Do You Have These Anxiety Symptoms? (Treatment & Healing Explained)

Yes, that's right. You can heal your own anxiety.

Your mind is racing, your heart is pounding, you feel the shortness of breath—like the world is closing in on you. These four symptoms are very common when you’re experiencing anxiety. And while it’s scary, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. I healed these anxiety symptoms, and you can, too. I lay out exactly what you need to do, and I know it will work.


The 4 Anxiety Symptoms

These four symptoms are very common when you’re experiencing anxiety. Now, this is a level above stress. Anxiety is very much apparent when you feel these physical symptoms.

1. Perpetual Overthinking

The first one that I noticed I started having was incessant overthinking. My brain wouldn’t stop. It’s just obsessive about single topics. It just went over it, and over it, and over it. And no matter what I tried to do, I could distract myself for a little bit, but it’d go right back to it and the worry, and the stress I feel from that.

2. Racing Heart Rate

The second symptom that I’m very familiar with is that heart rate increasing, that panic, that flow, that tension in your body, and the nervousness that accompanies that.

3. Shortness of Breath

And third, a shortness of breath, when it really is coming on strong where you just wanna literally drop to your knees and just kind of go in because you feel this, everything closing in on you.

4. Feeling Trapped

The fourth common symptom of a sense of being the world closing in, claustrophobia. Just this… I remember dropping to my knees and just curling up and just saying, “I can’t deal with it. I don’t even know how to move forward.” And it was response to something that normally I could handle, that I could work through, that I would have stayed reasonably centered and grounded in to be able to work out.

And this felt insurmountable to me. And having had several bouts of that, I recognized I needed to step in and shift this. That I needed to train my mind and my body to respond differently that this could become a habit. A trigger could present itself physiologically. My biochemistry could start responding as though this were the norm and I had to take hold of my thinking process and my biochemical reaction and train myself to respond differently.


4 Techniques To Combat The Symptoms Of Anxiety

There’s four things that I did that really, really helped shift this.

1. Remove Things That Cause Anxiety

Number one may seem a little out of the norm, and maybe something you’ve never thought or consider doing, and that was to stop watching and listening to Daily News. Reading Daily News. It’s filled with trauma. It’s filled with upset. It’s filled with what’s wrong with the world. And what I discovered was this was feeding my response system to be in trauma like PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that I was putting myself in a world that was very traumatic. And it was training my system to be on edge, be alert, be aware. The world’s not safe, it’s falling apart, and I need to be alerted to that. And that practice of consuming that kind of upsetting news on a consistent basis, our system will respond with trauma.

I had to pull away and stop watching violent movies. I had to really take care of my own body, my biological response mechanism to say, “This is stimulating me. I need to detox myself from Daily News, input, and violence.” I went on a violence first where I knew it was just causing me to overreact in other scenarios. And it really helped because I wanted to really embrace the fact in my micro world, my micro-reality, I have a very safe and predictable world I live in. The macro world shows us something different. So, take a break from all of that, and now I can consume that. It’s not something I do every day. I can more comfortably expose myself to the Daily News, current events, and that, and stay up-to-date on current events and maintain my composure without it having a trauma effect on me.

2. Flush Your Fight Or Flight Meridian System

The second technique is actually an energy healing technique. You have an entire meridian system. You’ve heard of acupuncture. Acupuncturists are trained to understand the meridian system. Your meridians are your energy pathways. Your energy flows on these meridians. You have many, many meridians running through your system. When they’re out of balance, they create a side effect in our experience of our physiology, so your fight and flight meridian is on overdrive when you are experiencing anxiety. You’re fleeing your responses, “I gotta get away, I gotta shut down,” or you’ve gotta fight, and you can overreact.

You can become overly reactive to scenarios and resistant to wanting to be cooperative. And so your fight and flight meridian actually runs from your ring finger up, the side of your arm, up and over your shoulder, go underneath your earlobe, up and around the ear to the temple. That’s the healthy pathway when it’s running smoothly. Well, too much energy is running on that, and it runs on both right and left sides. So, to calm your fight and flight in that moment when you start to feel the anxiety coming on, you wanna calm that thinking mind, get your breath back, and you wanna open the space, flush your fight and flight meridian three times. It’s very simple. You’re gonna run it backwards just using your fingertips run up and around the ear, down the earlobe and over the shoulder, all the way off the ring finger.

You do that three times each side. Do it after the video ends. I’m gonna do my other side just for balance and swipe it off. You’re swiping off the energy. Take a deep breath, relax into your body. You can also reset the meridian by you then running one time up in the correct movement. So three to flush it, one to balance it both sides. You can even use this technique when you’re in a setting around other people, and it may not feel comfortable to actually do the practice physically on your body. You can imagine doing it in your mind as if you were doing it physically and your energy will respond as if you were actually doing it right on the body. That is the power of your thoughts.

3. Strengthen Your Central Meridian

The third technique because you have another very powerful meridian that’s called your central meridian. It’s sort of the mother of the meridian system. When it’s healthy, the other meridians run more balanced and healthy. It runs from your pubic bone all the way up to your bottom lip. And when it’s weak, your energy is weak. You’re vulnerable. You’re vulnerable to outside energies. You’re vulnerable to other people’s stress and anxiety. You’re vulnerable and taking on other people’s energy. You know, you’re like the little magnet when you walk through the grocery store.

And you not only leave with your groceries, you leave with everybody’s stuff. Their unresolved energy and you really don’t wanna be the energy collector. And that could be ramping up your anxiety is because you’re just…energetically your system’s weak. So, what do you do to strengthen it? This is called the zip up. I learned this from Donna Eden who’s a great energy medicine teacher. It’s very well-known. And you just pretend you have a zipper running from the pubic bone all the way up the center that torso and you run it up five, six times all the way up. And that strengthens the central meridian, which strengthens the entire meridian system.

4. Be Present In Your Body

My fourth technique is to help you get back in your body. When you’re running anxiety, you’re pulled out. You’re not centered. You’re not composed. You’re feeling that you’re feeling scattered. You’re feeling pulled, and you’re feeling off. So, to get yourself back on in a centered way, go outside and just walk back and forth in a patch of lawn. Now, if you don’t have a patch of lawn readily available, even getting outdoors breathing in the fresh air, getting in some sunlight with the intent the thought while you’re doing it, “I am centered and grounded,” and repeat three times,” I am safe. I am safe. I am safe.”

If you’re not able to even get outside, you can even just walk in, and you could go into a public restroom and just march in place in the stall. You could imagine you’re walking in the grass. Your thoughts are so powerful that your body will respond accordingly as if you were giving yourself that benefit. And then when you’re in a position to actually get into nature, even in the dirt, barefoot in the grass is the best. I mean, barefoot in the dirt is fine too, but you’ll just get your feet dirty. If you’re cool with that, then do it. You wanna connect with the Earth’s energy. It has its own meridian system. It does connect with ours, and it helps us go into balance.

So, use these four techniques. Let’s review them real quick. Detox from Daily News and violence. You need to like get away from that because your system’s in overdrive. Secondly, flush your fight and flight meridians, common bound right when you’re feeling it coming on. Third, zip up that central meridian. Strengthen your entire meridian system with this very simple to use technique. And fourth, ground yourself. Get centered, get back in your body, get composed. Take a deep breath after each one of these three techniques, just because breath is a centering process, it puts us in the now.

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