2 Techniques to Protect Your Child from Negative Energy

How to safeguard your child from toxic people and situations

As a parent, you know firsthand what it feels like to want to shield your child from harm.

You also know the importance of allowing them to go through challenges so they can grow and become independent.

As a mother and grandmother myself, I believe all children are resilient and capable, especially those born in the very recent decades. Their energy is open and more aware than the generations that came before them, including my own.

At the same time, there is plenty of negative energy out there, especially with the current events of the world playing out. Children are experiencing high levels of stress and energetic toxicity. On one hand, you want to hide them from it all. But I think there’s an even better way to help them through this.

How to help your children through difficult times

Many years ago when my children were small, I discovered two powerful energy techniques to protect myself from negative energy. They worked so well for me, that I began to use them on my children.

I was floored at the changes I could see in their moods and behaviors.

The good news is that you can use these techniques to help them through small day-to-day issues like sibling squabbles or homework stress. But you can also use these techniques for major issues like being around toxic family members, or going through a traumatic life event.

2 Energy Healing Techniques You Can Use for Children

1. Spinal Flush & Zip-Up Techniques

Is your child feeling frazzled, tired, cranky, or whiney after being around negative people or situation? Do this Spinal Flush right away.

For a more powerful and calming experience, use the I Am Nurtured Healing Oil with these exercises.

Spinal Flush:

  • Take your hand and place it at the top of your child’s spinal column where the neck and the top of the shoulders meet.
  • Then, make a swift sweeping motion down the spine, right off the tailbone.
  • Encourage your child to breathe deeply as you do this, as it helps with the flushing effect.
  • Repeat the sweeping motion 5-6 times.

Then, you’ll want to show them how to “Zip Up” their energy:

  • Take your hand and place it at the center of their front torso.
  • Pretend there’s a zipper going up to their chin.
  • Do a “zip up” motion with your hand, from bottom to top.
  • Repeat the zip-up motion 3-4 times.

This second step strengthens and keeps their energy contained.

If your child is too young to do this themselves, you can easily do it for them. But you may be surprised at how quickly your child catches on and wants to do it themselves! For the Spinal Flush, however, it’s harder to do on yourself. In the Carol Tuttle Healing Center, I teach you how to do it here: Spinal Flush & Zip Up Techniques

2. Protective Visualization

Visualization is a gentle and effective way to set the energy into motion and create a new experience.

As a parent, you can use the power of your mind to call in protection to shield your child from negative energy.

Simply take a few moments to close your eyes and visualize your child being wrapped in white, protective light. Whatever your religious or spiritual preferences are, feel free to add them here. The light could be from God, angels, the Universe, or any Divine Being you feel close to.

In addition to this, visualize any energy being given back to where it came from, whether it was another person or an environment.

Your child is in good hands!

Just by being open to a new way to care for your child, you’re taking a big step and making a positive impact on their life. Parenting can be such a challenge, but I want to assure you, you’re doing a great job!

Continue to use the resources in the Healing Center so that you can heal yourself and ultimately that effect will ripple out to your children as well!

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