to shift from what’s keeping you stuck.

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