What is Energy Healing? Introducing My New Healing Basics Guide

Cautious or curious about energy healing? This is for you.

Distraught, broken, hurt, in pain, lost – these are feelings I know all too well. Whether you have been feeling this way for a few days or your whole life, you aren’t alone. I began my battle with depression in 1989. Between doctors visits, medications, and other conventional medical therapy tactics, I felt my efforts were futile. My depression grew deeper, as did my feelings of self-doubt.

Was I good enough? Why couldn’t I simply be happy? 

My turbulent marriage didn’t aid in my feelings. I experienced crippling debt as I sought out any method to help my heal.

The effects of my childhood trauma were no longer leaking into my life – they were completely taking it over. Conventional therapy no longer worked and I needed to find out how to do my own healing. Depression seems to always have the upper hand in hindering self healing. That is, until I took my first brave step in alternative medicine and became an Energy Therapist who focused on energy healing and energy medicine.

With energy healing (sometimes referred to as Reiki), I have been able to beat my depression and the effects of my childhood trauma. I am no stranger to being stuck, sad, and in pain for years. I understand you cannot escape these feelings until you truly heal. Fortunately, I have developed an advanced healing system that has assisted numerous people around the globe. I have earned my recognition as a global authority in energy healing and chakra healing. I am here to help people just like you see that time is a light at the end of the tunnel and your suffering can stop when you begin to explore energy healing rather than conventional medical therapies.

If you’re ready to ditch self-medicating and truly begin your journey of personal growth, continue reading this blog to learn more about energy healing.

What is Carol Tuttle Energy Healing?

Energy healing is an alternative medicine that focuses on clearing blocked emotional energy and negative thought energy. These are commonly known as stress within the physical body. With energy healing, the goal is to “balance the energy flow” to promote well being and decrease negative emotions. In order to create a new balance, energy must be unblocked and realigned.

When energy is blocked in the body, feelings of sadness and pain begin to rapidly appear. The longer the energy is blocked, the more these negative feelings multiply. As they multiply, they begin to impact your daily life. You lose interest in your hobbies and begin to withdraw from your social circle. These feelings cannot be ignored because they will only get worse; they don’t simply go away.

Energy healing releases individuals from the emotional energy that has been long building in their systems. Some individuals have suffered for as long as they have been alive. However, relief is possible. There are many different energy types, and your energy type must be identified before you begin your chakra healing. When emotional energy is cleared, your mental state becomes clearer and the entire energy system is repaired.

What Does Healing Feel Like?

If you live with constant self-doubt and unpleasantness, it can be difficult to even remember what life was like without these feelings consistently plaguing your day. When you can only remember sadness and pain, happiness seems like a dream only meant for a special few.

Healing is a blissful experience. It feels like a gift you have waited for your entire life. Something you have always desired but never thought you could personally achieve. While no two individuals will experience the same feelings, some of the ways it can be described include:

  • Experience better health, more joy, and clearer mental states.
  • Feel a stronger spiritual connection.
  • Speak kindly to yourself without any effort at all.
  • Begin to live in the present, not the past.
  • Have plenty of money to pursue your calling.
  • Achieve professional and personal goals.
  • Enjoy a rock solid, healthy marriage.

When the weight of past trauma and energy is lifted off of your shoulders, it can feel like a breath of fresh air. You will wonder how you ever lived so many years with such negative thoughts clouding your judgement and outlook of the world day in and day out. The weight loss of emotional trauma is freeing.

How Does Healing Work?

The process of energy healing remove is a three step process. It’s not always an easy road to go down, but it is the most important journey you will ever begin. When you release what has hurt you for so long, you will be grateful you turned to me for help.

The first step is to identify your energy blocks. Why are you stuck? What causes your stress, anxiety, and depression? Why are you unhappy? Some individuals have one reason, and others have more reasons that can be counted on a single hand. I have seen it all and can help anyone who is willing to help themselves.

Once the energy blocks are identified, you will need to follow the steps I provide to a T. It’s not easy to let go of negative energy. You’re used to living with a certain mindset. It may be unpleasant or painful. It will be worth it. In your day-to-day life, you will adopt the tools I provide you with to ensure you are successful in your energy healing.

The final step is to replace the old with the new. Simply letting go of negative thoughts and emotions isn’t enough. Once your energy system is healed, you must create a fulfilling life you want to live. I can help you incorporate yin/yang, essential oils, and more to achieve the self-esteem and energy healing you deserve. Otherwise, you may find yourself with energy blocks yet again. Fear not – I can help you have more joy and keep it, too – no matter your Energy Type.

When you get to the final step, you’ll stop wondering if you’re good enough. You’ll heal from painful childhood issues or abuse from past relationships. You’ll let go of physical or financial issues that plague you. You’ll connect with your life purpose and begin to experience joy on a whole new level.

Is the Healing Center for You?

Living in today’s world is incredibly difficult and it can be hard to find your path to personal development. It can feel like you must bury your feelings and ignore past pain. Some will say that they’ve been through worse and they are fine. Others will say you need to grow up and move on. That’s not the case with the Healer Center.

The Carol Tuttle Healing Center can help anyone who is willing to live a new, better life with my various healing techniques. The natural healing efforts, such as guided meditation, you make will positively make life-changing experiences. The Healing Center is always open and ready to help those who say yes to any of these questions:

  • Are you ready for the joyful life?
  • Do you want to love yourself, your body, and your life?
  • Are you seeking clarity about the next correct step?
  • Do you want to be free from what keeps holding you back?
  • Are you ready to know that if your blocks were healed, you could do so much good?

Healing doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. When you turn to an experienced energy healer like I, you receive years of experience and expertise you won’t find elsewhere. If you think I can’t help you, you need to think again. I have lived in pain. I have been broken. I have felt sorrow and worthlessness. However, that is all in the past. Ever since I took my life into my own hands and decided to heal, I have lived a joyful and successful life.

Don’t live another day without knowing how it feels to truly heal. Begin your “Live Your Truth” journey with my FREE Energy Healing Basics Guide at caroltuttle.com

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