How to Start a Creation Journal (And Why It’s the Most Important Part of My Day!)

The most important thing I do every day is write in my Creation Journal. This is how I create my future.

I manifest my day-to-day reality based on my creative process. You can’t skip small steps like these and expect the focus to just become an automatic part of your life! I want to show you the benefits of using a Creation Journal and share with you my highly effective process that has done wonders in my own life.

This is something I highly encourage all my students to do.

What is a Creation Journal?

I’ve told you over and over how important your continual mindset is. It isn’t our grand acts of inspiration that determine the trajectory of our lives—it is the mundane, small, daily decisions. The things we think on a subconscious level are the things that really manifest prominently in our lives.

If you think irritable thoughts or limiting beliefs when you go to bed at the end of a hard day, then the next day will just continue in that hard rut!

The Creation Journal changes all of that. You use a journal (it could be a plain notebook!) to track your aspirations and beliefs. You write down the mindful, positive vibrations you want to put out into the universe.

Just like many of my exercises, this is designed to help you catch your subconscious and disrupt the negative energy cycle.

5 Benefits of Starting a Creation Journal

There are so many benefits when you work on a Creation Journal. Here are just five of the reasons I think it is so powerful.

Allows You to Set Your Focus

Of course, probably the biggest (and most obvious) reason a Creation Journal is helpful stems from how it makes you pause. Rather than staying stuck in your troubled line of thinking without even realizing it, the Creation Journal gives you a place to stop and evaluate. You can mindfully get into the habit of spending five minutes a day to assess and put out the good vibes you want to attract.

Pushes You to Practice a Positive Habit

We have so many events in our lives that exacerbate our negative thoughts, deep insecurities and natural fears. It is so important to make an effort to balance out those frequent moments with equally frequent habits inundating us with positive thoughts.

Have you ever heard of an inversion table? It flips you upside down to help counteract the gravity pulling down on your spine all day, alleviating the pressure in your discs. The journal does a similar thing with your thought pattern—it takes a few minutes of your day to flip the script and alleviate the pressure you didn’t even know you were experiencing.

The negative thoughts weigh you down, but the positive reset of the journal will help reverse the damage.

Knocks You Out of Your Comfort Zone

I love things that shake us up in a beneficial way! This might not seem like a benefit to you at first, but the journal will push you outside of your norm and challenge your ego. At first, you will probably think, ”This is so silly! I don’t need this!”

However, push through and I promise you won’t regret it! You will start to learn things about yourself that you won’t learn without journaling.

Pushes You to Be Imperfect

A big barrier I often see to progress is the focus on perfection—especially if you are an Energy Type 3 or 4.

You may find you don’t want to journal unless you can make it look like one of those Pinterest-worthy bullet journals. By the time you get started, you’ve missed days or weeks of opportunities. And, if you pursue that kind of perfection, you will quickly fall out of practice when it gets extremely hard to continue.

This journal is meant to be messy and real.

I want you to take the opportunity to draw and write WHATEVER is on your mind. As you go, don’t practice perfection—practice honing your positive perspective. This journal is about creating the future of your dreams, not creating a beautiful work of art that sits in your bedroom where no one sees it. USE the journal and push yourself to forego the desire for perfection.

Helps You Understand Your Hang-Ups

A huge benefit to the Creation Journal is in how it will pinpoint the deep-seated issues holding you back from your full potential.

In the journal, you set a positive tone that will challenge your subconscious. When you feel the subconscious provoked, you know you are striking the heart of your struggle.

Let’s say I write, “I deserve money. Money is drawn to me.” But, as I write this in my journal, I start to feel the inner struggle. Aha! I can immediately realize: this is where I’m stuck—I don’t believe one of those phrases. Writing down something I want to create in my life makes it more defined and challenges your subconscious. You will feel a flare-up of the subconscious when you strike a nerve.

How I Use My Creation Journal

While the approach is simple, there are three things you should know about starting a Creation Journal. Here is what I do daily to make my Creation Journal effective.

Set Yearly, Monthly AND Daily Intentions

Entries can be made that sum up your thoughts and focus for your month, as well as each day. One feature I love about my own Energy Journal is that you can put in your own dates. Miss a day or two? (Or month? Or Year?) No problem. Don’t beat yourself up. Rather than scrap the whole journal, just jump right back in.

You also have the opportunity to set long-term goals for the month or short-term goals for the next day. I think it’s really important to have different focuses going at the same time. Most of us have many different things we face daily and those shouldn’t cloud our minds from also focusing on the path we want to take in life. We need to map out our individual (daily) steps just as much as we consider the overarching direction (monthly and yearly).

Use Energy Sketching

Drawing out a picture can sometimes help us visualize what we want for the future. Energy sketching is one way I’ve been able to actualize my dream house or create my workday. I like to draw pictures to help me think about the details and consider what my goal looks like.

Make it a Habit

All it takes is five minutes a day to make a huge difference in your life with this journal! I love the fact that it doesn’t take much to make this work for you in your life. Most of us are busy, so we will take all of the 5-minute tips and tricks we can get!

The biggest thing here Is to stay consistent—especially at first. You want to get into that habit that helps you change your perspective to think positively and create your life with your focus.

Are you ready to get journaling? Order your journal today!

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