What the Energy of 2020 Has In Store for You

Use the energy of initiation to claim your authenticity!

As you turn the corner on the New Year, at first it looks like you simply have 12 blank months ahead of you to meet all your goals and become a new person. But the year is not as blank as you may think! It already has a specific energy attached to it. What is the energy for 2020, and how can you tune into it to have a year with more ease, and more satisfaction?

2020: The Energy of Initiation

The word initiation means the action of beginning something.

2019 was all about clearing away what no longer served you, so that you could be open to new possibilities.

2020 is about taking action on those new possibilities!

With initiation comes opportunity.

The energy is strong in supporting us in living more authentically and supporting others in doing the same.

With authenticity also comes accountability. As we learn to take accountability for ourselves and support others in being accountable for themselves, we create an opportunity to come into partnership with each other to collaborate and create equanimity and respect.

If we chose to ignore our own authentic nature and put our needs aside, the consequences will be stronger then ever. That can look like states of unhappiness and unfulfillment that nag us each day. Turmoil and discomfort at the body level. A sense of confusion and lack of clarity on how to move forward in life.

Take it day by day.

What is one thing you can do different today that is more honoring of your true self? Then add upon that by choosing another one thing each day. As you continue to choose what is correct for you, you will be amazed at how life morphs to support you. It has only been your fears that have held you back and created the illusion that others may not support you. As you believe in yourself, you enroll others to believe in you also.

Live more true to yourself with the energy of 2020 supporting you.

The opportunity is here in 2020 to live true to yourself, to feel supported, and support others in the same manner.

As a follower of my healing work, you have already initiated yourself into a fuller understanding of knowing who you are by choosing to clear away old beliefs that hold you back and keep you playing small.

If you are still uncertain about how to move forward, use the healing resources I provide to clear away what is blocking or intimidating you from living your true self. It’s okay that you are not confident in yourself yet—it happens. Early wounding or shaming messages can make it feel tedious to rediscover ourselves.

One of my highly-recommended healing resources is the Clearing Session for When You Are Stuck. This session will help you release the negative emotional energy you carry in any area of your life where you feel stuck. You will feel motivated to move forward and get things moving. The visualization at the end will free you up to create what you desire.

If you’re already a member of the Healing Center, you can access that clearing anytime. If you’re not yet a member, I offer a 14-day free trial, so sign up today!

It’s a new decade, a fresh energy to initiate living your truth more fully.

I would love to hear your story in a comment: what has been the most helpful clearing session or healing plan in the Healing Center? How did your life improve because of it? How did it support you?

Let your stories inspire others to see that change, opportunity, and new beginnings are possible for them too!

Bless you,

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