3 Ways You Can Beat Winter Sadness & Seasonal Depression

Feeling low? A simple way to get out of the winter rut

The holidays are over, the weather is cold, and you’re bundled up inside, feeling sad. Everything in January and February feels difficult and heavy; your mental health is suffering.

Whether this is your first experience with depression and the winter blues, or you seem to experience mood swings every winter, know this: you’re not alone. Many people experience symptoms of seasonal depression as the weather shifts to a loss of natural sunlight.

While it’s natural for many people to go inward during the winter months, it doesn’t have to turn into a negative condition.

How do you lift yourself out of the seasonal depression rut so you can enjoy the winter—instead of just surviving it? Here are 3 ways that are natural and effective:

1. Say out loud what you want to create

You are a creator in the midst of a system of creation called the Universe. The universe is set on abundance setting. You cannot create a lack of anything.

You are consistently creating an abundance of whatever you focus on. Where your thoughts and feelings focus, that is where your energy flows. And where your energy flows, you create more of the same.

So right now, take a moment to ask yourself this question: What do I want to experience this winter with my health?

Then pay attention to what comes to mind. Maybe you want peace of mind or emotional support or inner calm. Perhaps you want something as simple as an afternoon with enough time and self-care to lifts your spirits.

When you have your answer, say it in the present tense, as if it is already happening.

For example:
I am experiencing peace of mind.
I am recognizing the sources of support in my life.
I am creating a moment of fun today.

As you state what you want to experience (rather than what you don’t want), you give your mind, heart, and energy something to focus on. And you broadcast a signal to the universe that attracts that experience to you.

2. Go for a Creation Walk

Now that you’ve declared what you want, take it to another level by going on a Creation Walk. When you focus on what you want in your thoughts and language while moving your body, your body takes on the energy of the desired outcome.

Bundle up and get outside. Even on a cloudy day, being in the natural light will do wonders for your brain! While walking, think about what you want, speak it with each step, and even record your desires in a recording app and listen to yourself speaking what you want while you walk.

I live in a very cold and snowy area. It’s common to have as much as 5 feet of snow in front of my house. But that doesn’t stop me. I’m vulnerable to seasonal depression, and moving my body in the outdoors really helps prevent this condition.

Whether it’s a 10-minute walk or an hour-long walk, two things are going to support you in feeling better: you’re focusing on what you want and creating it, and you’re naturally raising your endorphins and serotonin levels, the feel-good hormones.

3. Use healing essential oils

Essential oils assist your body’s natural healing process to create smoother, easier, and long-lasting results. When you smell an essential oil, it has a direct effect on your nervous system, your limbic system, and your cerebral cortex. This aids you in reprogramming your thought and emotion so that you can create healthy patterns in restoring the mind-body connection.

I suggest using “I Am Joyful” from my line of Healing Oils to help you through the winter months. “I Am Joyful” is an instant mood lifter. It promotes your desire to be active while supporting positive feelings.

How to use:

Place 1-2 drops of essential oil in the palm of your hands (you can add drops to a carrier oil, like coconut oil)
Rub hands together
Cup hands over mouth and nose without touching face
Inhale deeply
Rub on the bottom of your feet before you go for your walk
Repeat as needed

My clients are experiencing great results with the Healing Oils as they become intentional about their own healing journey. Here is what one of them said:

“While using this oil, I simultaneously became aware that I held a suppressed layer of depression that needed clearing, along with a strong knowing that I would be able to clear it. The oil smells wonderful and feels uplifting and supportive, helping me move easily from heavy depressed feelings into a lighter state of happiness.” -Lesley H.

Every time you feel low and depressed this winter, you have the opportunity to identify your desires, get your body moving, use essential oils, and express gratitude for the tools that are showing up for you.

The changes you want can start with you, and they can start right now.

It’s time for you to shift out of what’s keeping you stuck.

In the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I’ve created powerful single sessions and courses to help you heal anything that is keeping you in a place of lack, pain, and struggle.

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