What to Do When the Left Side of Your Brain is Out of Balance

What the left side of the body is trying to tell you

I am a firm believer that the body is designed for wellness. Sometimes, we have to unblock energy centers to activate this healing process.

It has taken me years to understand how important it is for the brain to be balanced. We tend to assume there is harmony between both sides unless we run into an undeniable mental issue. This blog dives into brain imbalances. I’ll cover how to know if the left side of your brain is struggling and what you can do about it.

What is the Left Side of the Brain Responsible For?

In traditional Chinese medicine, Yin-Yang is the two energies that run through everything, creating a seamless energy force. In the swirling picture of Yin-Yang, Yin is the dark side, and Yang is the light side.

When it comes to the brain, the left side can be considered the Yin side. It is the softer and more feminine side. You don’t have to be a woman to have a feminine part in your mind—we all have it to some degree. For some, the Yin more directly represents themselves. For others, Yin is the part of the mind that represents their relationship with their wife, mother, sister, aunts, etc.

Yin is the side of the brain more capable of receiving energy. The left half is the side of the brain responsible for making calculated decisions, staying focused and thinking rationally. It is characterized as being thoughtful, quiet, logical and patient.

Sounds like all great things, right? However, when the balance is uneven and Yin takes over without being challenged by the Yang side, it can result in:

  • Anxiety (overdependent on intuition) or depression
  • Weakness (feeling small) and a victim to circumstance
  • Codependency (overemphasis on sacrifice and submission)
  • Coldness towards others or shutting down
  • Experiencing unfounded hatred towards certain people
  • A continual negative focus, exuding negative energy
  • Frequently feeling guilty or apologizing for mere existence

We have to practice self-control and healing meditation to keep one side of the brain from dominating the other. My book, Remembering Wholeness, really touches on how we can restore balance to our being.

Signs the Left Side of the Brain is Off Balance

If one side of your brain is giving you more trouble, how do you know?

First of all, you may notice more problems on your left side physically. For example, the block may lead directly to headaches on the left side of your temples, pain in the left side of your jaw or a tight left shoulder. This can even extend to your elbow, wrist, hip, knee or foot on that side. While pain isn’t always related to a block on that side of the brain, it can be a sign that something is wrong—especially if there was no injury to cause the pain!

Other signs that you have a hyperactive left side of the brain (or excess Yin):

  • You feel sluggish and slow
  • You may feel as if your face is swollen or joints inflamed
  • Oily skin and possibly issues with cysts
  • Poor circulation and sensitivity to cold
  • Desire to sleep more
  • Struggle with motivation

It’s important to remember that you may not experience all of the symptoms.

3 Simple Methods to Re-Balance Your Brain if the Left Side is Blocked

Most of the time, the left side of our brain is controlled in some regard by the feminine influences in our lives. If your mother (or another female influence in your life) caused harm—whether it was intentional or not—then you may find your Yin is upsetting the balance.

Heal Your Past and Inner Mother

If you know that your past was difficult with your mother, walk through this quick exercise:

  • Take a deep breath, repeating: “That was then, this is now.”
  • Close your eyes and think back to your 10-year-old self. Picture the home you lived in and what kind of conflict you had with your mom. Maybe your mother was absent, overly critical or allowed a man in her life to push her around. Whatever the struggle, remember how it made you feel.
  • Stand up for your 10-year-old self in your mind. Tell your imagined mother that you need to honor that part of yourself and that it is time to make a change.
  • Then, tell your internal mother that she can either accept you as you are, or she can be released from having an impact on your life. You must tell your 10-year-old self that you embrace this part of you, and you will protect it.
  • From now on, when the energy starts to shift to an excess of Yin, you need to readjust your inner relationship with your internal mother.

This may or may not have an impact on your current relationship with your mother in real life. This exercise only deals with the learned behavior and deep hurts that are causing blocks in your Yin-Yang balance. We want to shift the energy away from where it first went out of balance in your past.

Connect Your Sides

While the Yin is often connected with our past relationships with women, it can sometimes be deeper than we know. You may have had a wonderful relationship with your mother, so you feel like the above exercise doesn’t fit. This imbalance can come from many other things, including generational or ancestral pain. So, you can balance the sides of your body without changing your emotional relationship with your mother.

  • Hold out both hands, palms up. Imagine you are holding the left and right sides of your body in front of you. Is one heavier? If your Yin is out of balance, your left side will usually feel weighed down.
  • Now, mentally connect the energy from your left hand to the energy in your right hand, like an arch. Pretend the energy is like a slinky in your hands as you shift it from one side to the other. Your hands should literally be moving up and down, like scales tipping from one side to the other.
  • Move the energy balance back and forth several times before you come to the point of balance. Feel the energy shift to fill the right side along with the left.
  • Then, hold up your hands and let the energy wash over you.

This process helps you bring balance back to both sides. I also recommend starting a Creation Journal to help spark more of the right side of your brain into action.

Improve Your Receiving Abilities

When someone asks to help, most of us will respond something like, “Oh, no. I’m okay!” or “I’ve got it, but thanks!” When someone compliments us, many will downplay it with something self-disparaging to reduce the pressure they feel.

We hurt our energies when we try to block out those trying to pour blessings into our lives. So, this week, I want you to set the intention:

“Many opportunities are going to show up this week to put me in the role of a receiver.”

This is the part of your energy that has been ignored and overlooked. And, while you open yourself to receive more from those around you, I want you to practice giving yourself more too. How will you fill your bucket? What positive affirmations should you be telling yourself?

A Yin-heavy person will often become self-sacrificial, trying to deny themselves to feel justified and valuable. But you ARE valuable, and that has NOTHING to do with what you do for others! A balanced person communicates what is important to them and receives love as joyfully as they give it.

Heal the Imbalance in Your Brain!

If you aren’t sure where to start or want to heal faster with a more focused approach, I can help! Go to the Carol Tuttle Healing Center now and get started with your FREE 14-day trial! We can dive into your current struggles and find the blocks holding you back from living a balanced and joyful life.

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