How to Become Someone Who Always Has A Lot of Money

Say goodbye to the money struggle for good!

What if money were easy, and you had a lot of it? How would your life be different?

I have made that change and am living that life now. I want to help you create money to be easy and to have a lot of it. Join me for this free live coaching call and I will help you do that.

Here’s a quick list of what we covered on the call:

(3:30) – Are you an attractor or a deflector of money? Take my free Money Quiz to see!

(11:30) – Have money experiences of lack, pain, and struggle? Listen to how this story has been handed down from your ancestors, and find out how to remove it from your life!

(13:30) – Meet my first guest, Marina, who went through The 30-Day Money Cure and uncovered a lot of issues with great success. Listen to how effective the 30-Day Money Cure is to create lasting changes.

(29:30)—I show you a bonus ebook that you’ll get when you sign up for The 30-Day Money Cure. It will help you continue what you learned after the course.

(35:00) – My next guest, Ruth, learned about the money struggle from a very early age. This is a common pattern for people! Here’s how you can clear that old energy very easily.

(55:21) – I take live questions from our viewers, including:

  • What’s the typical improvement people see once they go through the course?
  • I struggle with budgets—how do I change this?
  • My husband and I differ on what’s appropriate spending. What can we do?
  • How do I help someone live more true to their Money Profile?
  • How do the 4 Energy Types handle money?

Get ready to see your own powerful shift with money.

Let’s start with finding out if you’re blocking or attracting wealth.

You’re doing one of these things every single day without knowing it. Find out if you’re a Money Magnet with my free quiz.

Get your Money Quiz results here!

Bless you,

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